The 9 Best Leg Lock DVD Instructionals For Grapplers

Table of Contents What Is The Best Leg Lock DVD Instructional?The K.A.T.C.H. Leg Attack System by Dean ListerDown Under Leg Attacks by Craig JonesLeg Attacks And Grappling Hacks by Dean ListerThe Ashi Leg Lock System by Jay WadsworthIBJJF Legal Leg Locks by Jose Luis VarellaHidden BJJ Secrets by Luiz Panza80/20 Leg Surfing System BY Josh HaydenWorry-Free Escapes By Dean Lister LEG LOCK BUNDLE BY DEAN LISTER, LUIZ PANZA & JOSE BARCA (13 DVD SET)You Might Also Be Interested in: At the moment, leg locks are all the jazz in Jiu-Jitsu. As much as they were shunned before, now they are everywhere. Even IBJJF oriented competition teams are embracing some of them so that they even the playing field. They’re as effective, if not more, like any other submission in grappling martial arts. The problem is that because they were ignored for so long, very few people … Continue reading The 9 Best Leg Lock DVD Instructionals For Grapplers