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Oklahoma RW Spencer Jones got involved in a bar fight with a young guy. According to the media, Spencer Jones was the one who started the fight. Although, it’s pretty unclear who started the fight as we can see that Spencer Jones and a guy he fought with were in some kind of a verbal altercation until the young guy got pushed by a friend of Spencer Jones.

We can’t really say if a young guy saw who pushed him as he was talking to his friend, but that action led to a fight as the young guy punched Spencer, threw him to the ground, mounted him, and tried to apply Rear Naked choke.

Football player i n a bar fight

The fight between a young guy and spencer was pretty much over at that point, but in the background, we can see a massive suplex into a wall followed by some hard punches coming from the young guy’s brother. He’s named Braden Brown on twitter.

After the video went viral on Twitter Braden Brown replied to a tweet saying that he and his brother had no other options but to defend themselves. He also wrote that they’re involved in MMA since they were 12 years old.

Spencer Jones bar fight

Norman Police Department has confirmed that they opened up an open investigation of an incident resulting in a bar fight. NPD labeled the incident as “aggravated assault and battery”. NPD also confirmed that all parties involved are identified and no arrests have been made.

Spencer Jones holds on OU placekicks and was placed on scholarship in December. He won the 2020 Mortell Holder of the Year Award. He has transferred from Liberty University in Nashville to Oklahoma in 2018.

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