Free BJJ Seminar Tour In The UK By Ashley Williams For Covid-Striken Gyms

Free BJJ Seminar Tour In The UK By Ashley Williams For Covid-Striken Gyms
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Welsh-born Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu back belt Ashley Williams is set to embark on a free BJJ seminar tour through the United Kingdom. His goal is to help struggling gyms during the Covid-19 pandemic. Williams is one of the best No-Gi grapplers from the UK, and one of the most famous European grapplers, who also happens to be a triple Polaris champion as well.

Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu during the Covid-19 pandemic turned out to be quite a difficult feat to accomplish. Across the UK, most gyms have been locked down since December, after a short period where people were allowed to train under strict rules. A free BJJ seminar tour by Ashely Williams, though, is a great way of trying to help them stay afloat.

The second nationwide lockdown exacerbated the state in which gyms and their owners are, leading to the closing of many BJJ academies, some of which for good. This has been the case around the world, and not just in the UK. With authorities coming down hard on any gym that decides to open up on their own in defiance of measure,s the situation is pretty hard for gym owners.

Luckily, Ashley Williams has recognized a way he can step in and help struggling BJJ academies, at least across the territory of the UK. He is currently in the process of planning a free BJJ seminar tour across the United Kingdom that will include around 15-20 gyms that have been particularly hit during the pandemic. He will hold free seminars to help gyms stay in business.

As per Ashley Williams official Instagram account, he declared that “Still no good news from the Gov but we can always try and look forward to something! I have been mega grateful to my students who have continued supporting me through this time and I know many gyms are in a similar situation. To any U.K. gym that has been receiving the support of your students through this time, I will teach a FREE seminar at your academy as a thank you to your students! It will be limited to 15-20 gyms and will obviously be taught in a Covid Safe manor and socially distanced.”

Apart from Ashley Williams, other big-name MMA and BJJ stars have come forward trying to help people out during these difficult times. BJJ fanatics, for example, have set up a charity fund to help gyms make ends meet.

Gyms can apply for the Ashley Williams free BJJ seminar tour through the following link: 

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