The Complete MG Back Attack System DVD Review

The Complete MG Back Attack System DVD Review
MG Back Attack System DVD
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The first ultra-efficient back taker I discovered in Jiu-Jitsu was Marcelo Garcia. When he got people’s back, you knew a choke was coming. MG developed an incredibly offensive back mount game that became the stuff of nightmares for everyone – he even won the ADCC using it.

While Marcelo has talked about his approach to back attacks in previous instructional, he never really gave the entire system together. Until now. The MG Back Attack System DVD, featuring back takes, chokes, and crucifix attacks is now out, with Marcelo Garcia himself explaining every key bit of it, and how it all comes to work together. A Marcelo Garcia Back DVD you simply can’t miss!

Key Takeaways

  • A Gi BJJ DVD, containing over 2 hours of exclusive Marcelo Garcia material. 
  • Back takes from standing and top, Crucifix, chokes, and grip fighting tactics. 
  • Marcelo Gracia’s full system, along with the blueprint on how to use it. 
  • BJJ World Expert Rating: 9 out of 10


MG Back Attack System
Check Out the MG Back Attack System

Back Mount: Cruise Control for BJJ

Whether you play the position or not, you will most likely not say no to the back mount while rolling. We all know how powerful it can be for keeping you in control and allowing you to deal with people of all sizes without having to worry about counters.

Tactically speaking, the back mount is a smart choice from two aspects. First, it earns you at least 4 points, oftentimes more as you fight to attain it, which is the maximum you can get at once. Secondly, once you conquer the back, you don’t have to worry about activity or penalty points anymore. You can (and should) keep the back all the way to the end.

One aspect of back control that seems to disappoint people who go for it in training is submissions. While you can stay on the back for extended periods, that is only because people are more afraid of you struggling with them than holding them, and will fight to stop you.

The MG Back Attack System is exactly what helps put this common grappling issue to rest.

Marcelo Garcia: A Legend of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Some 10 years ago, everyone in BJJ knew the name Marcelo Garcia. It is like Gordon Ryan today, just without all the online exposure he has. That clearly points out how big of a deal Marcelo Garcia is in the BJJ World.

Born in Formiga, Brazil, Garcia has been competing in BJJ since the earliest white belt days. He actively sought out competitions across Brazil as he rose through the ranks, representing different gyms in the process. He then went on to win everything of note:

  • 2 xx CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Champion;
  • 4 x ADCC Champion;
  • 5 x IBJJF World Champion;
  • 1 x IBJJF Pans Champion.

Since 2009, Marcelo has led his MG Academy in New York, producing incredible talent as he put his competitive career to rest. He remained a beast on the mats, though, showcased by his successful battle with stomach cancer, which he recently concluded. The legend was back on the mats as soon as he could!

Full MG Back Attack System DVD Review 

The Marcelo Garcia Back Attack System instructional is a four-part series that was released after Marcelo’s victory over cancer. It is a Gi BJJ instructional that goes over Garcia’s full system that made him one of the most feared grapplers in the world:

Marcelo Garcia Back Attack System Review

Part 1 – Getting the Back

The second hardest aspect of the back mount after getting a choke, is gaining access to the back position. It is something Marcelo Garcia is exceptional at, which makes it seem easy, and then disappointing when it doesn’t work in rolling. I know because it happened to me.

Marcelo begins his system by solving this particular problem first. Unlike his earlier instructional, this time Garcia does not spare details. He covers every different way of getting the back you can think of, starting from standing.

Jumps, mat returns, takedown attempts, sprawling – they all open up ways to get the back of a standing opponent. For those who like attacking in more controlled ways, MG offers all for breakdowns, rear body lock back takes, and a bunch of ways to break your partner’s posture.

Part 2 – Quick Back Takes & Crucifix

As the complete MG Back Attack System unfolds, Garcia proceeds to explore more back takes, this time against a grounded opponent. He covers both near and far-side attacks, as well as re-back takes.

As a troubleshooting option for those struggling to attain complete back control, MG offers the crucifix position. The best ever in the position shows in great detail how to enter, hold, and submit from it, having the option to transition to full back control if needed.

Part 3 – Arm Traps & RNC

Part three of this Marcelo Garcia Back DVD is all about finishing. The man who most likely invented the short choke shows a host of different variations of the Rear-Naked choke that work with and without the Gi.

For the first time to date, Marcelo shows his system of dealing with the arms that includes arm traps, and the grip fighting sequences that make it possible. He also provides several extremely powerful ways to expose the neck, regardless of what your opponent is trying to do.

Part 4 – Bow and Arrow & Grip Fighting

Concluding the MG Back Attack System DVD instructional is a volume covering Gi-oriented attacks, with the Bow and Arrow choke replacing the Rear-Naked choke as the main focus. Garcia goes over several grip solutions that make the Bow and Arrow choke incredibly tight, as well as a few interesting variations of the submission.

He also dedicated a lot of time to covering how to beat key defenses, such as the turtle position and sit-outs. MG solves it with his seat belt grip and a series of attacks that wrap up with a standing version of the Bow and Arrow choke.

Mastering the MG Back Attack System

If you ask me, there is no better system out there for the back position than the MG Back Attack System. Sorry Danaher and Gordon, but Marcelo is still the kind when it comes to dominating the back.

Achieving even a fraction of Marcelo’s success with this system is undoubtedly going to make you significantly better at the back mount in a matter of weeks! I am currently exploring the Crucifix position as my research on the mats, and I can attest that Mracelo’s stuff works from day one!

As I tell my most serious competitors, you need to know how to attack the back if you want to have success on the mats. Becoming an annoying human backpack is essential in making anyone’s game much more dangerous and complete, and is not difficult to understand and master.

A resource such as the Marcelo Garcia Back DVD we reviewed today only acts as an accelerator in the learning process, offering you a blueprint containing the answers to all the important questions a back-attacking specialist might ask.

The Complete MG Back Attack System DVD Review
MG Back Attack System DVD


The Best Marcelo Garcia Back DVD so Far!

The moment I saw that the Complete MG Back Attack System DVD was out, I couldn’t wait to sit down and go through it. This is one of the most fun reviews I’ve written, given how eager I was to see if this is the Marcelo Garcia Back DVD that provides all the secrets of his system. The answer, as you may have concluded from the review is that it does! Grab! Now!

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