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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seems to be an art that’s particularly rich with controversies. While every martial art, and especially grappling martial art has them, BJJ has an abundance, to put it mildly. From the notorious IBJJF rules, through the phenomenon of creonteism, to the fake black belts blemishing the sport, we have our fair share of senseless situations. Yet, one aspect of it has had me confused since day one. Why would people involved in such close contact, high pace martial art not wear protective cups? Of course, this question is aimed at the male representatives of the Gentle Art. As a lifelong competitive martial artist, a groin cup seems as much a necessity as wearing a Gi or a belt. So, let’ take a look at the Best BJJ Cups that can help protect your most sensitive area in 2021. 

There are different opinions as to whether you should or should not wear a cup when you’re training or competing in grappling. This is down to opinion, but what is a fact is that every male grappler needs to. In terms of availability, until a while ago we as grapplers only had “-old-school” jockstrap options to consider. Truth be told, those are not a great fit for BJJ. What works are groin guard designed for combat sports, or even better, specifically for grappling/BJJ.  Luckily we have those options, and plenty of them now in 2021. The best BJJ cups are no longer only jockstrap cups. Now, you have the luxury of choosing between innovative models and designs, improved strap-based ones or going guards integrated into compression shorts.

As we’ll discuss further on, the huge choice of different kinds of cups means that even the controversies of old become unfounded.

The Perfect BJJ Cup

Time to discover what the perfect BJJ cup should look like. When going shopping for one, the fact that there are so many options might end up confusing you. Even with the jockstrap cups, there are things to consider when buying one for grappling training. Also, keep in mind that despite all your good intentions, some organizations won’t allow you to wear a groin guard in tournaments. Still, you might even find a sneaky option or two on our list of the best BJJ cups that can go unnoticed even under circumstances like that.

I’m not even going to mention the price. it is the most limiting factor of them all, so once you know your price range can eliminate whatever is out of it. Still, we did our best to choose only the best deals for you in 2021! next up is protection. Despite all cups offering protection, some do so in a better way than others. Below, you’ll see examples of cups that can withstand sledgehammer strikes or up to 4 tons of pressure. Which brings us to comfort and fit. Only the most comfortable cups have a place on our best BJJ cups list, so you can rest assured. They all contain modern technology and fit flawlessly, allowing maximum movement and mobility. All that you need to decide is the type.

What’s on offer, basically, are jock-strap groin protector, compression shorts with built-in protectors, and hybrids. it all comes down to your needs and preferences. Most cups come in different sizes, and some even offer different colored designs as well.

Best BJJ Cups For 2021

Below, we have 7 of the very best BJJ cup options that are in existence. In 2021, there’s no better way to stay safe, while also staying fair to your training partners. Stay mobile, fast, and efficient while protected at all times, even when training in No-Gi.


Shock Doctor Compression Shorts with Athletic Cup

Shock Doctor is an almost inevitable brand when it comes to all things BJJ. They have great gear that’s specifically designed for grapplers and combat athletes. They specialize in protective gear, meaning a BJJ cup is right up their ally. And with the compression shorts with a built-in cup, they deliver, big time!

This is a great product for grapplers since it offers both the benefits of a cup and compression shorts at once. First of all, the shorts are synthetic, made from a moisture-wicking material that keeps you dry and helps regulate temperature. The shorts have a built-in pocket that houses a high-grade protection cup. The pocket ensures the cup is in a perfect anatomical position, something that regular strap-on cups rarely guarantee. Shock Doctor’s cup is a Bio-Flex vented cup providing maximal airflow. These shorts also have a flat lock seam that keeps everything in place, and the pocket is extra reinforced.


Lo Bloo Professional BJJ Cup

Best BJJ Cups 2019Confused by the name? This cup was originally designed for Muay Thai but has since found use in every kind of combat sport. And with good merit. While you might find it strange that Swedish Olympic athletes designed this cup for Muay Thai needs, it does attest to the versatility of this piece of gear. As far as the best BJJ cups wit ha strap-on technology go, these rank #1 without a doubt.

The Lo Bloo cup is an ergonomic groin protector guaranteeing 100% protection. It is also very comfortable to wear and offers maximal mobility. The unique shape means that your thighs are free to move without constraint, which is not the case with other strap-on cups. There’s a special fitting system that allows you to adjust it perfectly to your own anatomy. The inner lining makes it impossible for the cup to slip or shift. In terms of pressure, this cup has the ability to withstand up to 4 tons, so feel free to roll with ultra-heavyweights with no concern. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.


RDX Jiu-Jitsu Groin Guard

Best BJJ Cups 2019Another company that delivers high-quality grappling products on a regular basis. RDX is a great brand for grappling equipment, making everything, from shorts to BJJ cups. The RDX groin guard is a strap-on type of cup that is simple and does the trick. Perfect for people looking for all-out protection without too much fuss.

