The Best Grappling Dummies in 2024

Best Grappling Dummy
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Training Jiu-Jitsu or any other grappling martial art requires just one more thing, apart from you having to show up regularly – a partner. Combat sports, in general, require a live training partner to learn and progress. In sports, with lots of live sparring, there’s simply no substitute for a training partner. There is, however, one aspect of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that you can do both with and without a partner – drills. The trouble is, that partner drills are more numerous and usually more important than solo ones. This is where you need to start looking for a partner substitute if you can’t find a regular drilling buddy, and most adults can’t. There’s no better substitute than grabbing a combat sports grappling dummy to do drills with. But which one is the best of all grappling dummies that you can get in 2024?

We have a list of the very best options out there that can take your grappling to the next level. Given how complex Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu positions and grappling techniques are, you could hardly achieve high-level training just by yourself. So, if you are one of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who want to drill daily, grabbing a grappling dummy to do drills is your best bet.

As you’ll see from our guide, grappling dummies are much more than just bags filled with sand. The best ones are those that allow you to train everything, from throws and takedowns to transitions and submissions. Our best picks for 2024 are below.

The Best Grappling Dummies

Grappling dummies are a staple in MMA, BJJ, or any other grappling martial art. So, finding the best-grappling dummy is no easy task, believe me! There are so many great products out there, that it is pretty easy to get lost. However, the most important thing is what you need, so we used this as our main selection criteria. For example, in combat sports, we need a dummy that can work for throws, takedowns, groundwork, and even strikes. So, you need to find the perfect combat sports grappling dummy to suit your needs.

Most dummies come in many shapes and sizes, with varying levels of realism – some even have foam that is designed to be cut open for bleeding wounds! In this guide we will review the best grappling dummies on the market today, analyzing their pros and cons as well as providing potential buyers with a buyer’s guide at the end.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the best grappling dummies for BJJ, MMA, and other grappling martial arts.

Jayefo TONJON Grappling Dummy

Jayefo TONJON Grappling Dummy

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Jayfo Tonjon is another popular brand. During our research, we found some interesting facts about their grapple dummies due to which we had to include them in our list.

The first thing that we noticed about this dummy for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling is its durable construction. It consists of EMEX-R canvas which is famous for its durability and quality.

Further, this dummy is designed to be portable with a weight of about 100 pounds which means it can even be carried on your shoulders without any problems.

It also has reinforced stitching in the vital areas that are prone to wear and tear during grappling training such as the head, neck, arms, etc., making it last longer.

It is designed specifically for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA grappling training as it has a height of 180 cm which is perfect for these sports.

The only downside that we found about this dummy was the cost factor, but given its durability and quality, it still manages to rank among the best in our list.


  • EMEX-R canvas
  • Reinforced stitching in important areas
  • Designed for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA grappling training
  • 180 cm height


  • Good overall quality
  • The design is easy to wash and maintain
  • Easy-grip handles for lifting purposes
  • Can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.
  • It can even be carried on your shoulders without any problems


  • The handles and the neck can be easily broken
  • A Little expensive

Generic MMA Grappling Dummy

Generic MMA Grappling Dummy

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While looking for the best MMA dummy we came up with the Generic straight-legged grappling dummy. It comes with a lot of fantastic features that make it stand out from the crowd. The first thing that we love about this dummy is its availability in two different colors.

Although it doesn’t give a huge option to choose from but still. You can choose between black-blue and black-yellow canvas. Apart from that, the dummy features a highly durable design that keeps it long-lasting for years.

This dummy can withstand tough training sessions like a pro and will let you train like a real pro BJJ fighter. Apart from that, it weighs only 80 pounds which makes it easy to move around. The dummy provides a realistic fight experience and is available at a very affordable price.


  • weighs only 80 lbs
  • available in two different designs
  • multi-discipline dummy


  • affordable
  • lightweight
  • reliable for prolonged usage
  • suitable for both adults and kids


  • it doesn’t come with filling

Jayefo Sports Kids Grappling Dummy

Jayefo Sports Kids Grappling Dummy

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If you are looking for a dummy for your kid’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training then this might be a decent option to consider. The Jayefo sports kids grappling dummy is one of its kind when it comes to durability and versatility.

