UFC Hall Of Famer Stephan Bonnar was pretty angry this Easter Sunday when he was kicked from the gym for not complying with the gym’s policy on face masks. What’s even worse for him, it was his birthday.

In the video below, Stephan Bonnar is calling people working out in the background sheep while holding the inhaler in his hand saying that he has an asthma problem

He published it on his Instagram profile:

“-Easter is a good reminder of how Christ, despite being a cool dude, was pretty maligned.-
-When I was 10, I was thrown out of the playhouse at Celebration station for my own bday party for being too tall.-
Here I am 34 years later getting thrown out of the gym for exercising my right to breathe clean air.
That’s consistency!” – Wrote Stephan Bonnar

“I’ve been coming to this gym for 14 years. I’m getting kicked out on my birthday because one of these sheep was complaining that my mask was dropping.
Well, guess what, sheep! I got a medical exemption. I have asthma. I’m doing you a favor by even playing pretend. Masks don’t do anything. Wake up, you sheep, tattletales, cowards.”
– said Stephan Bonnar on the exit


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