BJJ Breakfast ideas: 9 Easy ways to enjoy your day

BJJ Breakfast Ideas: 9 Easy Ways To Enjoy Your Day

In Jiu-Jitsu, we love to add the prefix BJJ to things. We love our BJJ T-shirts and other apparel, we do our specific BJJ strength training, we have a BJJ recovery routine and we enjoy our BJJ breakfast. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, it shows our dedication and love for a certain lifestyle. When it comes to a BJJ breakfast, though (and all of the above stuff, for that matter) that prefix does not mean it is something that only BJJ people can do. It is still just a breakfast, only one aimed at optimizing the mat performance of the person consuming it.

In this modern hectic lifestyle, we usually take nutrition for granted. People that train Jiu-Jitsu, even those that are just recreational, do put a bit more effort into their nutrition for the most part. However, when we are in a pinch it is always the some – buy what is quick and easy, which usually does nothing for you in a nutritional or athletic sense. Eating breakfast is a very important thing, particularly when you are training. That is why we put together the top 9 BJJ breakfast ideas to fuel you up, while also being quick to prepare and extremely delicious.

Never Skip Breakfast!

People usually say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that you shouldn’t skip breakfast. To be honest, there is no “most important meal” of the day – all meals have the very simple role of providing you with sustenance. That said, eating breakfast has its perks, especially when you are an athlete, whether it is grappling or some other sport or activity.

Breakfast is something that we take for granted most of the time. We either grab something to eat on the go, buy our breakfast on the way to work or the gym or go for the full eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc diner platter, or the ultra high-sugar version of cereals milk and orange juice. Or, we go completely the other route and skip it altogether. None of those are good ideas, especially when you are training.

The moment you wake up, you will feel hungry. There is a good reason for that – your body has been resting and fasting for some time during the night. Going against this instinct is stupid, given how often we all use the phrase “listen to our body”. Well, our body is saying that it wants food in the morning. The thing with breakfast, especially BJJ breakfast is that it also has to support your athletic goals a swell, particularly if you are training soon after eating it. The bottom line is, you should always eat breakfast. That, however, does not mean that breakfast should be complicated to prepare, or that it should not be tasty and different every day.

BJJ Breakfast Ideas For Different Training Schedules

Let’s tackle the subject of BJJ breakfast by systematizing it in accordance with your BJJ training schedule. There are more or less three periods of the day when most people train. They either go for a morning class, have an afternoon private or drill sessions, and/or have an evening class. In all of these instances, your day is going, to begin with, a breakfast, and that breakfast should be different, depending on when you put your Gi on. Let’s take a look at few delicious and quick BJJ breakfast ideas for people training in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Morning Training

If you are one of those people that enjoys going to early morning classes, it is a good idea to have something to eat before you go training, particularly if you roll in those classes (which chances are, you will). First of all, you do not need to have a big meal, just one that will provide you with the needed energy to train. Moreover, that means you can still eat your bigger post-workout meal.

#1. Smoothie

The most obvious choice is whipping up a smoothie. A liquid BJJ breakfast will absorb much quicker and will provide you with instant energy. The building blocks of a smoothie are simple – you need at least a couple of different fruits, some liquid (milk, water, juice, coffee), some why protein powder, a sweetener of choice (honey or maple syrup), and perhaps some crushed seeds, nuts or the likes. A dollop of peanut butter is also never a bad idea.

#2. Peanut butter sandwich

Speaking of peanut butter, going for a peanut butter sandwich is one of the best pre-workout meal ideas for BJJ. You’ll get the carbs from the bread (preferably something whole grain) and fats and protein from the peanut butter. Jelly (in moderation) will also work, or you can switch it for honey and a banana, plus some sprinkled almonds. One slice will suffice.

#3. Yogurt, granola, and fruit

One of the most delicious BJJ breakfast ideas and a personal favorite of mine. Place a handful or two of granola in a bowl and pour over some yogurt. Top it all off with some berries or other types of fruit and enjoy a quick and easy breakfast that has everything you need for training. Plus, you can eat it on the go!

