REVIEW: Half Guard Domination 2.0 Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD

Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD Review: Half Guard Domination 2.0 Cover
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Tom DeBlass has been one of the most active coaches on social media, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is doing everything to still provide classes, helps people out with issues they have due to lockdown, supports academy owners… He is there for the community, as he has always been, we have to grant him that. Moreover, he treats us with yet another Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD, but not just and DVD. Nope, this time he circles back to one of his earliest, and best instructional, issuing a polished up 20. A version of the Half Guard Domination instructional.

Half Guard Domination 2.0 – Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD Review: Half Guard Domination 2.0 Cover
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Although we could argue it is the most used guard in Jiu-JItsu, there are still only a handful of people out there that really understand the half guard. And, TomDeBlass is certainly in the top 3, if not the leader of the pack. He has a wicked half guard game, as we saw in earlier Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD editions. That said, Tom is the epitome of BJJ, demonstrates that Jiu-Jitsu evolves constantly. This latest DVD marks the evolution of this half guard game, and it is safe to say, it has gone to completely new heights.

The Man With The Half Guard Plan

Tom’s initial Half Guard Domination DVD was really in-depth and it is one of the most sought after instructional of all limes. In fact, most people (me included) found it to be airtight, going over anything and everything you might want to know about the half guard. And yet, he has more and more to teach us. In that sense, the Half Guard Domination 2.0 Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD doe build on the first one. It can be used on its own but combined with the knowledge from the first part, it will help you build a foolproof half guard game you can play against everyone (except maybe DeBlass himself).

We all know tom to be very active on social media, promoting BJJ and the lifestyle that comes with it. IN fact, he is a real Mr. Jiu-Jitsu, always the gentleman and representing nothing but the highest virtues of the sport. Plus, he has a half guard that nobody has been able to pass for years. And he trains wit the best black belts in the world. How many people do you know that can claim the same thing?

Speaking of Tom, there was an announcement just a couple of days ago on his Facebook account that he might be considering a return to MMA. So far, it is confirmed that he is going to be representing ONE Fighting Championship, although it wasn’t clear whether it is in grappling, MMA, or both. As it turns out, he will be fighting in MMA again, which is definitely going to be more than worth watching.

Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD Review: Half Guard Domination 2.0

Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD Half Guard Domination 2.0 CoverSo, when it comes to this DVD, there’s nothing you haven’t seen before…in terms of the format. Four different volumes systematically organized in chapters go over the half guard game that Tom selflessly shares with everyone. And he really isn’t pulling any punches either. When it comes to content quality, this Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD is off the charts. It is not just what Tom shares but how he puts it together and the crucial details he shares at a crucial time so it all makes sense. If you think you know the half guard, this DVD will make you think again.

What is the main difference between the Half Guard Domination 2.0 and the first version of Tom’s instructional? Well, apart from this instructional having one more volume than the original, it is also one Tom did in the Gi. For everyone that does both Gi and No-Gi, this makes it the perfect addition to the already very comprehensive Half Guard Domination 1.

What I particularly love about the way Tom teaches in this DVD is that he covers entire sequences in each chapter. That means you can build a complete game and then choose how far you want to take a sequence or combine it with another one. Some real classic DeBlass work right there!

DVD 1 – Cross Collar Grip Setups

6 different chapters are in the first volume of the Half Guard Domination Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD. It all starts with the establishment of a cross collar grip, which, interestingly enough, Tom uses as a shield in itself. Some key center line info here is going to clear up plenty of half guard questions as well.

The entries Tom offers from the cross collar grip start with a choke and head off into Ashi Garami territory and back exposure. The best part about it sit ha you can decide to head in a different direction at any point, allowing for as many possible combinations of the moves as you can think of.

Another original aspect of this DVD is that DeBlas offers “possibilities” as well. He shows setups that may lead to a possible Omoplata, or Back exposure, for example, but are not guaranteed to. It all depends on the opponent’s reactions which he also covers in great detail later on. In fact, there’s one in this volume – dealing with a top opponent that tripods.

DVD 2 – Addressing Opponents’ reactions

For everyone that’s really a fan of the half guard, this second volume of the Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD is going to be a real gold mine. No matter what an opponent does, Tom has an answer – one that leads to a better position or directly into a submission. Even if an opponent is playing a defensive game from the top, Tom has sneaky ways of getting to the neck for a choke.

Pants grabs, Body locks, and most of the passes people attempt will all hit a wall once you master the material from this DVD. There’s a lot of info in this volume in particular on the knee slice, and preventing people from completing it. Moreover, DeBlass shows a wide variety of moves, from The Lockdown to lapel manipulations that open up sweeps and even deep half entries. You’ll have to see this one to really grasp how good it is.

DVD 3 – Recovery And Counters To Passing

You can see how Tom Builds up the Half Guard Domination 2.0 instructional – basic grips and attacks, followed by reactions to what opponents might do, and finally, recovery options and a few late counters to guard passing attempts. Easy to follow and extremely sensible.

Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD Half Guard Domination 2.0 TrailerThe third part of this Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD against works based on grips as frames that help you get back into half guard, even when opponents smash you. In fact, This s where Tom really puts into perspective a movement that’s so simple we all get wrong – the hip switch. there’s o one more powerful move than this one from the half guard, and DeBlass demonstrates how to utilize it correctly and very efficiently.

Following up are options against leg weaves (really annoying), that open up Achilles locks or Omoplatas, depending on the direction of the exchange. Finally top ends up on top, talking about the finer details of developing a top half guard game to go with your already vast bottom one. After all, in most cases, sweeping from half guard lands you in top half guard yourself, so you need to know how to pass it.

DVD 4  – Passing The Half Guard

Which brings us to passing the half guard. With the Gi. This can be almost as annoying as passing lapel guards, and at least just as annoying as passing a closed guard. Luckily, Tom has just the right amount of pointers and sequences to really make things easier for everyone, regardless of the belt level.

Knowing the half guard as very few people do, Tom has a really interesting system of destroying it. For example, he shows how separating the legs will open up guard passes. Furthermore, he teaches the famous dilemma principle as well, combining this passing threat with the threat of a choke, doubling your chances of success with both. From thereon, he heads to the knee slice. Showing you how you should do it, and where people go wrong.

A couple of over-under combinations, with one particularly cool one ending in a kneebar cap this volume, and the entire DVD off.

Wrap Up         

The half guard is one of those positions that will always be simple, yet nobody will ever master it completely. If there’s one man that has come close, though, it has to be DeBlass. This Half Guard Domination DVD, along with his earlier half guard and deep half work is just another brick in the very large wall that should be your un-passable half guard. That said, there’s nothing quite like a Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD fresh off the press, so make sure you get yours today!

Half Guard Domination 2.0 – Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD Review: Half Guard Domination 2.0 Cover
Techniques List
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