BJJ Black Friday SALE 2021 – The Ultimate BJJ Shopping Guide!

BJJ Fanatics Black Friday Sale

It’s that time of year again folks! Time to restock your BJJ cabinet when this particular day of the year hits! Couldn’t afford some of the latest top quality DVD’s when they came out? Maybe you need a new Gi (or a couple of them) but that’ll break your budget. Or maybe you’re itching to get your hands on that latest Meerkatsu designed rashguard combo. Well, it’s November, and you know what that means! It is Black Friday time! Or, to put it more precisely, it is BJJ Black Friday SALE time! 

While most of the mass population are going to storm the malls in search of TVs, gaming consoles, and the latest fad piece of clothing, grapplers are going to stay home this Friday. Why? Well, the BJJ black Friday SALE takes place online, and the best spot to be is in front of your computer. This is the one day in the year where you can get all Danaher DVD,s a new Gi, and perhaps a BJJ backpack, all for the regular price of just one Danaher DVD.  This is exactly what BJJ Black Friday is all about. And we’re going to make shopping a lot easier for you!

IF you’re not ready with a wishlist, or you’re thinking about wandering the online BJJ realms, stop. All you need to do is browse through our top list of the very best things from every BJJ aspect. We’re Going to go everything, from apparel to DVDs and academy inventory, practically everything you need to focus on this BJJ Black Friday! Let this article be your guide and get you ready to stock up on BJJ stuff for the upcoming year! Let’s start!

The BJJ Black Friday SALE Shopping Guide

So what should you look into this BJJ Black Friday? After all, the sale refers to everything and anything and you need to be able to achieve two main objectives. one is to find exactly what you need. The second is to be able to choose from the very best available products in that category. We have a simple system that’ll allow you to browse through everything that fulfills the two conditions set above. This is not just a guide to BJJ Black Friday shopping, it is THE guide!

To tackle the first objective we set, we have everything set up in categories. Moreover, these categories include everything and anything a grappler might need. WE’ll outline each category and what you can find in it in a short while. But first, we’d like to turn your attention to why we chose what we chose. First of all, the prices on all these products are slashed massively for BJJ Black Friday. Second, they’re all high-quality stuff, from gis to DVDs, that are more than worth your time. How do we know this? Well, we’ve done extensive research and have detailed reviews on all of these products. We’ll include the links to our reviews in each appropriate section.

BJJ DVD & Digitial Instructionals

Let’s start off with the most important category for 2021. After all, this is not just the year when hundreds of Jiu-Jitsu DVDs hit the shelves. It is also the year where most high-profile competitors and coaches put their knowledge in digital format. From Tom DeBlass to John Danaher, digital learning platforms for grappling took a huge leap forward this past year. Which is as much a problem as it is a good thing. How do you know what you need to get, from all those titles available? After all, you need to use the BJ black Friday smartly and get as many different things as possible. Even if you decide to completely devote to buying digital material we got you covered! We have a few BJJ DVD Collections you might like to reach a whole new level in BJJ. Outlined in detail with full links below!

Enter The System: Leg Locks” by John Danaher

BJJ Black FridayIt is not a great surprise that we’ll kick things off with this one. The Enter The System; Leg locks, John Danaher instructional is the most eagerly awaited instructional in the history of BJJ. From the moment Eddie Cummings started reaping heel hooks in high-level competition, everyone wanted to know how to do the same. yet, the “silver bullet” remained a closely guarded secret for many years, which is an accomplishment of its own in today’s world.

However, when Danaher finally opened his teaching methodology to the world, he did so with a bang. His leg locks instructional should be the first thing on your BJJ Black Friday shopping list, if you do not own it already. What you get is the absolute ultimate guide into lower body submissions ever put together. Danaher is a man of many words, so do not expect a few disc sets full of unrelated techniques. What you get are more than 10 hours of material, spread across 8 DVDs, and a full blast of Danaher’s leg locking knowledge. If you doubt what we’re saying (hardly possible) then, check out a detailed REVIEW of his system and then follow the link to get it at a BJJ Black Friday price!

Tom DeBlass “Half Domination” DVD

BJJ Black Friday The absolute master of playing guard, Tom DeBlass, brings you all the secrets to the half guard you’ll ever need! Who better to teach you about the half guard than the man who is unpassable? After all, nobody has succeeded in passing tom’s guard in the last 17 years. And that includes competition and training.

Across 4 information filled DVDs, Tom offers unique concepts on the half guard. From half guard philosophies, tom goes into retaining and defending from the position. later on, he also offers unique attacking directions, including leg lock attacks. All in all, he put together the ultimate half guard instruction, that you need to own, especially if you’re a No-Gi grappler. Perfect for BJJ Black Friday! Here’s our detailed review.