It is available in 6 different colors including red and yellow which makes it a perfect option for those who are picky about colors. Besides that, the dummy is made of high-quality vinyl material and offers multiple holds which are so important in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Though the unfilled design of the dummy may not make most of our readers happy still it has its own benefits. One huge benefit of it is saving shipping costs. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars in shipping charges just for a BJJ dummy.

Apart from that, it comes with a lifetime warranty and offers a free one-year replacement. The Jayefo grappling dummy is not that bad of an option for those who are looking to save on shipping costs and want more durability in their training gear.


  • Durable, lightweight, and easy to store dummy.
  • Multiple holds offer lots of possibilities for training drills.
  • Open design is perfect for those who want to save on shipping costs or work with it outdoors.


  • lots of value in the price tag
  • multiple grips allow you to train a variety of holds
  • great for practicing different techniques
  • lifetime warranty and free replacement offer a lot of value in the long-term
  • supports up to 275 pounds or 130 kilograms, suitable for most BJJ students.


  • can be knocked over easily if not secured properly on its base.

Stylso Grappling Dummy

Stylso Grappling Dummy

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Stylso is another top-notch brand for some of the finest BJJ and MMA gear. No matter what kind of gear you are looking for, they have got you covered. During our research for the best grappling dummies were found the Stylso dummy was quite interesting.

We’ll tell you about its pros and cons so that you can decide whether it is good for you or not. The first thing that we love about this dummy is that it comes with a real human-like design. This comes really in handy when practicing for tournaments or any other competition.

The head of the dummy is much similar to a real human head which will help you train your moves with more precision. Apart from that, it is highly durable due to its reliable build quality.

The Stylso grappling dummy is made with a tough polyester fabric which makes it durable. The foam inside the dummy is heavy and stable. That means that when you practice moves, you don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting someone.


  • Double-layer premium canvas
  • comes in three different colors
  • possesses zip and protective velcro


  • compact size for tight spots
  • lightweight and easy to store when not being used.
  • real human-like shape


  • short arms

Irsa Grappling Dummy

Irsa Grappling Dummy

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The next one on our list of the best grappling dummies is the Irsa Grappling Dummy. It is a dummy that was designed to be used in BJJ or MMA training and it has a striking surface on the head, elbows, palms of its hands, and feet.

This one can be used for both attacking and defending moves from different positions as well as sweeps or submissions. You can use it for practicing on the ground or in standing positions.

It is made of durable polyurethane and weights around 25 pounds, which makes this grappling dummy perfect to train for your matches. Besides that, the dummy comes in different sizes which makes it suitable for different kinds of sports.

You can either buy it for MMA or BJJ or even kickboxing by selecting the appropriate size. This comes in handy when you are looking for a multi-disciplinary training dummy.

When it comes to the durability of the dummy, you shouldn’t worry about anything at all. It is because it consists of premium quality synthetic leather that makes it quite a long-lasting piece of equipment. It’s one of the best straight-legged dummies on the market today.


  • The material is synthetic leather, which makes it quite durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a weight of around 33-55 kg making it perfect for BJJ or MMA training.
  • This dummy can be utilized for ground positions as well as standing ones.
  • There are different sizes available to suit the needs of different disciplines


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Different sizes are available to suit the needs of different disciplines
  • Can be used for ground as well as standing positions.
  • Budget-friendly


  • The head of the dummy is not as durable and can tear easily

Jendila Grappling Dummy

Jendila Grappling Dummy

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Jendila grappling dummy is another perfect option that we found for you during our study. We noticed that the dummy possesses some of the best features, which makes it quite an interesting option.

It is different from the rest of the market due to its unique design and durable structure. The dummy features a sitting design that allows you to train your moves perfectly and dominate your opponents.

It is carefully crafted, which allows it to last longer than the other dummies of the same tier. The durable stitching and thicker canvas prove to be the best combo for prolonged training sessions.

