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If you’re a purple belt and above you already know how important grip fighting is in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You also probably understand how important grip strength is too. This second part is also pretty clear to beginners, though mostly for the wrong reasons. However, that is the path of learning Jiu-Jitsu, and the only thing we can do is offer help. While it’ll take time for beginners to understand grip fighting, it doesn’t mean they can’t develop crazy grip strength. As for advanced students, well, adding to your grip strength can only be positive, right? Best Today, we’re going to go over a few carefully select training tools that we consider to be the best BJJ Grippers for 2021.

A lot of people involved in grappling martial arts often see hand grippers as a toll that’s outdated. Nothing can be further from the truth. Grippers are not just some old-school tools bodybuilders used to grow massive forearms. They’re actually a really, really useful and precise grip strengthening tool that’s tailor-made for BJJ. Whether you’re training and competing in Gi or No-Gi, you need to possess at least rudimentary grip strength if you’re to have any success in grappling. With the Gi, it is nothing short of essential for progress. And, while training BJJ in itself is a good way to develop grip strength, our best BJJ grippers are going to take you leaps and bounds further.

Best BJJ Grippers 2021

So, what are the qualities we’re looking for in the best BJJ grippers for 2021? Well, first of all, we’d like to save as much money as possible, right? Well, our list has the most affordable grippers that are more than worth it! Next up, you want a reliable piece of equipment so that you won’t have to buy a new one every couple of months. We got you covered in that sense as well, with only the highest quality products that are virtually indestructible.

The most important expectation from a BJJ gripper is, of course, increased grip strength. All the product on this list has been extensively tested so that we can be certain they work. Different grapplers tested different qualities and we even compared them to things like farmer walks and gi pull-ups. The consensus is that you can use whatever exercises you like, and certainly, do not skip Gi pull-ups, but you must also include grippers into your regiment. For starters, try super setting your favorite grip exercise with a gripper exercise and you’ll see the difference they make in no time!

MummyFit Gripper

Best Bjj Grippers 2019The first thing on our Best BJJ grippers of 2021 list is the MummyFit gripper. While it reminds a lot of the hand grippers of old (which we also have on the list) it is much more than that. The Mummy Fit is actually an adjustable hand gripper, that’s going to make you respect forearm training like never before.

Able to generate a tension of over 150 lbs, this gripper is going to challenge even the strongest grapplers. Do not be intimidated, though, as this is its final tension. Since this gripper is fully adjustable, you can start as low as 50 lbs, and take it from there. This product is also a lifetime tool since it’s truly indestructible. Thermoplastic nylon and steel are the materials of choice bringing previously unseen quality to grip training. On another note, training with this gripper is completely safe, as it works via a steel spring, guaranteeing no possibility of breaking and flying away. It comes in black color and a very simple design yet offers maximal value for the money!


IronMind Captains of Crush Gripper

Best Bjj Grippers 2019The Iron Mind Crush gripper is the simplest training tool on our best BJJ Grippers list. This one is truly an old-school gripper but is the perfect fit for anybody just starting with grip training. mind you, though, you’d be surprised with workouts you can do with such a simple piece for training gear. Perfect to keep in your BJJ bag or backpack and use wherever you go!

The Captains Of Crush gripper is an aluminum and steel, spring-powered gripper. It has no moving parts, is extremely durable, and surprisingly lightweight given the materials. The IronMind features a perfect angle making training easy. It also guarantees a great fit in your palm and a full range of motion. A bonus is that you get a link with a downloadable E-book on the package, full of essential exercises. These grippers come in a wide range of 60-365 lbs, so you can choose and order the one that fits your needs perfectly. Our recommendation is to start with the 60 lbs one and take it from there.


VariGrip Sports Hand Gripper

Best Bjj Grippers 2019With the VariGrip we take our search for the best BJJ grippers for 2021 in a more modern direction. This gripper is a technologically more advanced option compared to the previous two. While it offers pretty much the same benefits they do, it also adds a completely different dimension due to its unique design.

This gripper actually has five different pistons. Each of them fits a specific finger on your arm, offering a very precise and specialized workout. On top of this, you can adjust the tension levels on each individual piston. When it comes to all-around grippers, hitting every aspect of grip strength, you’ll hardly find a better option than this one. Comes in a black color and a tension range of medium to heavy. IT is by no means a beginner’s gripper, but even then you can work your way up to it very quickly by adding it to your training arsenal. The VariGrips gripper features a reversible molded grip for a maximal fit in your palm.


Yifi-Tek Hand Gripper

Best Bjj Grippers 2019The Yifi-Tek gripper is a gripper similar to the Mummy fit. One very distinct difference is the position of the spring that causes the tension. This means you perceive the resistance in a very different manner, one that requires much more strength. Another key moment is that Yifi-Tek provides you with a pair of grippers with every purchase, so you can train both hands at the same time.

