BJJ World Champion Adam Wardzinski – Octopus Guard DVD Review

Adam Wardzinski - Octopus Guard DVD Review
Octopus Guard DVD by Adam Wardzinski

Ready to learn some different guard magic, from the 2024 IBJJF black belt BJJ world champion himself, Adam Wardzinski? Well, I can tell you for sure that you are considering the perfect DVD to surprise people at the gym in the realm of guard.

The Octopus Guard may not be Wardzinski’s signature position, but when it comes to guard in the context of modern Jiu-Jitsu, there aren’t many others I’d pick over Adam, particularly after his stellar performance at the Worlds.

Another thing that is definitely going to work for you if you opt to make the Octopus Guard your own is that it is a relatively obscure position, yet one that is surprisingly effective. Whether you are just a very enthusiastic white belt or a seasoned grappler with decades of experience you have lots to add to your game with this Adam Wardzinski DVD!

Adam Wardzinski Octopus Guard
Adam Wardzinski Octopus Guard Engeneering


  • A stellar No-Gi guard instructional by BJJ World Champion Adam Wardzinski;
  • Highly systematized content in 5 parts two and a half hours long;
  • Entries, sweeps, back attacks, recoveries, and connections to other guards;
  • Innovative combinations like the top Octopus position;
  • BJJ World Expert Rating: 9 out of 10.  

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What is the Octopus Guard?

The octopus guard is a very confusing position, originally presented to the BJJ world by Eduardo Telles. Now there is a name that those who were actively involved in the world of grappling 10-15 years ago are easily going to recognize.

Despite being almost as obscure a figure as his guard is a position, Telles did manage to provide the grappling community with a real treat of a guard. The fact that people are still playing it, including high-profile grapplers like Adam Wardzinski and Oliver Geddes, is a testament to how effective the position is.

If you need a mental image of the Octopus Guard, picture yourself in closed guard, with both your opponent’s arms placed with the palms on the mat to one side of your torso. Those who have some experience are probably thinking ‘Hmmm, sounds like an arm drag’. You’re right on the point!

In fact, to get into the Octopus Guard you want to do an arm drag from the closed guard, and sit up, just like you would for a back take. Instead of transitioning, you place the arm that is closer to your opponent around their waist. You’ve got the octopus ready to go!

Your legs make or break a guard, so in order for the Octopus Guard to be effective, you need to try and keep the ankles crossed. The guard not only works from the half guard as well, I’d argue that it works even better when set up from the half than the open guard. As you’ll find out further in this Adam Wardzinski DVD review, so does he.

Introducing 2024 BJJ World Champion Adam Wardzinski

Adam Wardzinski is a name most people who have been training for at least a couple of years know. Until just a few weeks ago, he was mentioned in two main grappling contexts:

    1. His prowess with the butterfly guard in both Gi and No-Gi, and
    2. His failure to win an IBJJF or ADCC world title using his signature move, or, well, anything.

This second point finally changed on the IBJJF Worlds in June of 2024, with Wardzinski dominating the heavyweight division, winning all his matches by way of submission, and becoming the first-ever European grappler to achieve this title.

Adam was born in Poland, where he still resides, representing the Checkmat team. Warzdzinski, also known as ‘Megatron’, got his black belt from Alan “Finfou” do Nascimento in 2016, which is when he became known as a fierce competitor with an exceptionally effective butterfly guard game.

In all honesty, Adam’s trophy cabinet is not with some huge accolades. I’ll include his latest victory so that you can get the whole picture:

    • 2024 IBJJF World Champion (Gi)
    • 2023 IBJJF Pan Champion (Gi & No-Gi)
    • 2022 / 2024 IBJJF European Champion (Gi)
    • 2021 AJP Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion (Gi)
    • 2018 ADCC European Trials Winner (No-Gi)

Now that you know all about Adam, we can move on to show exactly what you’ll learn after getting his Octopus Guard BJJ DVD.