This cup has a “traditional” jockstrap on it, making it extremely easy to use. The cup is a steel one, which is pretty unusual, but extremely effective. Have no worry, the inside is lined with a specially coated layer so you do not have steel digging in your gentle areas. Since it has a jockstrap design, you might find it slightly uncomfortable during some grappling exchanges, but it does not make much of a difference. It fits great and provides good air circulation.


Meister MMA Compression Cup Pocket Shorts

Best BJJ Cups 2019Another two-in-one product for those that pay attention to both their partners’ well-being as well as theirs. The Meister Compression Shorts with a cup are designed for maximal protection as well as comfort from both sides of the cup. One of the best BJJ cups all around and often the first choice among high-level professional grapplers.

This is one of the latest designs of Compression Shorts with a groin protector cup pocket. The cup allows you to extract the up when you want, giving you the option to roll without it. The pocket also offers extra padding making the cup almost unnoticeable. The shorts material is a spandex and polyester mix with double stitching. The inside includes a Velcro tape closing system and can fit cups of different sizes. Ventilation is maximal, so there’s no build-up of sweat and moisture. There are plenty of colors available and 100% guaranteed protection.


Venum “Challenger” Groin Guard

Best BJJ Cups 2019The brand of Venum is right at the top when it comes to grappling and combat sports gear. Unsurprisingly, their groin guard is also on the Best BJJ Cups for the 2021 list. And it has every right to feature here. Plus, this cup has one of the best prices of all!

Venum offers a jock strap-style groin guard cup that features new technology on an already proven design. This high-quality BJJ cup has a basic but very effective design, offering great protection. Available in a few different sizes and several colors, the “Challenger” has double layer shock absorption technology for double the usual protection. It has an ergonomic design and does not impede movement at all. The inside surface contains specialized rubber gel that makes it comfortable and prevents shifting. Easy to adjust and clean. It can also work perfectly with Venum compression shorts for maximal performance.


Diamond Athletic Compression Shorts Cup

Best BJJ Cups 2019This is an extension of the Diamond Athletic Protection Cup we featured at the beginning of our Best BJJ Cup list. The cup is one of the absolute best available on the market, as already explained. Yet, the compression shorts give this product a whole new dimension. Especially when they come as a pair and at an unbelievable price.

The Diamond shorts are far more than just compression shorts. They actually have built-in jockstraps, making sure the cup stays perfectly in place. Furthermore, they have an integrated cup pocket that’s lined on both sides for maximal protection of everyone in a roll. They help the cup fit in perfectly, which only helps its anatomical properties. All in all, they are the perfect combination for grapplers, making them the best choice for 2021! it is a combination that is as durable as it is comfortable, plus there are a bunch of sizes available!

Diamond Athletic Groin Protector

Best BJJ Cups 2019So, your very first representative of the best BJJ cups for 2019 is a simple one. The Diamond Athletic Groin Protector is exactly what you’d expect from a groin protection cup. it is comfortable to wear and keeps you safe, plus it’s really affordable.

The Diamond Athletic Protector is a cup that professional football players, MMA fighters, and any other contact sports athletes wear. It has a high tech design that can neutralize even the hardest direct strike to the groin area. No more trouble while you drill leg locks or someone misplaces a knee cut pass while rolling. The design features a soft edge that minimizes vibration and prevents rubbing. The cup stays securely in place despite grappling at a fast pace. As far as protection goes, this cup can withstand a 20 lbs sledgehammer strike, so you’re more than safe for BJJ. This is a result of a polycarbonate core, which is what bulletproof vests contain.


BJJ Cups Controversy

Let’s finish by addressing all the controversy with BJJ cups. BJJ cups have a bad name due to the supposed effects they have on training partners/opponents. While this does have merit when it comes to old-style cups, the modern best BJJ cups pose no such threat. The main concern with cups is positions like the mount, back control, or armbars.

Namely, the trouble is that most old-style cups press awkwardly into sensitive body parts of training partners. For example, a cup might really change the fulcrum of an armbar and elicit a faster and more painful tap. The trouble with mount is a bit more concerning. From both the back and front mount, the cup might end up pressing into the spine or sternum respectively, leading to potentially dangerous injuries. Yet, this danger is no longer there, if you choose to use compression shorts with a cup, as they have a soft wrapping around the cup. Not to mention the design and shape of the cup that prevents such problems.

Finally, there’s the question of comfort and mobility, but we already covered that. There’s absolutely no need to worry about restrictions in movement and mobility when wearing a cup Some of the best BJJ cups of 2021 area actually so lightweight you won’t even know you’re wearing one!

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best-bjj-mma-grappling-cups-review-guideBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu seems to be an art that's particularly rich with controversies. While every martial art, and especially grappling martial art has them, BJJ has an abundance, to put it mildly. From the notorious IBJJF rules, through the phenomenon of creonteism, to the fake...