Buggy Choke Invented by White Belt

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a limitless sport and there are always new techniques coming out. This one called Buggy Choke is developed by white belt Austin Hardt. Austin Hardt is now a blue belt and he’s still winning with Buggy Choke. Tony Pacenski from Soulfight.net said:

“A choke you never saw before will be the next big thing, and best of all it was developed by a white belt. Spread the word. The choke is called the Buggy Choke; there are 3 variations. It was developed by a white belt named Austin Hart from Ralph Gracie’s Team in Northern CA. He came out to Florida to do Rose Gracie’s event; however, it was cancelled due to the Hurricane. Rose called me to take care of him. He is a nice guy and caught a couple blue belts with his buggy choke and one brown belt visiting from LA. The choke may not be for everyone, but it is very tricky.”


  1. Looks like a Full Nelson, just on the ground and accomplished with the use of his legs instead of his arms. Maybe call it a Ground Nelson.


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