Granola bowl Jiu-Jitsu nutrition

Afternoon Training

This is not an option many people in BJJ use, as it is only available in certain academies. However, scheduling drill sessions or privates, especially for people working in shifts happen more often than you think. Once again, your BJJ breakfast has to be in accordance with your level of activating and the time you have between the email and the practice. Given that you’ll probably eat nothing but breakfast, and train after several hours, this type of breakfast has to be really rich and nutritious. This is where you feast.

#1. Eggs and salmon

It may sound like the ultimate bodybuilder food, but it is not. Nor should you spend the morning baking salmon in the oven. Just pick up some of that sliced chilled salmon that you only pop on. Then prepare the eggs in any way you like (boiled, scrambled, omelet, frittata, poached..) and build yourself a good sandwich. Some whole-wheat bread, avocado, and condiments will guarantee you have all the nutrients you need along with an awesome taste.

Great BJJ breakfast

#2. French toast

French toast is the best way to sneak in protein, fats, and carbs altogether. Plus, you get to use old bread. Whisk some eggs, let bread slices soak it up, and fry them off! The best part is that once you’re done with frying, you can take it to a salty or sweet direction with the toppings!

#3. Breakfast burrito

Easy to put together and extremely nutritious! Plus, I’ll tell you a hack to make things happen quickly. Namely, fry off your bacon first, using the grease to cook some diced, to even better, grated and drained potatoes. Throw in veggies of choice and mushrooms, and use eggs to get it all together. the goal is to spread everything evenly like a pancake and then cover it with a tortilla. After a few minutes, flip it carefully so the tortilla browns all over, on one side and then, you’re ready to simply roll it up, top it off and enjoy!

Evening Training

Evening training means you can enjoy any breakfast you want. However, with most people stating work in the morning, this means you need to prepare your BJJ breakfast quickly, make it delicious and nutritious. here are our best options, considering you’ll be having a big lunch later on in the day.

#1. Acai bowl

The ultimate BJJ breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack – Acai. It is simple – get a couple of bricks of acai, and throw them in the blender. You can do it pure, to throw in some extra stuff like cocoa, coconut, protein powder, etc. The real trick is putting it all together. Instead of just pouring it in a bowl and sprinkling some granola and topping it with fruit, think of layers. Put some acai in, then throw granola. another layer of acai, then go with something else like strawberries or toasted nuts. keep going and end with toppings as usual.

Acai BJJ breakfast

#2. Oats

With oats there’s just one thing to remember – a 2:1 ratio of liquid to oats. You can either boil some water and pour the oats in there or use cold water/milk. You could even go for overnight oats and just add toppings in the morning. I prefer them hot, so I boil the water. Add peanut butter, whey protein, nuts, seeds, cocoa, berries, bananas, pineapples, raisins….whatever you want for more than enough energy to get your day going.

#3. Quesadilla

A top choice for those that like to eat something more substantial in the morning. Grab a couple of tortillas. Grate some cheese on top of one, or grate different cheeses if you are feeling fancy. You can also fry some grated or sliced veggies like courgettes or eggplants and throw them in there as well. Crisp it up in a pan, slice it up and you’re ready to go!

What If you are Fasting?

If you are a fan of intermittent fasting, you don’t have to mess it all up by introducing a BJJ breakfast on your menu. Simply switch from not eating breakfast (which I see many people prefer) to not eating dinner. IT may sound like a hard thing to do but it is actually much better for you.

Our bodies recover and mend when we sleep. If our gut is empty several hours before going to sleep, our body can focus on detoxing and repairing, instead of digesting food. What you get is better sleep, a healthier gut, and better overall recovery. Plus, you get to eat a very delicious BJJ breakfast when you wake up. Anywhere from 13-16 hours of fasting will do the trick.

Closing Thoughts

Enjoy your life, eat breakfast. Even better, make it a BJJ breakfast, nutritious, delicious, and aimed at providing you with everything you need for training. With our ideas above, you have options for training any time of day! Bon apetit!

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