Mexican MMA Fighter Attractively Knocks out a Referee, and Walks Away To His Corner

Mexican MMA Fighter Attractively Knocks out a Referee, and Walks Away To His Corner

A Mexican MMA fighter nicely knocked out a judge and made his way to his corner.

The World MMA Federation (IMMF) and Brave FC promotions brought about the MMA Supercup, which is designed as a tournament for young talented MMA fighters. The inaugural season has already begun, with Ireland and Mexico reaching the semifinals, as well as Bahrain and Kazakhstan. It’s from the intersection of Ireland and Mexico that comes to a humorous yet hazardous video.

It’s a conflict between the Irish representatives Lewis Byrne and Luis Gonzalez, and at the end of the round, when the Mexican attempted an attractive shot but clearly didn’t prepare it properly, he ended up on top of the referee’s head fight. “Right in the temple,” as commentators would say. What’s more interesting, Gonzalez appeared to be completely oblivious that he’d hit Manhard until after he walked towards his corner, perplexed by why referee Scott Manhard was on the floor.


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The fight concluded after Manhard was recovered, with the Irish fighter gaining a 3-2 victory over his Mexican opponent to the chagrin of his countryman. This sparked a turnaround that resulted in Ireland winning by a score of 6-3.

The Mexicans will compete for third place against the Kazakhs in the consolation match, while the Irish will play Bahrain in the finale. Teams from Oceania, Arab nations, Tajikistan, and “Balkan Champs,” a team consisting of amateur boxers from Serbia that features Slovenian heavyweight Miha Frlić, were among those who attended.

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