UFC 294 Event in Abu Dhabi: Fighters’ Earnings and Information on PPV sales

UFC 294 Event in Abu Dhabi: Fighters' Earnings and Information on PPV sales

This past weekend we witnessed the UFC 294 event in Abu Dhabi which brought a lot of excitement and great fights. Although there were controversies surrounding the decisions of the judges and the roles of the doctors, in general we can say that it was an extremely good event under the auspices of the UFC.

Highlights included Makhachev’s knockout of Volkanovsky, Chimaev’s win over Usman and the draw between Ankalaev and Walker. With this dynamic event, there were many questions about PPV sales over the weekend.

According to information from the MMA Salaries portal, UFC 294 managed to sell around 700,000 PPVs. These are the individual earnings of the fighters on the show

Islam Makhachev was the top-paid fighter with total earnings of $2,492,000, including a knockout bonus over Volkanovski. With the bonus, his earnings exceed $2.5 million.

Alexander Volkanovski, who agreed to fight in a ‘last minute’ situation against Makhachev, earned an impressive $2,392,000.

Kamaru Usman and Chimaev earned equal earnings of approximately $1,616,000.

A significant drop in earnings follows. Magomed Ankalaev earned $161,000, almost $1 million less than the top fighters on the main card. Johnny Walker won $131,000.

Shara Magomedov, who opened the show in his UFC debut, earned $24,000.

For more detailed information about the salaries of the other fighters in the show, visit the relevant source. There is an interesting difference in fighters’ salaries, which depend on their popularity and contractual arrangements. UFC 294 provided plenty of excitement and spectacular moments, with fighters being rewarded for their performances in the cage.

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