Octopus Guard Adam Wardzinski BJJ DVD Review

Wardzinski’s Octopus Guard DVD is organized into 4 parts, following the golden standard of BJJ DVD instructional nowadays. It is entirely No-Gi, which makes it immediately applicable in Gi as well, and each part lasts just over half an hour – the perfect length for an instructional:

Part 1 – Intro

The DVD kicks off with Adam Wardzinski laying down the foundations of the positional concepts for the position, and a few of the main entries. In my opinion, these are the trickiest parts, as once you get the Octopus Guard, you’re more or less in cruise control.

I found some really useful tips, particularly his take on dealing with the crossface, which is a common occurrence when you’re setting up the Octopus from the half guard.

Part 2 – Back Exposure

Given the positioning of the Octopus Guard relative to the opponent, attacking the back is the most viable option. Actually, when I come to think about it, the Octopus is like a checkpoint between a closed/half guard and any backtake done from those positions.

Adam shares a bunch of different ways to conquer the back while managing to retain the guard. I like that instead of showing a safety position for retention, Wardiznski actually goes on to cover the most common passes the top person might use, and how to turn the tables as they attempt them.

Part 3 – Sweeps & Attacks

Whenever I’ve experimented with the Octopus Guard, I found sweeps to happen almost inadvertently, as people are afraid of me getting the back more than they are of giving away top position.

Throughout this Adam Wardzinsk DVD review, I discovered a few very original ways to capitalize on such behavior from the opponents, sweeping mostly sideways or raising up to the versatile dogfight position.

Of course, butterfly-based sweeps make up most of the sweeping options in an instructional by Adam Wardiznski. I also like the connection between back takes and sweeps that he demonstrates in this part of the DVD.

Part 4 – More Sweeps and Back Takes

This part is a continuation of the previous one, with Adam showing overhead sweeps as opposed to sideways breakdowns. To be honest, after the abuse of 13 years in Jiu-Jitsu, I am more than content with the easier sweeps from the previous volume, but that doesn’t mean these sweeps and combined back takes won’t work for you.

A particular treat for me, as a mainly defensive player, was the clever interplay Adam demonstrates between the Octopus Guard and the turtle position. Vintage Eduardo Telles stuff taken to new heights!

Part 5 – Top Octopus and Closed GuardVariations

Most of the options offered thus far are from the half guard Octopus position. In the final volume, Adam Wardziski covers the closed guard Octopus as well, offering the same directions of back attacks and sweeps.

Wrapping things up is a section covering some very original takes on the Octopus position. Namely, Adam demonstrates how to play a variation of the guard when you are on top, utilizing well-known checkpoints such as the headquarters position.

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Practical Applications

There is not much evidence when it comes to using the Octopus Guard at the highest levels of BJJ competition. That just means there is space for you to make it your own, and become the next BJJ World Champion using this slick guard position.

Based on my experience, the position is effective, albeit it works best as a trap against experienced opponents (brown belt and above). That said, I have only messed around with it, and haven’t done any extensive research.

If you like to expose the back from any guard position, particularly closed versions like a full guard and/or half guard, this position is going to introduce a new dimension into your game. It is also exceptionally useful to those who like to have an ace up their sleeve and enjoy setting dilemma traps for their opponents.

Will the Octopus guard be the centerpiece of your game as a high-level competitor? I doubt it. It will, however, make you a nuisance on the mats, both in sparring and open tournaments, so investing in this Adam Wardzinski DVD is a smart, forward-looking decision.

BJJ World Champion Adam Wardzinski - Octopus Guard Engineering DVD Review
Adam Wardzinski Octopus Guard DVD Cover

Grab the Octopus Guard DVD by Adam Wardzinski Now!

You know how this goes, grab it while it is hot! The Octopus Guard instructional is Adam’s latest DVD, and with his very recent history-making success at the 2024 IBJJF Worlds, interest in his work is only bound to rise.

Get this DVD now, and pick it apart to integrate what works for you in your game. Adam makes it all possible by providing a structure that is easy to follow, yet doesn’t require you to watch everything to get to the final volume.

I’d say this Adam Wardzinsk DVD Review was a real breath of positional fresh air in the dense fog of instructional covering the same old guard positions over and over again. More than well worth it!

Grab the Octopus Guard DVD by Adam Wardzinski Now!!!


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