WARNING: Horribly Broken Foot with a Straight FootLock

Horribly Broken Foot with a Straight FootLock
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Straight foot locks are something that most people don’t like to tap to. Some of them are even saying they will never tap to Straight footlock and it’s pretty weird why is that so. Straight foot lock is a submission just like any other and consequences of not tapping to it can be horrible.

In this video we can see an example of a dislocated ankle with a straight footlock. This is why you have to make sure you tap on time because consequences are ugly.


Here is an example of how broken and dislocated ankle looks like. This is not a leg from this fight but the result is almost the same.

Broken leg footlock

You can also check The Worst Leg Break in Jiu Jitsu Ever in a video below:

WARNING: The Worst Leg Break in Jiu Jitsu Ever

Check this terrible Leg Break and extremely loud Fracture

WARNING: Terrible Leg Break and Extremely loud Fracture as a result of Heel Hook

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