Tom DeBlass Half Domination DVD & Digital  Direct Link

Pressure Passing Encyclopedia – Bernardo Faria

BJJ Black Friday SALEBernardo Faria is a very charismatic 5 times World champion with a great understanding of Jiu-Jitsu. What are all the top qualities you should look for in a BJJ instructor? In addition, Bernardo is also tireless when it comes down to recording high-quality instructionals. he is one of those coaches that managed to produce an entire collection in just a couple of years. And his Pressure Passing Encyclopedia is a piece that has its place in everyone’s collection.

Despite what you might know about Bernardo, his Pressure Passing Encyclopedia is not just an Over-under pass instructional. yes, Faria demolishes everyone with his over-under, but he sets it up with different passes. He also likes to pass using different means, as long as he exerts tremendous pressure upon his opponents. So, do not hesitate to pick this DVD up, the sooner, the better!

Neil Melanson’s Catch Wrestling Formula

The Catch Wrestling Formula by Neil MelansonNeil Melanson is one of the more curious grapplers out there. He is not a BJJ specialist, nor a black belt for that matter. He is, however, areal walking (or better said rolling) encyclopedia of grappling martial arts. A black belt in Judo, catch wrestler, and well versed in Sambo he has one the richest grappling pedigrees on the planet. Trained by Gene LeBell and Gokor Chivichyan among many others, he is the coach of Randy Couture, Karo Parisian, and many standout MMA fighters.

Buy “The Catch Wrestling Formula” Instructional HERE

His Catch Wrestling Formula instructional is exactly the black box of grappling secrets you want to get on BJJ Black Friday. It has the catch wrestling essentials that make your BJJ better. At the same time, everything Neil demonstrates is going to shut down the game of pure BJJ grapplers with extreme ease. He is a mastermind of grappling who is also a regular contributor to awesome instructionals. This is the first one of his collection that you need to acquire. Read a complete review of this DVD.

Eddie Cummings “Ashi Garami Seminar”

BJJ Black FridayAnother long-awaited DVD release. This time, it is a digital release by the original leg locker himself, Eddie ‘The Wolverine” Cummings. This release came out at the same time as Danaher’s Enter the System, yet features some significantly different aspects of leg locking. For one, Cummins focus on more positions during his Ashi Garami Seminar digital release. He also demonstrates some natural progressions of what Danaher teaches.

The key value of this release is in its defensive aspects. Cummings deconstructs all the options you have when defending leg locks, and the toughest Ashi Garami positions to be in. However, he doesn’t stop there but also goes into how you can counter even the best-placed defense. As a big fan of the Wolverine, I know that if I didn’t already have it, this DVD would be my first BJJ Black Friday pick. We reviewed this release as well, as soon as it came out!

John Danaher – “Enter The System: Back Attacks”

John Danaher DVD CollectionSpeaking of John Danaher and the Danaher Death Squad, there’s another amazing series that John recorded to give us an insight into his systems. This time it is all about back attacks. As you know, apart from leg locks, chokes from the back mount seem to be the Danaher Death Squad’s favorite means of finishing.

Enter The System: Back Attacks DVD & Digital

In another 8 part series, Danaher goes over all things related to back attacks. Funny enough, you won’t just find chokes in this one but also armbars, Twisters, triangle chokes, calf slicers, and a bunch of other things. And you can get to all of them from the back mount position. IT is by far the one best system for back control that you can use in any kind of grappling martial art. As with eth leg locks DVD, a real must-have! Here’s a full review!

“Fundamentals Of A Jiu-Jitsu Renegade” by Kurt Osiander

BJJ Black Friday SALE A real legend in BJJ circles and one of the most fun characters in all of the martial arts. Kurt Osiander is as nasty and good at BJJ as he is at shit-talking, which is a real statement! Plus he is no longer a young guy, so you can bet everything he has to teach, works against all kinds of opponents. For one, he is as battered as they come, so there’s not much strength involved in his moves. next up, Kurt is all about the basics (complete review here).

His foundations of A Jiu-Jitsu Renegade is the perfect BJJ Black Friday acquisition. it is a Gi instructional and is a good fit for grapplers of all levels. Yes, even if you’re a second-degree black belt you’ll find some useful fundamentals in there. Kurt made sure that he is fun, yet understandable and serious when it comes to pointing out the key components of each technique. Check out the full review and make sure you include Fundamentals Of A Jiu-Jitsu Renegade into your BJJ Black Friday cart!

Tom DeBlass  – “Submission Escapes” DVD Set

Review: Submission EscapesRemember when I mentioned thatTom DeBlass’ guard has not been passed in more than 15 years? Well, the same goes for submitting the man. the big guy certainly knows how to get out of sticky situations, and now he is willing to teach you too. In terms of defensive BJJ instructionals on DVD, this one is on top of the pile. In it, Tom demonstrates everything you can think of. there’s no submission left untouched, whether it is a choke, crank, or a joint lock anywhere across the body.

Direct Link – Tom DeBlass Submission Escapes DVD/Digital 

On top of straight submission escapes, expect to learn how to deal with the most common attacking positions. If you can prevent all submission attacks by escaping a spot like a side control or mount, why not make it easier on yourself? Tom teaches techniques and offers great concepts and principles that help you tie everything together into one great system. To put it simply, you’ll get submitted much less frequently, even by black belts! Check out the contents!