Moreover, it is available in three different colors that give you the option to choose your favorite. However, this isn’t a very wide range of options available but still, three colors are enough because most people buy them for training purposes only.


  • Durable and sturdy design
  • The sitting position for training moves perfectly
  • Stitching is durable, and the canvas is thicker to last longer per session
  • Available in three colors.


  • Comfortable and realistic feel
  • Extremely durable design
  • Perfect for training moves in a sitting position.


  • None

Generic MMA Dummy for Grappling

Generic MMA Dummy for Grappling

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While doing research, on the best grappling dummies, we found another top product from the Generic. It is also quite amazing due to its durable structure and reliable build quality.

The dummy comes in three different colors just like the previous one on our list. It gives you the option to choose according to your choice. Besides that, it features well-intact stitching that makes it long-lasting equipment for your gym or home training.

It can withstand the toughest training sessions without any issues at all. Moreover, this dummy is versatile and can be used for different disciplines such as MMA and wrestling.

Apart from that, it is quite lightweight as it only weighs 80 lbs. Now for those who want to train more realistically, this might not be a good choice but. we still recommend it because it helps to improve the style a lot.

You can work on your moves and perfectly master them without hurting yourself or your training partner. The main difference between this one and the previously mentioned dummy is the style. This one comes in a sitting position and allows you to train your sitting moves.


  • Durable construction
  • Breathing for increased realism
  • The foam is resistant to water and can be washed.


  • The padding is soft and comforting
  • There are more realistic practice options than other dummies
  • It can be used for a variety of martial arts
  • A great choice if you want to master moves without injuring yourself or your partner.


  • A bit expensive compared to the others (but also provides more training opportunities).

LEATHERAY MMA Grappling Dummy

LEATHERAY MMA Grappling Dummy

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Leatheray is also a top brand that provides different sports gear. This particular company is famous for its state-of-the-art equipment and gear. Due to their durability and long-lasting equipment for different fighting sports, most people love and trust their products.

During our research, we found it quite amazing because of its qualities. the first thing that we love about the Leatheray grappling dummy is its durability.

With the use of top-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, this dummy can withstand different attacks from fighters who want to train their BJJ skills or MMA fighting tactics.

The product can be used for a very long time without any potential damage on it, which makes us love its toughness even more.

The second thing that we love about this dummy is its portability and ease of use.

It’s easy to fold it up and carry anywhere, which makes it fit for traveling. There are also no hassles at all with setting it back in place because the process only needs two people who can lift an arm or a leg.

The third thing that we love about this grappling dummy is its versatility.

This product can be used for many different purposes. It is possible to use this product for different training styles, so it does not matter if you buy more than one of these. It also adjusts according to the body size and weight of the fighter.


  • Durable and tough vinyl material.
  • Easy fold for transportation with carrying case included.
  • Adjusts to different body shapes and sizes, making it ideal for mixed martial arts training.


  • Provides sparring partners that feel like they’re made of flesh and blood.
  • Adjusts to different body shapes and sizes, making it ideal for mixed martial arts training.
  • Easy fold for transportation
  • Durable and tough vinyl material.


  • The head is a bit difficult to adjust and place in the right position.
  • Expensive

Celebrita MMA grappling dummy

Best Grappling Dummy 2019

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A very unusual-looking grappling dummy is the first one off the bat today. Celebrita MMA grappling dummy is a highly specialized dummy for Jiu-Jitsu. The posture it comes in is kneeling, with arms outstretched ahead. However, this has a very specific use for grapplers.

Celebrita MMA grappling dummy is extremely durable and can withstand even the hardest training sessions. Due to its durability, it’s great for both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA’s ground and pound. This dummy is made of leather and comes unfilled. it can hold any material and can weigh anywhere from 55-121 lbs. There are also several height options, ranging from 40” to 70”. It comes in six different color varieties.

Its best feature is its posture. The position is in means you can train sprawls, back attacks, or turtle attacks, and front headlocks. There are endless opportunities for drills all due to the unique positioning of this dummy.


