BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 – The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!

Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a rashguard and shorts is undoubtedly a lot of fun. No-Gi training tends to be faster paced, more explosive and dynamic compared to Gi Jiu-Jitsu. However, if you truly want to train Jiu-Jitsu, you have to include some gi training. Training “traditionally” is a must for everyone truly immersed in the Gentle Art. The Gi offers a completely new dimension to grappling with a lot more opportunities, both offensive and defensive. Even if you train mostly No-Gi, you’ll need at least one Gi for occasional use. If you train with the Gi, then you always need a new Gi. Since Gis do not come cheap, we have the ultimate opportunity for you – a BJJ Gi Sale featuring some incredibly high-quality kimonos!  

I’m a person who enjoys No-Gi grappling a lot, even more than Gi I daresay. Still, I train with the Gi regularly and I have that Gi-buying bug. However, that bug doesn’t get a lot of food, given Gi prices. Well, at least the prices of those Gis that are worth having, anyway. So, I keep my eyes peeled for any kind of Gi sale that’ll offer some high-end kimonos for a fraction of the price. Doing that for years made me quite the aficionado at spotting a BJJ Gi sale. To that extent, I put together the ultimate BJJ Gi sale that’s on right now! So don’t overthink it, choose your favorite option and treat yourself to a brand new BJJ Gi!

The Jiu-Jitsu Uniform

Back in feudal Japan, the Samurai wore the Gi as a uniform underneath their armor. As war waging unarmed combat morphed into the sport, the armor got discarded and the Gi came into focus. White Gis fro everyone promoted equality, upheld the old tradition of training in a uniform and even had a practical use. Judo’s Dr. Jigoro Kano defined today’s Gi structure, with the purpose of using sleeves, lapels, and collars to your advantage. As belts got introduced, people also got a rank that was easily distinguishable on white Gis.

Modern Gis come not only Optimized for training, but also in countless design varieties. The basic colors nowadays are white, blue and black, but there are plenty of other options, both plain and multicolored. Moreover, Gis nowadays are covered in patches, some generic and others down to the individual grappler. This allows you to customize a Gi much more than you can a rashguard, at least in terms of style.

Structurally speaking, Gis are usually made of cotton (jackets) and a polyester/cotton blend (pants). There are different weave patterns that produce Gis of different quality. Generally, the more complex the weave, the more durable, but heavier, the Gi is going to be. Colors allowed in the competition are black, blue and white. Most high-quality Gis are perfectly safe to wash In a machine, but with some, you should expect some shrinkage. Sizes come in a very wide range for both adult and children’s Gis.

Check out our ultimate Gi guide for more information on weaves, Gi weight, washing, and shrinkage rate. Now, let’s move on to the BJJ Gi Sale 2020 guide.

The Ultimate BJJ Gi Sale Guide 2020

Getting a high-quality BJJ Gi on a cheap is not something you can do easily. Unless you’re willing to wait a year until the next Black Friday, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled. If you have a specific Gi in mind, you’ll have to wait for it to go on sale, which may not even happen. The alternative is to check out all the Gis that are currently on sale, now all featuring in our high-class BJJ Gi Sale. We made sure we included only Gis that are going to last, are allowed in competition and are a great fit for daily training. Moreover, we made sure to include everyone, so we also have women’s and kids’ Gis on our list.

Basically, the selection criteria were down to price, weave type, durability, comfort levels, and style. All the options below tick each and every one of these boxes. Getting any of the Gi’s that are currently on sale is going to set you up for a long time. Whether you get one to improve your connection or go for multiple, you won’t go wrong.  Beginner or advanced, No-Gi die-hard or a “Gi for life” grappler, here you’ll find something that’ll fit your needs.

Ronin Plain BJJ Gi

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First up in our BJJ Gi Sale Of September 2020 is the plain Ronin Jiu-Jitsu kimono. Whether you’re looking for attaining Gi, or a competition Gi, the Ronin is one of your top choices. This premium minimalistic Gi is one of the best on the market and has a price tag that definitely doesn’t match its quality. It’s a limited time offer, though, so hurry!

