Lachlan Giles Saddle: A 6 Part BJJ DVD Review

Review of The Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD
Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD

You think you know everything there is about the Saddle position in BJJ? Well, think again. Many grapplers were also confident that they knew everything about leg locks from the 50/50 position before Lachlan Giles proved them wrong with THAT unforgettable ADCC performance.

Now, there is a new Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD instructional out, and it has the potential to do the same for the Saddle position. Lachlan offers a true masterclass in each volume, covering different specifics of the position and bringing everything together through a series of narrated roles and troubleshooting guides.

Read on to discover exactly what awaits you in this 6-part instructional by one of the best grappling competitors and coaches in the world!

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Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD Review
Lachlan Giles Teaches the Saddle


  • A new complete system for attacking leg locks from the Saddle position; 
  • Over 5 hours of high-quality leg lock instructions;  
  • Learn how to enter, control, and finish from the Saddle;
  • A unique material organization to guide both new and experienced students:  
  • BJJ World Expert Rating: 9 out of 10

The Leg Lock Position With 100 Names

  • The saddle.
  • The 4/11.
  • The Honeyhole.
  • The Inside Senkaku.
  • The Cross Inside Ashi Garami…

These are just a few examples of different names for the same position. Why did Lachlan choose the Saddle for his DVD? I guess it is a thing of preference and convenience, but from a historical perspective, the position was popularized by Sambo and is referred to as the Saddle in the Russian-born combat sport.

Naming issues aside, the Saddle is one of the strongest positions that allows you to control the lower limbs of an opponent, keeping them with their hips on the mats. Most importantly, it opens up different submission options on the legs without having to leave the position.

While this particular instructional is No-Gi, everything is still applicable to the Gi as well. Also, from an IBJJF-legality perspective, the position itself is fully legal to use at every belt. The submissions people below the black and brown belt can use are limited, but the position itself won’t get you penalized.

The Story of Lachlan Giles

Lachlan is the second most famous Australian grappler in the world, coming in second only to the notoriety his best student to date, Craig Jones brings with him. A physiotherapist by vocation, Lachlan has an immensely deep understanding of how the human body works, which is what allows him to be so efficient at dismantling legs and hyperextending their joints.

Born in Melbourne, Giles got his black belt from John Simon in 2012 and has been teaching at the Absolute MMA Academy for the entirety of his coaching career. So far he has several key competitive titles to his name:

    • 2019 Kinektic Invitational Champion (No-Gi)
    • 2018 UAEJJF Continental Pro Champion (Gi)
    • 2016 & 2017 IBJJF Pan-Pacific Champion (Gi and No-Gi)
    • 2015, 2017 & 2019 ADCC Asia and Oceania Trials Winner (No-Gi)

There is also that memorable performance at the ADCC 2019, where Lachlan tore through the open weight division, despite being the smallest grappler there, leg locking giant grapplers from the 50/50 position to earn a hard-fought 3rd place, and only because he ran into Gordon Ryan in the semi-finals.

Review of The Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD
Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD

Play-By-Play Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD Review

One of the best aspects of this Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD is how he organizes the content so that people of different experience levels know where to start. He also covers every key aspect of controlling and finishing from the position, as well as versatile entries across the material.

The way Lachaln brings everything together is through a set of narrated rolls he presents in the final volume, which is his original way of wrapping up his BJJ instructionals:

Part 1 – Entries

While I tend to prefer entries to go last whenever I teach anything, there is no real flaw in the fact this Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD starts with them. After a general overview of the position and the opponent’s usual reactions, Giles offers new students a key aspect of the Saddle position to focus on before exploring further.

Following suit are a host of different entries from both the top and bottom positions, such as backsteps, butterfly guard entries, stepovers, and the reverse X Guard. He wraps up with info on raping and a great explanation of what the false reap is.

Part 2 – Key Concepts

I really appreciated this volume of the Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD. Instead of jumping in with crazy finishes, he decided to devote an entire volume to the foundational concepts that provide such immense control from the position.

Lachlan talks about developing a strategy for playing the Saddle position and does a detailed comparison of how the position performs vs the 50/50. He uses the key mechanics of a heel hook finish to bring control concepts and goals closer, through guidelines on leg tightness, hip distancing, and heel digs.

Part 3 – The Double Trouble Principle

This one is pretty well known among leg lockers, stating that you need to control both legs before you attack the one you have established as the primary recipient of your attacks. The double trouble position is perfect for those just starting with the Saddle, including some ankle locking options that are legal to perform at all belt levels.

You can expect to learn the ins and outs of stuff like the Aoki lock, the Cloverleaf ankle lock, the Z-lock, etc. Lachlan also talks about the double 50/50 position and how it relates to the Saddle.

Part 4 – Primary Leg Tactics

This is the meat and potatoes of this Lachlan Giles DVD, with a wide range of different attacks regarding the primary leg, which is the one you keep in between your legs and attempt to heel hook.

Once again, Giles starts with primary leg strategies, before delving into how to attack in two different situations:

    1. When the heel is exposed
    2. When the heel is hidden

Both cover finishing strategies ranging from heel hooks to Z locks as well as rolling through to stay in control of the primary leg and using the double trouble principle to enhance said control.

Part 5 – Bottom Saddle

I was pretty cautious when watching this particular volume of the instructional since I suffered a torn knee ligament a few years ago while playing the position, so I’ve been staying away from it.

Lachlan offers options for entering from the bottom, controlling the position, and recovering when the top person is trying to deconstruct it. This is exactly where I got injured, but Lachlan offers a brand new way of playing, one that does not put your knee in any danger.

Having a PhD in physiotherapy with most of his work targeting the knees the best chapter Lachaln offers in this volume is what the bad ideas are in terms of the bottom saddle position. I’d go as far as saying this is the most important chapter in the entire DVD.

Part 6 – Narrated Rolling

The final part of the Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD features narrated rolls that include different sparring partners, with Lachlan narrating everything he is doing during those rolls, in relation to the material offered earlier. He also offers a bunch of very useful drills to help turn you into the next big thing in leg locking.

Learn the Secrets Of the Saddle from Lachlan Giles HERE

Saddling Up For Better Heel Hooks

There is really no doubt that the Saddle position is a highly effective one in BJJ, and heel hooks from there are one of the most dreaded and potentially debilitating submission holds in grappling.  Whether you are a leg locker or you despise them, understanding the Saddle is key for both attacking and defending from the position.

The reason why Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD is your best choice is twofold:

    1. He has a background like nobody else in the field, given his physiotherapy credentials;
    2. He showcased how effective he is with leglocks at the highest levels of competitive grappling.

Unless you can say the same for yourself, then you’ll certainly learn a lot from this Lachlan Giles Saddle DVD, regardless of what you are after – an entire system or just a boatload of details for specific aspects of the position.

So, GRAB IT NOW and start tearing legs off! 

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