Nick Rodriguez Claims Victory at UFC FP Invitational 4, Issues Challenge to Gordon Ryan With USADA Involvement

Nicky VS Gordon

At last night’s UFC FP Invitational 4, Nick Rodriguez won the eight-man tournament to claim the title. Rodriguez prevailed in overtime against Dan Manasoiu form New Wave Gym after advancing through the tournament.

Nick's victory at the UFC FP Invitational 4.

Nick used the occasion that followed his victory to respond to Gordon Ryan’s allegations of steroid use. Rodriguez proposed an EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational) ten-minute overtime match, but only if both athletes consented to USADA drug testing both before and after the match. Rodriguez stressed the fairness of this idea and his readiness to participate in the competition.

During the post-tournament press conference, Ryan responded to Rodriguez’s shout out. He gave the impression that Rodriguez was more driven by money than by genuine competition. Ryan scoffed at the notion of competing against Nick. He claims that a third victory against him would not result in more acclaim or money. Afterwards, he went on to disparage Rodriguez’s abilities. He pointed out his prior problems versus weaker opponents and downplaying his capacity to make choices or generate income using Ryan’s name.

Gordon Ryan, one of the best NO-GI fighters of all time.

Ryan said that Rodriguez and he may face off again. Although, he made it clear that any future matches would only take place in prominent competitions like the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) tournaments. Ryan boasted of his ability to humiliate Rodriguez once more. All That while keeping him from earning any money or notoriety from fighting against him.

Craig Jones, another contestant, made the jokey claim that he was the pound for pound greatest of all time (G.O.A.T). Both fans and experts make assumptions about the Jones, a well-known expert in the art of grappling. He jokingly questioned what else he had to accomplish after defeating Felipe. He also cracked a joke about how difficult it would be to find opponents if he become the best grappler in the world.

While the grappling community anxiously awaits the resolution of the issues and rivalries spawned at UFC FP Invitational 4, fans and experts alike speculate on the forthcoming fights and opportunities that lie ahead for these great athletes.

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