“Down Under Leg Attacks” DVD – Craig Jones

BJJ Black fridayThe leg locker that surprised the world. If the Wolverine caught everyone unprepared for leg locks, Craig did the very opposite. The Australian phenom burst onto the scene leg locking people that were ready to defend leg locks. His attacks are just as unstoppable as those of the Danaher Death Squad. To put things into perspective, Craig is into high-level pro competition for just the past two years. He is very young and there’s still more to come from him, both on the mats and in terms of video instructionals.

Down Under Leg Attacks Craig Jones Instructional Direct Download

This BJJ Black Friday, treat yourself to one of the most comprehensive leg locking instructions out there. Apart from Cummings’ and Danaher’s stuff, Craig’s DVD set is the only other piece of leg locking instructional worth even considering. He brings some innovative concepts to further extend the realm of leg locks. In terms of entries into leg locks, Craig is by far the number one authority. You’ll never lose another leg lock again after watching his instructional!

“High Percentage Chokes: No-Gi” by Lachlan Giles

BJJ Black FridayOn the subject of phenomenal Australian grapplers, let’s not forget Lachlan Giles. Who exactly is he? Well, he was Craig Jones before Craig and is actually the man responsible for Craig’s stardom. he is Craig’s coach and the head grappling instructor at Absolute MMA in Melbourne. The highly skilled grappler now comes out with an incredible instructional of his own, and it’s going to blow your mind!

The chokes Lachlan refers to are all front headlock chokes. So, what you can expect in this 4 part DVD series are a lot of Guillotines, Arm triangles, D’arce chokes, Anacondas, etc. On top of everything else, you have a brand new innovative, and effective position to attack chokes from. Giles talks a lot about the Inverted North-South position and how to use it to surprise and coke out any opponent. Narrated rolls are also included in this DVD, giving it a very specific flare. It is a Jiu-Jitsu instructional tailor-made for BJJ Black Friday! DOn’t waste any time and get the High Percentage Chokes: No-Gi DVD now HERE

Travis Stevens DVD – “The Takedown Blueprint”

BJJ Black FridayLet’s move up from the ground for a bit and explore a different avenue of Jiu-Jitsu. In the department of takedowns, the first BJJ Black Friday title should be The takedown Blueprint. When a BJJ and Judo black belt, plus Olympic Judo medalist combines techniques into a system, you should get it. Furthermore, when that person is joined by his teacher and absolute Judo legend, you need to make sure you not only get it but carefully listen to every single word in the instructional!

Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro have the one single DVD instructional that you’ll ever need to set your takedown game on fire! The Takedown blueprint is far from just a Judo for BJJ instructional, though, It also features double leg takedowns and plenty of other moves not specific to Judo but perfect for BJJ. A real masterpiece that you must own! Easy direct access to the Takedown Blueprint Instructional HERE!

Neil Melanson – “Guillotine Headhunter Series” DVD 

BJJ Black FridayEveryone’s favorite BJJ torturer (unless you’re grappling against him) is back with another awesome instructional. this time, it is all about the one move that’s enjoying a complete revival at the moment – the Guillotine Choke. It turns out that the move many thoughts was a strong man submission is actually a really technical one. And Neil knows all about it.

We did a complete review of this instructional which you can read HERE. 

His 4 DVD set is unlike any other instructional you can get on the subject. Or any other grappling instructional in general. A Neil Melanson DVD often has just two or three chapters per hour-long DVD. he actually likes to teach his moves as mini-systems, tying everything together without taking needless breaks. The Guillotine Headhunter Series DVD is innovative, unorthodox, and efficient. The perfect new addition or an awesome BJJ Black Friday gift for a significant other. No hesitation here – you must have it!

Seph Smith – “The Reverse De La Riva Almanac” DVD

BJJ Black FridayYou all know Seph Smith, even though you might not remember him straight away. it took me a little to find out where his face was familiar. If you remember all those Ryan Hall DVDs that we all love and cherish then you remember Ryan’s Uke in most of them. it is his first black belt, Seph Smith. Well, now that Seph is all grown up, he ventured into digital BJJ instructions himself. And his first is a masterpiece.

Seph Smith’s Reverse De la Riva Almanac DVD Instructional

It is nothing unusual for him to focus on the Reverse de la Riva guard, given his grappling origins. However, it is a position that’s not really working nowadays, courtesy of the leg lock game of the likes of Danaher and Craig Jones. Well, the new style of RDL that Seph has in his Almanac is one that overcomes this particular hurdle. Actually, it improves most of the usual drawbacks of the Reverse De La Riva open guard and opens up crazy attacks! One for the future, remember my word!

