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John Danaher DVD Back System

As all the craziness of Danaher DVD’s reaches its pinnacle, he’s back with a brand new one, very, very soon. After the enigmatic Renzo Gracie black belt finally decided to produce some digital content with BJJ Fanatics, the grappling world went into meltdown. The arguably greatest mind in Jiu-Jitsu so far finally opened up to his secrets. His Enter The System: Leglocks DVD was a true masterpiece. Nobody expected less from the godfather of modern leg locking. However, it seems now the New Zealander is developing a knack for it. Any day now, the brand new Joh Danaher DVD Back Attacks System is expected to hit the shelves. And we’re as excited as everyone about it!

John Danaher – Back Attacks

Techniques List

What if I tell you that next week is going to change the world of grappling all over again? It’s Deja Vu time as the latest John Danaher DVD is going to revolutionize yet another huge aspect of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Most people haven’t even watched all the volumes of the Enter The System: Leglocks DVD yet, and there are 10 more hours of material coming our way! This time, Danaher focuses on a BJJ classic, considered by many to be the best possible position in the sport. This time around, Danaher offers his back attacks (in 10+ hours of material) including controlling and attacking from, the back position.

Back control has long been seen as the ultimate position to hunt for in Jiu-Jitsu. The theory is that controlling an opponent from the back has you in the safest place possible. You have the opportunity to attack at will while not having to worry about any kind of counterattack. In most competition formats the back either brings the most points or is an overtime position. Whichever the case, the back gets due recognition as one of the utmost Jiu-Jitsu positions.

The practice is a bit different, though. Getting he back is notoriously difficult, as people usually do not give it up easily. Even if you manage to get the back, you’ll remain in great control but finishing might prove quite difficult indeed. Hand fighting from the back is an art form of its own, one that not many grapplers truly understand. Which is exactly where the Back Attacks John Danaher DVD comes in?

Attacking The Back

Before we even think of approaching the John Danaher DVD about back attacks let’s summarize what we know about the position so far. First; we’ll look at the basic mechanics of the back position. Then we’ll cover some ways of getting it, and deconstruct why strangling people from the back is so effective. Finally, we’re going to talk about the one aspect of the back attacking game that is the weak point of this system. Finally, we’ll see how Danaher solves this particular burning issue.

First things first, attacking the back starts with entries. However, there’s little sense to entries if you have no idea with you’re actually looking for. So, before entries, let’s look at basic positioning.

John Danaher DVD Back System
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The back position is when you are behind your opponent, hanging off their back similar to a backpack. There are two major points that you need to control. The first one is the rotational movement of the shoulders. The second one is the overall hip movement. In terms of shoulder rotation, you need your arms and head to build a structure. Namely, you need an arm over one of the opponent’s shoulders and another one under their opposite side armpit, The “over” arm needs to go in the pal of the “under” arm for a so-called seatbelt grip. Your head needs to be tight to the opponent’s head on the side opposite of the “over” arm. Finally, your torso needs to be precisely behind their torso, with their spine in the middle of your chest.

Hip control stems from utilizing your legs in a hook-like motion. Basically, you have both feet over each side of the opponent’s hips, heels towards their pelvis. Positionally, your hips need to be above his at all times. Belt level is the rule of thumb here.

Getting to The Back

Taking the back in Jiu-Jitsu is available from virtually every other position. You can take it from standing, from the closed guard, half guard, from topside control, from mount, etc. However, some entries to the back position are far more effective than others. So, we’re going to look at a few of them that really do work in most cases.

John Danaher DVD Back System
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Taking the back from the turtle position is probably the most utilized back take in grappling. When an opponent turtles up, the open for multiple ways of getting to the back. From the turtle, the main battle is getting the seatbelt grip in. Once you have it there are multiple ways of sneaking the hooks in, either one by one or both at the same time. You can sit back, rollover or simply ride along as your opponent moves.

Another quintessential back take is for the mount. As you attack arms or the neck from the mount, people often try to turn in panic. This actually opens up a much worse position than the mount – the back. Once again, establishing rotational control over the shoulder girdle is your main priority.

A key back take from the bottom is via an arm drag. It plays a huge part of Danaher’s back system as well. You can use the arm drag to get the back from closed guard, butterfly guard, half guard and a bunch of other bottom positions. It works by pulling your opponent to the side with the help of a two-on-one grip on their arm. The new John Danaher DVD is going to explain this in-depth. The idea is to you get behind the opponent by pulling them completely to one of your sides.

The Power Of Strangles

The submission you can readily get from back control is a choke. It may be a rear-naked choke, a forearm choke or any variation of a collar choke. There are also other chokes as well as different submissions, but they require transitioning and/or are low percentage moves. If you want a move to work on everyone, regardless of skill or size, you need to learn how to strangle form back control.

