Jay Rodriguez DVD Review: Jay Rods Judo Instructional

Jay Rodriguez DVD Review: Jay Rods Judo Instructional
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Judo or Wrestling for BJJ? I doubt this question is ever going to be settled in a way that satisfies everyone, as different folks lean towards different ways of standing exchanges. We can’t say that one is more effective than the other, as wrestling works in the Gi, and Judo is still unstoppable without it. Just take a look at Jay Rods Judo!

For the most part, it comes to time – how fast can you learn a throw/takedown combo to get to the fun part of BJJ, which is the ground fighting? Most BJJ competitors have accepted wrestling as the primary source of takedowns, given that it is easier to master.

However, some top competitors like to keep their opponents on their toes (pun intended) and attack using JUdo attacks during No-Gi matches. In this Jay Rodriguez DVD, you’ll learn how to learn and use the most effective throws for BJJ without spending years training Judo to master them.

Key Takeaways

  • No-Gi Judo instructional, with just over an hour and a half of material. 
  • Easy to follow, progressive system of developing Judo skills for No-Gi.
  • An entire volume dedicated to combining effective wrestling and Judo moves. 
  • BJJ World Expert Rating: 8 out of 10


Jay Rodriguez No-Gi Judo DVD Review
Check Out Jay Rods Judo!

No-Gi Judo for BJJ

As someone who has been through it all, I can say that Judo is a great fit for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as sending people flying is extremely fun. I have a Judo background and used it a lot in my early days of grappling to get the match to the ground.

Wrestling soon took over, though, given the increased control over opponents after the match hits the mats. At present, I use both Judo and wrestling to set up guard pulls, which remains the only way my body can successfully drag someone into ground fighting.

This just proves how effective both are at forcing people down to the ground. The one aspect of navigating them people like to use is to categorize them depending on their clothing:

However, they are much more effective when used interchangeably. Just look at what athletes like Travis Stevens and Ronda Rousey, have achieved in No-Gi using their explosive Judo skills. As the new generation of grapplers emerges, we see Kayla Harrison, Ffion Davis, and Jay Rod do the same in both MMA and grappling.

So why not mix it up and introduce some Judo to your standup tactics?

Jay Rod: A Rising Grappling Talent

Jay Rod is one of the most talented grapplers who is set on becoming a world champion. He was aiming for the ADCC title, but given that he is representing the most fun team in grappling these days, B-Team, he will probably be showcasing his skills in the Craig Jones Invitational in August of 2024.

There is no question that Jay Rod, the younger brother of B-Team standout Nicky Rod, is among the very best in the world. Apart from his last two outings, which he lost, he has been tearing it up in the professional grappling circuit, winning super fights at UFC Fight Pass, WNO, Quintet, Polaris, Fight to Win, as well as a world title in the Pans.

As with most grapplers these days, Jay Rod prefers training and competing in No-Gi, which perfectly fits his entertaining style. He reminds a lot of Garry Tonon but with superior Judo skills to the New Wave representative. He does a great job of blending his Judo tactics with the wrestling strategies taught at B-team, outlining them all in his Jay Rods Judo DVD!

Full Jay Rodriguez DVD Review: Jay Rods Judo

Jay Rods Judo is the first DVD I’ve seen from the B-team standout. I have to say that I prefer him to his brother Nick, mostly because Jay has a very easy organizational system in his instructional. Each volume of this Jay Rodriguez DVD covers a specific subject in the order they are recorded, offering a way to progress through each crucial skillset you need to become as good at Judo as Jay Rod is.

Part 1 – Establsihing Control

As the Jay Rods Judo DVD opens, Rodriguez begins introducing the topic through his perspective, talking about how the way you attach to your opponent’s upper body is crucial in your Judo for No-Gi BJJ success.  The focus in this volume is on winning underhook or overhook control.

Jay Rod covers a bunch of different ways to establish a dominant grip fight that leads to you successfully inserting underhooks from a distance in a way that opens up Judo attacks. He then links overhooks to the previous entries, while introducing different level stances.

Part 2 – Trips and Throws

Once Jay Rod covers the most efficient ways to control a standing opponent, he goes on to make the most out of it without complicating too much. He sticks to very high-percentage moves that are easy to learn quickly, such as ankle picks, side trips, and quick reactionary hip throws.

A great chapter in this volume of the Jay Rodriguez DVD is the one covering hip loading, which is the crucial element of understanding Judo throws and making them work for you. He also diversifies the options by sharing leg hooks, far arm throws, and my personal favorite – the Kata Guruma a.k.a. the Fireman’s Carry.

Part 3 – Blending Judo and Wrestling

The final portion of the Jay Rods Judo BJJ DVD builds on the tactics presented in the previous volumes, with entries, control, and quick throws and trips all covered. In the final part, he opens the door to mixing in your favorite standing moves to personalize what you’ve learned.

Jay demonstrates innovative ways to mix up foot sweeps with knee tap takedowns, snaps, and duck under with hip throws and body locking with unstoppable trips. Rodriguez also dedicates a chapter to creating and controlling movement and using collar ties to further open up standing Judo attacks.

Quick Judo Fixes for Jiu-Jitsu

Judo might not be high on your list of standing options to quickly increase your success with throws and takedowns. I would have agreed completely with you until a while ago when I found out that you can find shortcuts to everything if you find the right learning sources.

If you decide to learn Judo by going to a black belt Judoka, you’ll take the slow, but much more comprehensive route. What you’ll practically have to do is train and learn another martial art in addition to Jiu-Jitsu.

The alternative is to use analytics of matches, and then seek out people who can teach you the highest percentage Judo moves that work perfectly in BJJ in a fraction of the time. With no access to such experts, the next best thing is turning to instructional, like the Jay Rodriguez DVD I reviewed above.

To sum it up, it is possible to learn effective Judo throws for No-Gi BJJ in a short amount of time, as long as you cut all the fluff out and focus on what specific moves bring to your Jiu-Jitsu game, rather than looking at how they fare in Judo matches.

Jay Rods Judo DVD Review
Jay Rods Judo for No-Gi DVD Instructional


Throws Galore with Jay Rods Judo!

At the end of the day, what you get with the Jay Rods Judo DVD Instructional is a shortcut to learning effective Judo in a matter of months. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced grappler who has never done Judo before. Of course, having experience means you can integrate Jay Rod’s tactics into your game faster.

So, instead of overthinking and drawing endless flow charts to attempt to organize your standing, try learning from a pro. Cover the distance, win the grip fight, get control, and use combinations of throws and trips to get the opponent to the ground. Easy!

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