The Ryan Hall DVD Collection

BJJ Black FridayAnd now, after talking about Seph Smith we have to give credit to his teacher and all-around BJJ personality Ryan Hall. Ryan is the next-door friendly nerd that can also tear your legs off and choke you in an instant. Since not many people knew who Danaher was a while ago, Rya was the Danaher of the time. He has no less than 10 mind-blowing DVD instructionals, all focusing on very specific parts of BJJ. While most are with the Gi, some are recorded in No-Gi, featuring subjects like heel hooks from the 50/ guard.

The Ryan Hall collection is the perfect gift to give yourself for this year’s BJJ Black Friday! What you get in the collection are 3 disc bundles, each on a very popular subject. Guard passing, defensive guard, inverted guard, arm triangles, triangle chokes, the open elbow, and more are all included in one of BJJ’s most famous collections!

Omoplata Everyone DVD Set by Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria DVD Omoplata EveryoneThere’s just no way to talk about BJJ black Friday and only mention one single Bernardo Faria DVD. It just doesn’t work that way. After all, his DVDs are all on very different, yet very important subjects. This time it is the turn of a very popular submission – The Omoplata. Learn how to catch literally everyone with the modifications and tricks that Bernardo demonstrates. After all, he is a world champion who has pulled the move off multiple times at the biggest stages of the grappling competition in the world!

Omoplata Everyone 4 DVD set Available HERE

What you learn is not just how to do the Omoplata against all kinds of opponents, but also how to set it up from anywhere. Omoplatas from the guard? No problem, Omoplata from the mount? Still no problem. Even from bad positions, like the bottom of side control, you’ll have ways to slap on an Omoplata. Not just that, but you’ll get it faster than your opponents can comprehend what’s going on. All in all a true gem of a BJJ video instructional, and one for your BJJ Black Friday shopping list. Check out a detailed Review HERE!

Enter The System: Kimura – John Danaher DVD

BJJ Black FridayThe Omolata’s sister submission, the Kimura is actually the subject of the latest DVD instructional that cem out. Once again it is a John Danaher release, and once again, it is from the “Enter The System” series. What you get here is what you can expect from a Danaher Jiu-Jitsu instructional-everything about the Kimura submission. Actually, this DVD also takes a really cool turn – Danaher offers a brand new learning experience for everyone. We were the first to review it!

The things that remain the same are the length and structure of the release. DVDs with over 10 hours of material seem to be the norm for a John Danaher instructional. While his systematization and explanations are flawless, Danaher introduces a completely new teaching tool here. Similar to Lachlan Giles’ DVD, Danaher goes into the so-called Classroom Commentary where he goes over rolls in Renzo Gracies Academy and points out the important aspects in each. These commentaries really help bring the DVD content together in a unique way! Get “Enter The System: Kimura” first, at an incredible price!

Crucifix And Loop Chokes – Alexandre Vieira

BJJ Black FridayLop chokes are the equivalent of Gi Guillotines. They’re extremely nasty when you can get them and you do not need much experience to become a loop, choke master. Alexandre Vieira knows how to make you one, and his DVD is definitely one to consider for the BJJ Black Friday of 2021! After all, loop chokes are not the only moves you can find here!

The DVD also features highly detailed Crucifix instructions, as Vieira is a master of those as well. Now imagine, you get both options from the bottom as well as an alternative back attack. The loop choke can surprise even an experienced opponent, while the crucifix is one of the hardest positions to escape in BJJ. Plus it offers a bunch of submission options from all angles.

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa – “Top Game” DVD

BJJ black FridayPerhaps he is not green nor giant but he is definitely scary! Lucas Barbosa, AKA the “Hulk” is a real smashing machine. His top game, including his takedowns, is the stuff of nightmares for every grappler out there. That includes even those heavier than him, as the “Hulk” easily rules the absolute division as well.

“Top Game” 2 Volume DVD Set Available HERE

Lucas Barbosa’s DVD is divided into two main parts. The first part, consisting of two DVDs is all about Gi Jiu-Jitsu. It features both crushing takedowns and unbelievable pressure from every top position that follows. The second part is also on the same subjects, however this time without the Gi. This makes it the perfect instructional for anyone looking into pressure passing and control for either or both Gi and No-GI BJJ.

Nutrition And Weight Management System DVD + E-Book Bundle   by George Lockhart

BJJ Black FridayLet’s take a look at BJJ nutrition and how to cut weight for a little. While all the technical DVD’s are a must and a priority, you also need a good option for staying on weight and having energy. The man to go to is, of course, George Lockhart. The nutritionist of most of the UFC champions, as well as over 100 fighters from the roster, has the answer to all nutrition-related questions.

What does his bundle include? Well, you get 3 DVDs each covering crucial aspects of nutrition for grapplers and fighters. The first couple of DVDs are all about macros and designing a nutrition plan. the final one is dedicated solely to weight cutting and how to make weight effortlessly and without any danger to your health. Finally, there’s a great E-book, filled with additional advice and mouth-watering recipes. George is truly the best at what he does, and Conor McGregor’s nutritionist is now going to help you dial in your diet. If you’re pondering on getting only a couple of DVDs this BJJ Black Friday, this needs to be one of them!