The Ronin Gi is a lightweight pearl weave Gi. It is one of the most comfortable Gis to wear, with a perfect fit for anyone as a result of its integrated flexibility. The jacket has thick EVA foam incorporated in the collars to ensure quick and easy drying. The jacket is pure cotton, coming in 100 % pre-shrunk and ready to go. Pants are twill cotton, reinforced at the knees and crotch, extremely soft and weigh only 11 oz.  ,5 sizes, from A1 to A5 area available, and the Gi comes in all three IBJJF/UAEJJF approved colors (blue, black and white). The cut is unisex, so anybody can wear this Gi and still get a perfect fit. Durability is a big quality of the Ronin Gi, thanks to the specialized stitching and reinforcements.

buy now with amazon - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!

Fuji Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimono

61 F98Vqu7L. SL1500  550x1024 - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!Fuji’s Gis have been around probably as long as BJJ. Most people that have been training for a while owned a Fuji Gi at one point or another. Well, Fuji is still going strong, and this time, one of their top products is available at an amazing deal! The Fuji “BJJ Uniform” is one of the best Gis of all times and is now affordable for anyone!

Fuji’s Gi comes in a larger variety of colors than most regular Gis. Of course, you have your basic competition approved colors. However, Fuji also offers navy and pink options for those looking to be original on the mats. This gi is one of Fuji’s best sellers and is actually an award-winning kimono! The Gi is medium weight, 100 % custom cotton blend and reinforced all over in multiple layers. The collar of this Gi is quite thick, allowing fast drying and presenting a real problem for opponent’s looking to get a grip. This Fuji Gi is one of the most durable Gis you’ll ever get. You can wear and wash it daily and it will still outlast most other Gi brands. The Gi fits both men and women and is designed with comfort in mind. Available in a wide range of both male and female adult sizes.

buy now with amazon - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!


Your Jiu-Jitsu “Premium” Gi

81yHfsULQpL 1024x731 - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!If minimalism and ultimate performance are your goals then this is the Gi to get. Not to mention the price tag, that is by far the lowest in our BJJ Gi Sale guide today.  This Gi is made by BJJ people for BJJ people and is one of the rare Gis that come completely clean – no patches whatsoever.

The best part about this Gi is that you have two versions to choose from, with the main difference being in weight. The 350 gsm one is lighter and features custom fiber that gives it maximum mobility while guaranteeing durability. The 450 gsm version is made of premium fabric that’s near indestructible. The Gi coming in blank means you’re free to either go like that or add any patch of your own. For professional grapplers, this is one of the best options to include sponsors on. Colors include blue, black, white, navy and grey. Sizes range from A1 to A5, in both the lightweight and middleweight version. Perfect fit guaranteed whether you’re a male or female grappler!

buy now with amazon - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!


Vector Flamma Series BJJ Gi

91SxaexjNkL. SL1500  1024x778 - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!This is one of the very best competition Gis in our BJJ Gi Sale guide for the spring of 2020. Vector’s ultra-strong Flamma series Gi is a pearl weave Gi that’s tailor-made for competitors. As a bonus, there’s a free white belt with every purchase.

The Gi jacket is a 550 gsm double pearl weave and made from 100% cotton. The pants are full ripstop, only 10 oz heavy and completely reinforced all over. The Gi is so competition focused, that there are no patches on it. Instead, there’s embroidery on the chest and back that’s impossible to peel off. Vector’s Gi is never going to shrink, nor tear or give way. There’s inner lining that strategically placed on the inside to provide rash protection and comfort. The stitching is quadruple at the borders and the Gi has antiallergenic properties. Comes in a tapered athletic cut.

buy now with amazon - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!


Hawk Ladies BJJ Gi

download - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!This one is for all the BJ Jladies out there. Hawk’s make a specialized Gi intended for all the female grapplers out there. Perfect for both everyday training and competition, this Gi features not only a specific cut but also a great design Not to mention the price!