In terms of strangling someone, there’s no better way than the rear-naked choke. It requires only the smallest of squeezes and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Provided you did everything right, of course. The way this strangle works is by putting pressure on both carotid arteries in your neck .they’re the blood vessels that provide the brain with blood, and in turn, oxygen. Once you cut off oxygen supply the brain shuts down in just seconds.

John Danaher DVD Back System
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The rear-naked choke involves putting an arm around the opponent’s neck from back control. The goal is to have your elbow right below the chin of an opponent. This places your biceps on one artery and your forearm on the other. The second arm just secures everything in place with a figure four grip and a wedge behind the neck. the final piece of the puzzle is placing your head over the figure four.

Collar chokes work in the same way, only you use the Gi to put pressure on one or both carotid arteries. Do not expect a lot of Gi chokes from a John Danaher DVD, though. At least not this one.

The Weak Spot Of Back Attacks

So, if we already have a back that’s so effective why do we need further innovation? Well, the back system we described works well in theory but there’s an enormous weak spot in practice. Getting and controlling the back is not easy. Finishing is also nothing hard in particular. However, making the small transition from back control to a choke is the hardest part of attacking.

Why is this such a difficult thing than? Well, let’s look at it like this. If you’re in the 50/50 guard, as the name suggests, both you and your partner have the same chance of finishing. usually, the one who is more familiar with the position is going to win after a while. The same goes on with hand fighting form the back. The road from seatbelt control to a rear-naked choke is a short one but filled with ever-revolving obstacles. You have two arms of your own against two of the opponent’s arms. It’s a 50/50 situation, meaning the more experienced (or luckier) grappler is going to prevail.

Plenty of people get really frustrated when they can’t get the choke from the back. As proficient as you might be at taking the back and even finishing, you might face real trouble when attempting to get the choke. At least for a few more days, until the Back System Joh Danaher DVD comes out.

John Danaher DVD: Back Attacks

So, why exactly does John Danaher dabble with a back system? Wasn’t he the leading authority on heel hooks and wearing rashguards on every possible occasion? Well, if you didn’t know by now, John is a very complete coach that loves focusing on areas of BJJ that offer the utmost control. He revolutionized leg locks before only see as quick and opportunistic submissions, into a system based on control. Now, he takes an already established control system and provides even more options from there. On top of everything else, he also fixes most back attacking conundrums grapplers usually face.

So, what can you expect from the Back Attacks John Danaher DVD? You can expect a well organized, methodical approach to back control. So much so, in fact, that you’ll probably not even see anything of back control in the first one or two volumes. Just like in the Leg locks release. However, it all builds up with a purpose. It is going to plug every hole you have in your back system as well as provide you with more knowledge you could ever have hoped for. After all its a John Danaher DVD we’re talking about.

We’re going to take a look at something we already know works, but we have no idea how. Most of the Danaher Death Squad and Gordon Ryan, in particular, have already used the system in competition.  Just like with leg locks, people were trying to understand it through analysis. Just like with leg locks, they failed. Now, Danaher comes out to break it al step by step helping us never to lose back control again!

The Straight Jacket Danaher Back Attacks

The one aspect that’s the focus of Danaher’s back system is rotational control. The upcoming John Danaher DVD offers you the best way to attack from an even better control system than before. The Straight Jacket system is based on not allowing your opponent to turn into you on either side.

John Danaher DVD Back System
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First and foremost, Danaher likes to immediately place control over the arm on the “under” side fo seatbelt control. To that extent, he gets a very specific one-on-one wrist grip. This ensures both that the arm is trapped for further attacking purposes and increases the rotation control over the opponent’s torso. If you have this arm under control, there’s no way for an opponent to turn to the other side.

In order to maximize upper body control, Danaher likes to use a very interesting concept I never knew existed. He likes to use the elbows of his arms, under and over the shoulder on each side respectively. This gives him the utmost level fo control while still leaving this forearms quite mobile to attack and hand fight.

John Danaher DVD Back System
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Another major groundbreaking concept is diagonal control. After controlling an opponent via the one-on-one grip, there’s still a danger of them turning toward your gripping arm. The solution is as simple as getting a hook in on their hips. For maximum effect, this needs to be the hook on the opposite side of the grip you have. This is the essence of diagonal control, as now your opponent can’t rotate in either direction. And this is still when you only have one grip and one hook in. Suddenly it is not a 50/50 situation anymore!

Expect a full in-depth review of the Back Attacks System John Danaher DVD as soon as I get my hands on it! Not long now…

John Danaher – Back Attacks Enter The System

John Danaher Back Attacks Enter The System Techniques List

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john-danaher-dvd-back-attacks-systemAs all the craziness of Danaher DVD's reaches its pinnacle, he's back with a brand new one, very, very soon. After the enigmatic Renzo Gracie black belt finally decided to produce some digital content with BJJ Fanatics, the grappling world went into meltdown. The...