Ring to Cage Deluxe Grappling Dummy 3.0

Best Grappling Dummy 2019Coming in at number two is the Deluxe grappling dummy by Cage to Ring. It comes in a similar posture to Celebrita’s kneeling position. This one, however, features hands and feet making it more realistic. But that’s not the best part! The Ring To Cage Grappling Dummy can get into every position imaginable, standing, or kneeling.

The material for this grappling dummy is heavy-duty vinyl, coated with Polyester. This means that you’re getting an indestructible training partner. It comes filled or unfilled, depending on your selection. Weighs in at 55-60 lbs with a height of 60″ for the adult version. There is also a smaller one for kids. The color combinations are red and blue.

The ability to extend this dummy’s limbs means you can train virtually anything. From upper body submissions to any kind of joint locks, this dummy must be, all-in-all, the best-grappling dummy for BJJ on our list for 2023!

Combat Sports Jiu-JItsu Dummy 

Best Grappling Dummy 2019Combat Sports jump in our best-grappling dummy contest with their standing Jiu-Jitsu dummy. This military-grade material dummy is an awesome drilling partner that’s never going to fail you. Comes upright standing, with both arms outstretched towards the front.

In terms of quality of construction, this dummy probably beats all others. There’s simply nothing that you can do to damage this dummy. It is a life-sized vinyl-made training partner that’s available in four different weights. Each increase in the dummy’s weight comes in with an appropriate increase in height as well.

This dummy works great for everything, from strikes to takedowns and groundwork. The legs are fixed in an upright position, meaning you can use it for leg lock drills as well, although not as versatile as the Ring to Cage one.


Century Grappling Dummy

Best Grappling Dummy 2019The Century Grappling Dummy is a basic dummy version, which is not all that Century has to offer. As you’ll see further along, they’re the one brand that actually takes the time to design different grappling dummies to cover all aspects of JIu-Jitsu drills. The black Century Grappling Dummy is your perfect overall training tool.

This dummy is pretty similar to the Combat Sports one. Namely, it comes upright, with outstretched arms. The difference is that this dummy has the arms crossed and at different levels. This can make drilling stuff like armbars much more fun as it can replicate defense attempts.

Thick-cut vinyl is the material, and it is available in three different weight classes (70, 90, and 120 lbs.). There’s a one-year warranty on this dummy, but it’s redundant given how durable it is. A unique characteristic is an ability to remain in a locked position.


TITLE MMA Youth Grappling Dummy

Best Grappling Dummy 2019Title MMA is a well-known brand for all things MMA, and this time they deliver a great grappling dummy option. This one is dedicated to young grapplers though. It can be the perfect gift for a kid or an essential for any academy’s kids’ classes.

Come at the appropriate weights of either 30 or 50 lbs. The material is extra tough triple-ply synthetic leather that’s designed to take punishment. Since this is a dummy by an MMA brand, it’s normal that getting hit is one of the main goals it was built for, However, it offers much more than a punching bag. The position is upright and the bag comes completely filled. The height ranges between 40″ and 44″, in accordance with the weight. Arms stretch towards the front, with one slightly bent over the other, allowing for much-needed variety. In terms of the best-grappling dummy for younger grapplers, there’s hardly a better contender for 2023.


Century Versys V.SPAR.2 Grappling Simulator

Best Grappling Dummy 2019Century is back again, this time with a modern, high-tech product. At first glance, you might think this is a useless piece of training equipment, but this just might turn out to be the best-grappling dummy of all time.

Century’s Grappling Simulator is a three-legged standing dummy that’s extremely stable upright. This makes it the perfect dummy to practice takedowns, throws, and even trips and sweeps while it’s in a standing position.

It also has “arms” that are outstretched forward and then toward the ground. This gives you a lot of variety for training takedowns, allowing for things like arm drags or Russian ties. Actually, you can train pretty much every aspect of grappling with it. Weighs around 50 lbs and comes in black color, made entirely out of vinyl. All of its features make it one pretty quality grappling dummy.


