(VIDEO) An MMA Fighter Finds Pedophiles, Forces Them To Do Push-Ups, and Then Hands Them Over to the Police

(VIDEO) An MMA Fighter Finds Pedophiles, Forces Them To Do Push-Ups, and Then Hands Them Over to the Police

With the progress of social networks and the increasing appearance of various applications for meeting and finding a partner, the number of “sexual predators” who try to get sexual relations even with underage girls or boys through such applications has definitely increased.

It’s something that is, unfortunately, becoming more and more widespread, but one professional MMA fighter decided to contribute to finding and punishing pedophiles. Dustin Lampros (8-0) is a fighter who participated in the 29th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” and fought in Alexander Volkanovski’s team.

In the first fight, he lost by technical knockout to Vince Murdock and continued his career with three victories under the auspices of the Shamrock FC promotion. However, the reason why Dustin Lampros will find a place on the front pages of the world’s MMA media in the coming period is something much bigger than the performances he performs inside the cage.

The 28-year-old American fighter embarked on a mission to expose men who try to engage in sexual relations with minors. MMA Island shared a video where Lampros can be seen holding such men and forcing them to do push-ups and squats.

“You say you’re sorry, but you came with weed (marijuana), condoms and a blanket to hang out with a 13-year-old girl in the park,” Lampros said to the first man in a video posted on MMA Island’s social media, and soon the sex offender had to do push-ups and squats.

While doing the exercises, sex offenders must also make certain promises.

“I am a sexual predator and I will never talk to 13-year-old girls again,” said one of the men whom Lampros found and forced to do squats and push-ups.

After they have done their penance, Lampros calls the police and hands such people over to the authorities to do their job. It is not known how Lampros ended up with the men from the video, but it can be assumed that he introduced himself as a 13-year-old girl through one of the “dating” apps, and then unpleasantly surprised the men who were ready to meet the 13-year-old girl.

”What if a 13-year-old girl showed up tonight? You are a 31-year-old male and drove 45 minutes (to meet a 13-year-old girl). Are you serious? Those are two criminal acts.

A commendable action by this so far undefeated fighter (a defeat in TUF is not considered a professional match). We hope that this will prevent many who even think about having sex with underage girls in the first place.

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