Get The Complete George Lockhart Nutrition Bundle At The Best Price HERE

“Guard And Matrix Passing ” – A Leandro Lo DVD

BJJ Black Friday One of the fiercest competitors of all times, Leandro Lo opens up on his guard systems. his DVD includes both amazing guard work and unstoppable passing sequences. The multiple-time’s World Champion is not only going to make playing and passing the guard more understandable, but he is also going to show you all the tools to excel.

Direct Link: Guard And Passing Matrix DVD & Digital

The guard DVD includes a lot of details on some of Leandro Lo’s favorite guard positions. these are the De la Riva, the X guard, and Single Leg X Guard. Lo also teaches a lot of collar guard attacks, which seem to be underrated in modern times. This just means they’ll be a formidable weapon for you once you master them! From the top, Lo’s focus is on passing virtually any guard in Jiu-Jitsu. From the closed guard to inverted guards and all the crazy lapel guards, you’ll become unstoppable from the top. With this three DVD set, you’ll learn how to start off the bottom, sweep to get on top, and utterly dominate your opposition.

John Danaher – “Enter The System: Front Headlocks”

BJJ Black Friday The final piece of the “Enter The System” puzzle (so far) is the Front headlocks set. As expected, it is a John Danaher release, this time featuring a very popular position. As we previously covered, the guillotine is making a comeback, and with it, all the associated front headlock attacks. Danaher puts everything in perspective with another classic 8 part instructional.

“Enter The System: Front Headlocks” John Danaher Digital Instructional 

What you get in this instructional is the absolute best way to approach the front headlock position. ti features slick takedowns, impressive rolling turtle attacks, as well as options from guard. All in all, you’ll learn how to guillotine everyone, how to do D’arce and Anaconda chokes even if you have T-rex arms, and how to use the front headlock to open up other great attacking positions like the back or leg locks. As far as a BJJ Black Friday goes, the complete Danaher collection is one of the absolute best things you can get for yourself with lifetime value! Enter The System: Front Headlocks – A Detailed Review!

Worry-Free Escapes” DVD Set by Dean Lister

BJJ Black FridayDean Lister is the man who inspired Danaher to look into leg locks, subsequently developing his now-famous system. Dean is one of the old school BJJ guys who always had a knack for the more unorthodox and underrated parts of grappling. Proficient with and without the Gi, the experienced grappler now offers his two cents on getting out of submissions, instead of attacking with them. And you can bet they’re going to work! Don’t take our word for it, check out the complete DVD Review HERE

While Dean Lister is a built like a bear and tough as a brick wall, these are not the main attribute that gets him out of submissions. He has a highly technical system for dealing with submissions, especially with his favorite leg locks. The Worry-Free Escapes system is heavily based on beating leg locks. However, it also goes over awesome escapes and counters to all other submissions. A toehold counter when your opponent has an Omoplata? Yup, it’s in there, along with a host of others. The only dilemma is whether you should get this one, or Tom DeBlass’ escapes DVD. Even better, get them both, as it’s BJJ Black Friday, and they’ll be all but free!

Craig Jones – “Triangle Machine” DVD

BJJ Black Friday

One more from the boy wonder from down under! Craig hits us with some real magic in this one! Many people are actually unaware that Craig’s best weapon before leg locks were triangle chokes. In fact,  he is so well versed in them that he has details that nobody else can teach you. This is instructional to turn you into an actual triangle machine impervious to any and all escapes and counters. We reviewed the contents HERE.

Triangle might be a staple of BJJ, but Craig certainly offers a new twist. Or a few twists, to be more precise. What you learn is going to be how to finish the triangle choke in more ways than you can imagine possible. From there, you’ll learn top and bottom setups that are foolproof. However, the real value of this DVD, for those looking for some flair, is in the portion of the flying triangle. Yeah, Craig goes over a bunch of attacks and counterattacks involving flying triangle chokes. BJJ Black Friday is starting to get complicated with all these opportunities, isn’t’ it?

Craig Jones “Triangle Machine” DVD set Direct Link

Battle-Tested Half Guard DVD Set by Bernardo Faria 

BJJ Black FridayOne more of Bernardo’s masterpieces. Do not let the name of this instructional fool you as it is not just another basic half guard DVD. Bernardo is a real magician with a deep half guard and has a lot to teach everyone. While he enjoys the deep half guard the most, he also works all other avenues of half guard, both in Gi and No-Gi.

The Bernardo Faria Battle Tested Half Guard Digital Video Instructional 

The Battle Tested Half Guard is a DVD set of 4 volumes, each focusing on a very specific half guard aspect. The instructional take you through an introductory DVD, followed by a deep half masterclass and all the way to some crazy sweeps and attacks from the bottom. The final chapter is full of narrated rolling sessions, which are by far the best way to conclude a BJJ instructional. If you like playing the deep half guard, there’s no way you can skip this amazing release. Check out what Bernardo has to offer in this BJJ DVD.

