Gordon Ryan’s Controversial Response to Nicky Rod’s Challenge: “St***ids Aren’t Illegal In Jiu-Jitsu”

Gordan Ryan speaks about Nicky Rod, steroids
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Gordon Ryan, a well-known Jiu-Jitsu expert, recently gave a YouTube interview in which he discussed a variety of subjects. It included the Fight Pass events, Jiu-Jitsu rule sets, and his relationship with Nicky Rod. Ryan’s comments reveal his viewpoint and provide information about the current state of the sport.

Ryan said he was happy with the Fight Pass events, noting that each edition has become better. He praised the event organizers for being open to suggestions. Gordon recommended that future competitions may include hybrid rule sets that incorporate characteristics from different Jiu-Jitsu styles. He thinks that athletes, especially those switching from other combat sports like MMA, would profit from this strategy.

Ryan wasn’t thrilled with Nicky Rod’s performance. He emphasized that although neither fighter played guard in the tournament final, they were both predominantly guard players. He recognized Felipe’s plan to wear down Craig, whose gas tank is reputed to be weak, but the match finished in a very unremarkable tie. Ryan remarked that neither fighter winning wouldn’t have shocked him. Following his triumph, Nicky Rod issued a public call out for Ryan.

Gordan Ryan speaks about UFC Invitational 4, Nicky Rod, Craig Jones and steroids in jiu-jitsu.

Ryan responded to Nicky Rod’s call-out dismissively, asserting that he would compete against him again but on his own terms. He emphasized that Nicky Rod gains financial benefits from facing him. There he implied that calling him out is an easy way for Nicky Rod to make money. Ryan criticized Nicky Rod’s skills, claiming that he barely beat opponents who were lighter and less skilled. He questioned Nicky Rod’s right to make demands and asserted his own authority in naming the time, place, and rule set for any future matchup.

Moreover, when asked about USADA stipulations and potential drug testing, Ryan stated that steroids are not illegal in jiu-jitsu. He even mentioned that he offered Nicky Rod a contract for USADA and water testing until the next ADCC, signaling his willingness to abide by such regulations.

Ryan’s comments reveal his viewpoint on the game and his sense of competition. He acknowledges the development of Jiu-Jitsu and expresses happiness with it, but he continues to be critical of other sportsmen and proclaims his superiority. Ryan’s comments further the continuing story of his accomplishments and rivalries within Jiu-Jitsu world as supporters anxiously await his comeback to competition.



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