Once again, a free white belt accompanies every purchased Gi. The gi itself is available in blue and white colors, although there’ a black version too. The Gi has an embroidered logo on the front and is 100 % IBJJF approved. This lightweight Gi is made from pearl weave fabric, with triple reinforced stress points. There’s an EVA rubber collar that’s tick and covered with ripstop fabric. Pants are 8 oz ripstop with multiple waist loops. The Gi comes with a one year warranty and completely pre-shrunk. Sizes range from F1 to F5.

buy now with amazon - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!


Gold Jiu Jitsu Gi


71bQxG19kfL. SL1500  1024x1024 - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!This one is going to be the priciest option on our list, but it is well worth it. Given that this is a BJJ Gi Sale price you’re actually in for a treat! The Gold Jiu-Jitsu Gi is an ultra-strong gold weave Gi that you buy now and you get to use for life! Gold might not be a global Gi brand but do offer some of the highest quality products ever made! They also offer 1-year full money back or replacement guarantee on each and every purchase!

The Gold BJJ Gi is a premium gold weave Gi whose main quality is incredible durability. It is a medium weight Gi that has a unique feel to it due to the weave. It provides extreme comfort and a perfect fit, all the while offering maximum performance capabilities. The jacket features a rashguard neck lining, guaranteed to extend your Gi’s life. Moreover, there are top-level sublimated graphics on the rashguard featuring some breath-catching art! Collars contain EVA rubber that makes them ultra-stiff and strong, impossible to hold on to. The pants are 100% ripstop, lightweight and more breathable than others. Blue, black and white colors are on offer for this BJJ Gi Sale, available in all regular sizes. A free belt comes with every purchase.

buy now with amazon - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!


Kids Elite BJJ Gi

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Elite sports Gis are awesome, whether they’re for adults or kids. However, their kids’ line now has the added benefit of being on sale. The perfect combination! This Gi is one of the very best in the business, and the only issue you’ll have with this one is your kid growing out of it.

Available in black, blue, white, military green, pink, navy and gray giving the little champions a chance to choose their look. Keep in mind though, that only three colors are approved for official IBJJF competition. Sizes range from C00 to C3, which are pretty much all the kid’s sizes. They cover kids from the age of 5 all the way to 15. The material is 100 % pre-shrunk cotton, with a tapered fit and custom reinforced stitching. The material disperses sweat and protects against common germs, including bacteria and fungus. The Gi also has anti-odor properties. Comes with a free white belt with a striped bar.

buy now with amazon - BJJ Gi Sale September 2020 - The Ultimate Guide And Reviews!


The Financial Side Of BJJ

Financially speaking, BJJ can really put a strain on your budget. Some of the expenses that you and expect on a monthly basis include your academy’s fee and transportation money, perhaps even some supplements. Other expenses will require you to get a Gi, and if you train more than a couple of times a week, you’ll need more than one. A solid rashguard to wear under the Gi is also a must, extending the life of your Gi and offering you the option to also train No-Gi. Speaking of No-Gi, a pair or two of grappling shorts are also going to wiggle themselves into your budget. Throw in the cost of entry fee, travel and accommodation during competitions, and you really have a lot of math to do.

Financially speaking, an option to save money opens up other opportunities. For example, saving while getting a Gi, might give you more finances to compete, or pursue things outside of BJJ. The kimonos that we feature in the Ultimate BJJ Gi Sale of 2020 are all high-quality products that will not only give you quality but also provide you with future stability. Getting a Gi you can wear for years means you won’t need to worry about that particular expense for a very long time!

Final Words

Getting stuff on sale is always a smart move, regardless if it BJJ Gis or socks that we’re talking about. However, given the prices of BJJ kimonos, getting one on the cheap is a real bonus. Still, getting the highest quality Gis at a fraction of their original price is only available during a BJJ Gi Sale. Check out this spring’s best BJJ Gi Sale and roll right into 2020 all geared up!

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