Nick Rodriguez Challenged to a Fight by Olympic Champion Gable Steveson

Gable Steveson vs Nicky Rod
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A monumental clash awaits in the realm of combat sports. The esteemed Olympic gold medalist, Gable Steveson, emerges as an unparalleled titan among wrestlers. Unveiling a bold challenge, he summons the audacious Nicky Rodriguez to engage in a gripping confrontation.

Steveson did not specify the ruleset for their impending encounter. It is highly plausible that he alluded to a submission grappling match rather than traditional wrestling.

Gable Steveson celebrates victory after the fight.

Remarkably, orchestrating such an intermingling spectacle is not as implausible as it may initially appear. The most opportune platform to orchestrate this encounter would be the UFC Fight Pass Invitational. It is an ideal host, considering Steveson’s existing contractual obligations with the WWE, an organization now under the same parent company as the UFC. Consequently, the realms of possibility converge, paving the way for a potential collaboration. This could happen because Rodriguez himself is a frequent participant in UFC Fight Pass Invitational events.

Moreover, it is worth noting that Steveson would not be the first exceptional wrestler to venture into this realm. The illustrious Roman Bravo-Young, a two-time NCAA champion, made his enthralling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu debut at the same event where Rodriguez achieved glory. It is important to highlight that the preceding match forbade the application of leglocks. That potentially served as a means to equalize the battlefield once the confrontation reaches the mat. However, Steveson’s proficiency on his feet remains unparalleled, evidenced by his triumphant quest at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, where he emerged victorious with a coveted gold medal. With an extensive reservoir of wrestling prowess at his disposal, Steveson would undoubtedly face Rodriguez with a remarkable advantage.

Displaying enthusiasm and rapid acceptance, Rodriguez promptly embraced the proposition, promptly amplifying the impending clash through fervent promotion. This intriguing encounter holds the potential to captivate audiences, transcending boundaries and merging the worlds of wrestling and submission grappling, ultimately delivering a spectacle of unmatched proportions.


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