BJJ Gis & Belts

Can’t really train BJJ without a gi and belt, can you? Okay, all you No-gi diehards, hold your horses. rashguards are just as important and we’ll go over those as well. For now, let’s see how you can restock just Gi wardrobe with the help of the BJJ Black Friday. After all, not all Gi’s are created equal. Some are great for training, others are tailor-made for competition. Some are even a much better option for female grapplers than they are for a male. Everything is covered n detail in the subsequent Gi and belts section of our guide!

The Scramble Athlete 3.0 Gi

Click to Check on Amazon!

Kicking things off this BJJ Black Friday is one of the absolute best Gis available on the market today – The Scramble Athlete 3.0 Gi. It is a heavy weaved and extremely durable Gi fit for any occasion. The main benefit of this Gi is one crucial to competitors – it’s cut. The Scramble Athlete 3.0 is a slim fit, yet still IBJJF legal, which is not easy to accomplish. That means less material for your opponent to manipulate. Plus, it’s a pearl weave with a rubber collar!

Hayabusa Lightweight Gi

Click to Check on Amazon

On the other end of the weight spectrum, we recommend a very lightweight Gi. The Hayabusa Lightweight Gi is both lights as a feather (if not lighter) and very strong for such a design. it makes it the perfect training Gi, or even a reliable tournament option. While it is not a slim fit as the Scramble it is an athletic fit, IBJJF legal, and almost as good. This Gi is, however, a bit cheaper than the Scramble.


Tatami Estilo 6.0

Click to Check On Amazon

There’s no way that we can bring you a BJJ Black Friday Gi shopping list without including a Tatami Gi. The Tatami Estilo 6.0 is a state of the art Gi fit for any grappler. The 6.0 is another pearl weave Gi that is the most durable of the lot. Simply put, if you’re looking for a Gi to use for a long time, this is your best bet!

Finally, let’s go over a choice for the finer half of BJJ. Ladies, this BJJ Black Friday, turn your attention to the Grips Amazona BJJ Gi. CoolMax lining on the knees and shoulders, extremely light, soft, slim fit. These are just some of the qualities this affordable and durable Gi brings to the table. A top pick for competitors by a mile!

BJJ Rashguards

Whether you train exclusively No-gi, or you like to combine Gi and No-gi training, you need a rashguard and good spats. Actually, even if you’re a Gi-only grappler, you still need protection under the Gi. So a rashguard is a must and a good one at that. While you’re going for a good rashguard, why not get one (or more) that is also cool looking in design? We’ve got you covered this BJJ Black Friday, with nothing but the best in our rashguards category.

Fuji Freestyle

Fuji Freestyle RashguardFuji Freestyle is the rashguard we choose to hit the ground running in this BJJ Black Friday category. First and foremost it is an IBJJF official, ranked rashguard. That means it’s great for training and competition. Fuji is a very serious BJJ company whose products don’t come cheap. This is precisely why this rashguard is one of the best BJJ Black Friday! Available both in short and long sleeves, and made from 100 % anti-microbial material. Comes in all colors.

Scramble Ranked Rashguard

Scramble ranked RashguardScramble features here again with another masterpiece of BJJ apparel. Again, it is a ranked BJJ rashguard, available to wear at tournaments. We recommend you go for the latest 3.0 version of the Scramble Ranked Rashguard and pick the long-sleeved option. Or better yet, use the BJJ Black Friday to get a few of them, as you’ll soon fall in love with this really cool BJJ rashguard.

Venum Contender 3.0

Venum also makes our list, through its Venum Contender 3.0 rashguard. This one, unlike the previous two, is not ranked, but it is certainly worth having. First of all, it’s made with compression fiber technology that features anti-odor properties. If there was ever a rashguard that’ll never stink up, it’s this one! It also features silicone rims, meaning there’s no chance of it pulling up while you’re training. Oh, yeah, and it looks really great as well!

Hayabusa Recast Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Hayabusa Recast Long Sleeve Rash Guard is also something you need to ponder this BJJ Black Friday. Being a Hayabusa design is enough reason in itself. However, we have to point out that this is a really high-quality product, with an amazing design to go with it. It is a unisex fit and comes in long sleeve version only in three colors, red, blue, and yellow. Not IBJJF friendly so don’t be tempted to take it to a tournament!

BJJ Backpacks

A solid BJJ backpack is just as important as your Gi and rashguard. What should you look for in one? Well, it should hold your Gi, preferably a couple of them, your BJJ accessories, No-gi equipment, showering essentials, water bottle, etc. plus, it should be resistant to smells and easy to keep clean. So, we did your research for you and got the best collection of BJJ backpacks together, as you’ll see further in this article. Direct BJJ Black Friday links included!

Datsusara Battle Pack Core

A good BJJ backpack is really going to make your life as a grappler easier. Take the Datsusara Battle Pack Core, for example. The Datsusara is the absolute best option you have when it comes to a BJJ backpack or gym bag. However, they tend to be really expensive, so no better time than BJJ Black Friday to go for it! This bag is made of hemp, making it light, durable, and above all competition. It’s also big enough for two Gis, plus all the added stuff you need on a daily basis.