They feature an ergonomic design and are built to last. There’s adjustable resistance, ranging from 30 to 145 lbs. It is perfect for beginners and people just getting into grip strength training. Comes in two colors, black or black and red. There are non-slip rubber handles and stainless steel springs ensuring safe training. There’s also a 100% lifetime warranty that guarantees they’ll last forever. Also comes with not one but four online manuals full of all kinds of exercises.


GD Iron Grip Adjustable Gripper

Best Bjj Grippers 2019The GD Iron Grip gripper is a contender on our best BJJ grippers of the 2021 list because of its enormous resistance adjustment capabilities. this gripper offers starts at 55 lbs and offers up to a whopping 200 lbs of resistance! It is by far one of the best if not the very best BJJ gripper out there!

This gripper features only metal components of the highest quality. Unlike other grippers, it also provides the option to extend the length of the handles. it is the most adjustable gripper on our best BJJ grippers list by a mile.  It does feature moving parts, though, that that allow for this extension. There are six tension levels you can use. The design is simple, fits easily and features non-slippage technology. Comes in a gray and black color combination only and is completely silent when used.


Gripmaster Hand Gripper

Best Bjj Grippers 2019The Gripmaster gripper is another product that offers the ability to train each finger individually. It comes in a very simple design, offering absolutely stunning value for your money. It also offers a unique system of adjusting tension.

The basic setting is 9 lbs per finger, making this a gripper that can challenge everyone. Furthermore, the tension is adjustable, using patented spring-loaded pistons for each separate finger. It is small and easy to carry everywhere, plus it comes in 5 different color designs. There is an exercise program that accompanies every gripper purchase. A perfect training tool for any grappler.


5-BILLION Hand Strength Grip & Finger Stretcher

Best Bjj Grippers 2019The final participant in our best BJJ grippers list is one that is very different from every other product we covered. The hand strength grip and finger stretcher by 5-Billion Fitness is a unique tool that strengthens every muscle on your fingers, in addition to forearm muscles. If there’s one gripper that’s an absolute must for Gi-only practitioners, it is this one without a doubt.

This gripper can double as a rehabilitation tool to help you with finger injuries. If your fingers are healthy (doubtful) then this gripper will offer you a different spice. In essence, it is a circular rubber band that has five holes intended for each of your fingers. What you get are three different grippers, offering three different levels of resistance, from 30 to 50 lbs. But that’s far from all. you also get three rubber rings that work as well as any other gripper we saw on this list. that means you can work everything, from fingers to firearms. You also get a 90-day money-back or full replacement guarantee. The ultimate grip training gear for any grappler!


Grip Training For Grappling

Training your arms to develop crushing pressure is no easy feat.  Did you know that there are actually a few different aspects of grip strength? There’s dynamic strength, there’s isometric strength, there’s pinch strength, crush strength, finger strength…it sounds kind of complicated once you give it some thought, doesn’t it?

Grip strength is mostly down to the long muscles on our forearms that have the task of moving our fingers. While the fingers themselves also have small muscles you can strengthen, it’s the forearms that provide the driving force for our grips. As such, the forearm needs to be a specific training target for grapplers. There are a few often used methods among grapplers for increasing grip strength. Some like to hang on Gi’s thrown over pull-up bars, or even do pull-ups that way. Others turn to kettlebells and exercises like farmer walks. These are just some examples of the vast array of exercises people use to get better grips for grappling.

While all of the above exercises are useful, they do not cover every aspect of grip strength for BJJ. There’s a tool out there that does. however. The thing with the best BJJ grippers is that you get multi-dimensional grip training for a really cheap price. Plus you get a portable tool you can take anywhere. And, if you get a couple of them that focus on different modalities of grip training, you’ll have a complete grip workout that’ll turn your grips into heavy-duty pliers.

BJJ Grips

In BJJ, the reality is that our grips are more important than any other body part. If we can’t get a hold of our training partner or opponent and keep hold of them, there’s no grappling action. Holding on to someone that’s just standing there is not easy, let alone doing it against a resisting opponent. Now add active grip fighting and grip breaks to the mix and you see why we need exceptional grip strength.

For gi training, grip strength is an absolute must, that much is obvious. The Gi material is always sturdy and designed to last long. Some competition GIs even features sleeves that are extremely difficult to hold. And, without solid grips, there’s no control, and often, no submission options. Even at the very beginning, starting standing, there’s no way of getting the fight to the ground without solid grips. Everything that happens from there on requires you to constantly switch between dynamic and isometric grip strength, sometimes holding only with your fingers at very odd angles. And our best BJJ Grippers are the only tool that can guarantee you get a winning edge.

In No-gi, things are slightly different. No-gi grappling is more dynamic, so gripping is as well. here’ though, you need strong grips to hold ankles, wrists, and the neck, and there are absolutely no submissions without gator-strength grips. Plus, there’s the facto o sweat and slippery opponents. And it all comes down to good old grip strength.

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best-bjj-grippers-2019-reviewsIf you're a purple belt and above you already know how important grip fighting is in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You also probably understand how important grip strength is too. This second part is also pretty clear to beginners, though mostly for the wrong reasons. However,...