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Best Grappling Socks 2019 Guide for BJJ And MMA

To someone who predominantly trains in grappling (for almost a decade now) wearing socks is never my first action when I step on the mats. In certain cases, however, I simply had to wear them, given specific situations. I’ll touch more on what those situations might be for combat athletes later on. The important thing, for now, is that you do not have to wear your every day, very slippery, and sometimes stinky socks when you’re training in MMA, BJJ, or grappling. There are, instead, socks that are highly specialized and serve that exact purpose. And we have the absolute Best Grappling Socks of 2021 all lined up for you. 

What are grappling socks? Well, they’re just what they sound like. A pair of socks that have a special design and purpose – to help you during grappling or even striking training, for that matter. AS such they’re not quite socks like we know them, nor boxing or wrestling shoes. they’re the perfect hybrid, somewhere in the middle of the two. They also bring about the best of both worlds. I have to admit I fell in love with them as soon as I got a pair. However, not all are going to serve a purpose and you might just end up with a very expensive pair of funny-looking socks. Unless you know what you’re getting – the very best grappling socks of 2021. Let’s take a look at some of the available options.

Combat Sports And Hygiene 

From ringworm to MRSA and very annoying bug in between, combat sports gym are notorious for the spread of skin diseases. This is completely normal given what goes on during training. First up, there’s lots of interpersonal contact with sweaty people. Furthermore, training takes place on the mats, literally, exposing all of your body’s surface to whatever’s lurking on them. Then, there’s sparring gear. From MMA gloves and hand wraps, all the way to helmets and shinpads, they can all carry germs under the right conditions. Of course, personal hygiene ranks at the top of this list, and that’s precisely where the best grappling socks come in.

The feet are something we don’t pay a lot of attention to when training. Until some small scrape starts changing colors and oozing things. what happens in most cases is we put something on it, tape it up and keep going. Sometimes, this resolves the situation. Sometimes we need to follow up with a doctor and in MRSA cases it can get really tricky and complicated. Keeping a clean gym and taking care of personal hygiene are the two most important steps. However, covering up your feet when you have a sore, scrape, or anything of the sort is also a must.

Wearing grappling socks is not something we usually do. However, when the need for socks arises, and you try a pair of these, you’ll be hooked. Not that you’ll wear them every grappling session, but they’ll end up on your feet more often than not. If you’re training MMA, they’re actually one of the best things you can get, since you’re spending so much time in different gyms. And that’s just the hygiene aspect of it. Grappling socks actually provide many more benefits than just helping you stay germ-free.

Best Grappling Socks in 2021

Speaking of the properties of the best grappling socks, let’s look further than just hygiene and health. A very obvious property of grappling socks is added stability and compression. Some of the best grappling socks out there also double up as ankle braces. That means better performance and fewer injuries., On the subject of performance, the rubberized soles also provide an amazing gripping surface that brings about much safer training. This is particularly true when it comes to standup training, and particularly wrestling/takedown practice.

As far as the added benefits of grappling socks go, there’s one more aspect that was extremely important for me. That is thermal regulation, particularly if you live in an area with harsh winters. being the first on the mats in a gym that’s not properly warmed up is a horrible experience as far as your feet are concerned. Grappling socks provide thermal support on top of the performance-enhancing properties that really make an impact.


Best Grappling Socks 2019 - Tilo SPorts

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Opening the best grappling socks 2021 guide is the Tilos Spot Skin Socks. While the design isn’t one specific for MMA or BJJ training, they do provide awesome options. In fact, they’re particularly great for people that are just starting to wear grappling socks for the first time. They provide every major grappling socks benefit, cost very little, and come in lots of varieties. Best-priced product in our guide!

These socks were not made just for the gym. they could also be used outdoors, providing great protection from hot sand or any kind of beach activity. They come in a total of 11 different designs, ranging from plain colored black, blue, purple, etc, to Camo and Heather designs. Sizes include everything in between 4XS and 2XS for kids, and XS and XXL for adults.

The material is very flexible Lycra, meaning whatever you do with them, they’ll conform to your feet and won’t fall off. There’s also an adjustable ankle cuff to help with getting the perfect fit. The sole is extra tough Neoprene, providing a great and very durable gripping surface. These socks help protect against anything, from blisters to some of the nastiest microbes out there. Washing machine friendly and extremely quick to dry.


Best Grappling Socks 2019 Roll Hard MMA

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This pair of grappling socks are specifically designed for MMA and grappling training. The bran is Roll Hard, which speaks volumes as to their purpose. Nothing but the highest quality materials feature in these socks, and they provide the most bang for your buck. They come in a pair and a bunch of varieties, particularly size-wise. Perfect for day-to-day use in combat sports training.

This pair of socks might be the most expensive in our best grappling socks guide (still very affordable) but are the highest performing ones by a country mile. the soles are rubberized, stretchable Neoprene with a heel to toe power traction abilities. The rubber GRIPPY texture ensures there’s absolutely no chance of slipping.

These are the perfect blend between sports socks and wrestling/boxing shoes. Extremely comfortable, lightweight, and featuring a modern ergonomic design. They provide better movement and more agility as well as immense antimicrobial protection. They also offer an extended area of protection that stretches up to include the ankle. Available in sizes XXS-XXL and a red and black color combination.