Venum Challenger Backpack

Next up, your second best option is the Venum Challenger Backpack. This cool looking backpack is one of the best available options apart from the Datsusara. It opens from the top, like a duffle bag, making it perfect for those with a lot to carry around. It also has an outside compartment that’s impervious to water and completely insolated. On top of it, there are numerous other compartments, making organizing a real breeze. Plus, it’s made from anti-microbial material.

Elite Sports Mesh

The Elite Sports Mesh Backpack is another wonderful option for grapplers. It is actually a hybrid between a drawstring back and a real backpack. It has drawstrings instead of handles but has all the compartments and quality of a solid backpack. It’s really light and durable and has the space to fit everything you might need. A key feature is it’s ventilation, making foul odors a thing of the past.

Moonstar Duffel Bag

Also, make sure you consider the Moonstar Duffel Bag as one of your options. If you’re after a bag with plenty of compartments, this is the perfect fit for you. From hidden pockets to a mesh compartment, this bag has them all. It also ticks every other important BJJ bag box. Oh, and it doubles as a backpack as well!

BJJ Shorts

Another staple of BJJ training. granted, these are more of a No-Gi staple, but still, you absolutely need them. Even if you just use them during your strength and conditioning sessions, BJJ shorts are a must. AND there are so many options out there that figuring out which are the best might require some trial and error. With prices like these on BJJ Black Friday, you might be tempted to buy a few. Luckily we got only the best options all in one place.

Clinch Pro Series MMA Shorts

The perfect addition to your Rashguard for training No-Gi is a good pair of shorts, like the Clinch Pro Series MMA Shorts. These are high tech shorts, featuring 360-stretch technology and a very slick design. This makes them perfect for any grappling martial art and comfortable in any situation on the ground! They also have moisture removal technology that’ll keep you dry without the need for spats. They’re also incredibly light, made out of suede microfibre.

Hayabusa Metaru BJJ Shorts

The Hayabusa Metaru BJJ Shorts are a great grappling-specific version of shorts. They feature incredible comfort and are virtually indestructible. This high-performance pair of shorts allows you to grapple hard without worry, since they’re reinforced all over, especially at common weak points. They also have a unique waist tie + velcro waistband system that makes them incredibly secure once strapped.

Gameness Elite Fight Shorts

Gameness Elite Fight Shorts are also a top potential BJJ Black Friday addition. Multiple fiber designs are just one of the original traits of this pair of grappling shorts. This design provides great stretch, while also giving these shorts a long lifespan. The hook-and-loop waist closure system means you’ll never go looking for the end of your string after washing the shorts. That’s before even mentioning that they look absolutely stunning.

The Venum Camo Hero Fight Shorts are a classic, with a design to rival all. The camo design is smartly integrated with Venum’s logo, making this one of the best-looking pairs of shorts ever. Reinforced stretch fabric means you’ll be wearing them long, just not in any IBJJF competition.

BJJ Mats

This one is all aimed at academy owners out there. If it’s time for you to get new mats, or you simply want better options, we got you covered. The few absolute best types of mats you’ll ever need are all neatly structured in our BJJ Black Friday guide here. Reviews are included, so all you need to do is choose your favorite. We guarantee you’ll like it!

Dollamur Rollout Mats

This is a category BJJ academy owners are going to find interesting. Even if you’re just looking to set up a BJJ garage to roll, mats are an absolute essential. Take the Dollamur Rollout Mats for example. They’re a really practical option when it comes to an academy or a garage gym. They’re 1.25 inches thick and require no particular experience for setting them up. Just roll them out, stick them together with tape for permanent use, and you’re good to roll!

IncStores Puzzle Mats

IncStores Puzzle Mats are a more “regular” option. If you are really dead set on puzzle mats, then look no further than IncStores. Unlike rollout mats, puzzle mats are not as portable but offer a lot more security. These mats are made with a revolutionary foam and rubber polymer that makes them soft as well as durable. Sized 3×3 ft, and an inch thick, you’ll hardly find mats that are better suited for Jiu-Jitsu. All in all great BJJ Black Friday deal!

Everlast Folding Mats

The final option area folding mats, and there’s only one contender here – Everlast Folding Mats! These are bang in the middle between rollout mats and your classic Judo mats. With the folding mats, you just open them up and you’re ready to roll. While they do take up a bit more space than rollout mats, they’re better for rolling due to their size and thickness. Plus, they have an extremely smooth surface that doesn’t retain odors. They also have a  built-in handle to make transportation a piece of cake.

BJJ Books

This category features the ultimate learning tool of the past. With all the DVD instructions available now, people rarely give credit to BJJ books. yet, there’s still a lot to learn from books, especially ones that explore the evolution of Gentle Art. We have a great selection of the must-have books for any self-respectable grappler. Whether it is just one title or the whole collection, BJJ Black Friday is the perfect time to add to your BJJ bookshelf!

Jiu-Jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro

With all the digital content available, people seem to forget that books are still around. On the subject, few books and no digital content can rival the likes of Jiu-Jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro, for example. This is the book everyone needs to own preferably before stepping on the mats for the first time. This book teaches you how to survive attacks, mount a successful defense, and transition into counters and an offensive of your own. The perfect blueprint!

The Gracie Way

If there was any book that is as close to a bible in the BJJ world then it must be The Gracie Way: An Illustrated History Of The World’s Greatest Martial Arts Family by Kid Peligro. This is the book that explores all the known, and some not so known aspects of the Gracie family. It is truly a unique guide to the inception and evolution of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. BJJ Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to get yourself this key piece of BJJ history.

Drill To Win by Andre Galvao

Another classic title that you absolutely must have, whether it is in paperback or in E-book format is Drill To Win by Andre Galvao. This is the book that changed the lives and careers of many grapplers, from ordinary into exceptional. This is the book of secrets on how to really get better at BJJ by drilling. It outlines all the ways in which you can drill techniques along with a guide for incorporating the appropriate drills for your level.

Of course, there’s no way to skip over the original Danaher instructional – Mastering Jiu-Jitsu by Renzo Gracie, John Danaher, and Carlos Gracie Jr. The holy trinity of Jiu-Jitsu authors in one place, delivering everything you need to know to master the Gentle Art. Use this book in combination with Danaher’s DVDs for the best effect!

BJJ Accessories

Finally, we’ll cram all those things you use on a daily basis in training in just one category. Instead of offering anything, we have the absolute creme de la creme of BJJ accessories here. From the inevitable finger tape, through kneepad and mouthpieces al the way to antimicrobial BJJ soap. All those things that should have a compartment of their own in your BJJ backpack or bag are featured in this category. And, as little as they might seem, they’re definitely far from insignificant!

Finger Tapes

This is the category where we’ll offer a few suggestions to things that you’ll need at some point during your BJJ career. The first and most obvious one, especially if you train a lot with the Gi is finger tape. There are plenty of options out there for taping up banged knuckles, some much better than others. The three top choices for any grappler with joint issues are Armadillo Skin Finger Tape, TapTape, and PowerSplint Finger Tape, not necessarily in that order.

Knee Pads

On the subject of banged-up joints, the knee-pads are also going to become a requirement. the longer you train and the older you get, the more you’re going to fall in love with a pair of good kneepads. And the very best come in the shape of Venum Kontact Lycra and Gel Knee Pads. There’s no way you can go wrong with these, with all top athletes turning to them as their first choice. Additional options include Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads and the Viper Compression Sleeve Knee Pads for those with real knee trouble.

Mouth Guards

There’s also an inevitable piece of hardware for rolling and competition – mouthpieces. The best are by far those by Shock Doctor like the Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard. If you want to keep your teeth safe and in place, this is the one. If you’re hesitant or want other good options, look into the SISU Mouth Guards Aero or the Impact Custom Professional.

Defense Soaps

On a final note, a product you might want to have even if it’s not BJJ Black Friday. BJJ soap is certainly one of the grappler’s essentials and your best bets besides Defense Soap Antifungal are Atsko Sports Wash and Submission Soap.

BJJ DVD Collections

The Best No-Gi DVD&DIGITAL Collection

Finally, it is time for the cherry on this BJJ Black Friday SALE shopping guide. Leaving the best for last, we’ll now offer you the option to look into the best complete gameplans for yourself. If you like to roll No-Gi only, or want to become a submission hunter, or are even looking for the over-40 blueprint, we have the best options organized neatly for you!

Best BJJ DVDs For The Master Divisions

Let’ kick it off with the old-timers. Your body wants to give up grappling but your mind won’t’ hear of it. Well, all you Masters’ divisions competitors, we have the cure for you, We went and selected the absolute key DVD instructionals into one big collection intended for Masters. Build the perfect gameplan and dominate even younger opponents with ease! Check out the Best BJJ DVDs For The Master Divisions.

Best BJJ DVD Collection For Leg Lockers!

Next up, the ultimate leg lockers guide. Danaher and Craig Jones’ instructionals not enough for you? Learn Sambo leg locking secrets as well as the principles of many other proficient leg lockers. We have the 8 top volumes in one place in our Best BJJ DVD Collection For Leg Lockers!

Best Catch Wrestling DVD Collection For BJJ

We also have a real treat for those among you that love to put their opponents in utter discomfort and before they finish them. The Best Catch Wrestling DVD Collection For BJJ is, of course, a purely Neil Melanson DVD Collection. It features catch wrestling attacks from literally anywhere, top, bottom, or standing!

Best BJJ DVD Collection For Submission Hunters

And, wrapping things up, a set for submission hunters. If you’re all about the finish and not really interested in point grappling, this is the collection for you. More than half a dozen titles in our Best BJJ DVD Collection For Submission Hunters are going to take you through every imaginable way of strangling or breaking the joints of your opponent.

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