Best Grappling Socks 2019 - KO Sports

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Another pair worthy of being included in the best grappling socks 2021 guide. They are simple, yet versatile, very affordable, and offer a whole host of protective and performance-enhancing properties. They are made of a signature blend of different materials, this pair of socks is perfect for those looking for a simple solution.

The KO sports grappling socks contain a modern and innovative blend of Lycra and Neoprene. As such, they are soft, elastic, very durable, and feature a great gripping bottom surface. They come in a pair and are available in three main designs – black, red and black, and multi-color. Size range between XXS and XL. The specialized construction ensures maximal breathability and optimal floor traction. They help prevents infections, injuries, and improve movement and performance. They also have a thermal regulation capacity, meaning they’re the perfect pair of socks for those cold winter classes. In fact, I own a pair of these and they’re my go-to once the degrees begin plummeting.


Best Grappling Socks 2019 - Ring to Cage

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A well-known combat sports gear brand, Ring to Cage is the next entry in our best grappling socks 2021 guide. This brand has nothing but high-quality gear at very affordable prices. Their take on grappling socks is all about performance, without too much fuss. Only one design is available, but they do offer an extended range of performance qualities.

Available in sizes from extra small to extra large, these MMA grappling socks are perfect for any kind of combat sports training. Once again, special flexible Neoprene is the material of choice for the soles. Rubber GRIPPY texture provides a non-slipping surface and an enhanced grip. The material is extra sturdy and durable, offering four-way support.

In terms of comfort, these are the absolute winner out of all the entries in this guide. They’re also lightweight and very easy to put on and take off. These grappling socks are perfect for wearing under shin guards while you’re training without ever knowing they’re there. Available in black color with green along with heels. Added ankle support is included.


Best Grappling Socks 2019 - Sanabul

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Speaking of brands that pull off high quality for impossibly low prices, Sanabul is the undisputed champion in that department, particularly when it comes to MMA, BJJ, or any combat sports gear. Their Foot Grips MMA Socks are not just state of the art, but also one of their latest issues of high-end protective MMA gear. Plenty of variety and a once-in-a-lifetime-deal price included!

Available in half a dozen different designs, these grappling socks are the latest item to come out of Sanabul’s supply line. Black in combination with green, orange, white, yellow, red, and pink provide variety, along with a size range of XS to XL. performance-wise, the socks feature nonslip foot grips that provide just the right amount of traction for MMA and grappling.

Protection includes friction, abrasion, cuts, slippage, ankle torsion, and more. They are odor-resistant, easy to wash and dry, and protect against both fungi and bacteria. The 4-way stretch Neoprene provides not just comfort, but also unrestricted movement during training.


Best Grappling Socks 2019 - RDX

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The final piece of the best grappling socks puzzle is the RDX Neoprene Ankle Brace Socks. RDX in itself is a guarantee of both quality and performance. They also provide a pair of grappling socks at a cut price, when you take into account the level of quality. They feature an anatomical design and the perfect blend of high-tech materials. The design is also very cool and extremely durable.

This pair of socks actually look the closest to regular socks. They also feel as light as a regular pair of socks. They come in sizes small to large and in only one design. Completely sublimated graphics guarantee that the design won’t peel off, crack or fade. RDX has a patent on the special construction of these socks.

There’s an anatomical arch that perfectly conforms the sock to your feet. Moreover, Spandex monofilament elasticized Lycra is there to provide an enhanced fit and 4-way stretch capabilities. The socks are extremely hygienic, absorb sweat like no others, and are washing machine friendly. All in all, these are some of the best long-term grappling socks options you should consider.


Main Characteristics Of The Best Grappling Socks

As we already mentioned, the main role of the best grappling socks is to protect your foot and ankle. The first protective role is that of a barrier with the outside. The rubbery surface area of grappling socks allows for a great way to stop germs from penetrating or getting out.

Furthermore, grappling socks help protect the feet and ankles by providing a better gripping surface. The soles are usually special rubber that has a certain texture that provides more stability, even on damp and sweaty mats and surfaces. This, in turn, means fewer ankle, and even knee injuries. Not to mention all the toe twists and sprains they help prevent.

The materials used in the best grappling socks also play a huge role. Namely, the better the choice of material, the more functional socks are. For that purpose, the best options are Lucra, Spandex, and Neoprene, and any given combination of the three. Soles should be rubber and feature a special traction texture.

One huge aspect of grappling socks is also the ability to repel microbes. Antibacterial surfaces, that provide breathability and can wick moisture are non-negotiable. Every entry in this grappling socks guide provides top-class antimicrobial protection. Plus, they added the benefit of a door rendition.

When it comes to how grappling socks feel, you need to have the impression that they’re not there. Namely, grappling socks need to really conform to your foot, be extremely lightweight, and be easy to pull on and off. Finally, they need to be reasonably priced.


When it comes to wearing grappling socks, most combat athletes still have a long way to go. This is just down to habit though, since those who get the feel for them won’t ever look back. The best grappling socks of 2021 are a great way to ensure you get a high-quality product that’ll only help you on the mats. Grab a pair of socks and provide your feet with every edge they can get, especially in terms of hygiene and health.

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best-grappling-socks-review-guideTo someone who predominantly trains in grappling (for almost a decade now) wearing socks is never my first action when I step on the mats. In certain cases, however, I simply had to wear them, given specific situations. I'll touch more on what those...