Revgear Throwing Dummy

Best Grappling Dummy 2019Our final best grappling dummy of the year 2023 finalist in the Revgear specialized for takedown training. As the name suggests, with this grappling dummy you get something to throw to the ground over and over again. Since it is a throwing dummy, and perfect for wrestling takedowns, it also has a specific shape like a punching bag.

This dummy comes without extremities to speak of. Instead, it is a uniquely shaped dummy that is pretty cool to train with. The base is a bit wider, and there’s a second larger wide area in the area of the chest. this allows great handling for a variety of throw and takedown drills. The material is synthetic leather and the dummy comes tightly filled. It can double as a punching bag for ground and pound, but there’s no way you can train submission on it, apart from chokes perhaps. It can weigh 70, 100, or 130 lbs with heights of 2’10”, 4’0″, and 4’1″ respectively. So far, proven to be one of the sturdiest grappling dummies available, especially in the face of strikes.


Things To Look for When Buying a Grappling Dummy for MMA and BJJ

If you are a complete beginner and this is your first time buying a grappling dummy for yourself then this might be a challenging task for you.

It is because there are so many different options available on the market that will leave you confused.

You won’t be able to decide which one to go for and invest your hard-earned money in it. However, you shouldn’t worry at all because we have got your back. In this section of the best grappling dummies, we’ll tell you some of the most important factors.

Keeping these points in mind while buying a dummy, you will be able to select the perfect one for yourself without any issues. even if you are a complete noob, after reading this guide you will be feeling confident enough.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Different Types of Grappling Dummies

There are three types of dummies available in the market. They are as follows:

Heavy bags

These devices have been traditionally used for boxing and Muay Thai practices. But they can also be put to use by grapplers too, as their main purpose is to absorb blows and punches thrown on them.

It makes it an ideal training partner that doesn’t complain or try to fight back when you do your strikes on him/her.

This is because punching a bag will not cause any injury whatsoever but striking a human being might lead to some unwanted consequences like broken bones or even death!

Therefore, heavy bags may seem more useful than humans and thus these come with many benefits such as durability, longevity (i.e., easy to make them last), and low cost.

However, these don’t provide a realistic feel to the grappler as they are made of thick foam and have no hard surfaces or give-and-take motion like sparring partners in a dojo.

And finally, heavy bags may prove to be less versatile than other types because some athletes find it difficult for practicing strikes on these due to their weighty nature.

Heavy bags come with many benefits such as durability, longevity (i.e., easy to make them last) & low cost but they also have disadvantages too:

lack of realism during grappling sessions & difficulty executing techniques like kicks on these devices due to their weightiness

Grappling dummies

These can simulate an opponent’s size, weight, and mobility to an extent. This can be done by filling them with straws or water as well as foam pads.

The main advantage of these types of dummies is that they are more realistic and provide better feedback. The disadvantages of grappling dummies are that the user can’t really interact with them too much.

This might not be a problem for some people, but it is a major downside for those who want to practice certain positions or moves on their own time.

Training mannequin

These are basically just grappling dummies but they come in two versions – one with a head and one without. This type of dummy is made to move around like an actual person would and can be used for practicing different types of grappling as well as trapping techniques

The main advantage of these devices is that they are much more flexible than the traditional dummies, especially when it comes to training in new moves or developing skills you want but don’t have yet.

The disadvantages include their weightiness which tends to make them stable on your feet but harder challenging) to execute kicks and other standing attacks with – not so good if you’re working on improving both ground game AND standup skills at once.

Which Type of Dummy will be Good for BJJ?

The heavy (and more expensive) traditional dummy is good for practicing standing attacks and moves. A lighter grappling dummy with a head can be used to practice ground skills, such as sweeps or submission holds.

They both work well if you want to focus on developing your stand-up game exclusively and are looking into improving takedowns or defending against them at the same time.

Construction of the Grapple Dummies

One of the main things to look for when selecting the best BJJ training dummy is its overall construction quality. It should be lightweight, but durable.

For grappling exercises, the dummy’s joints need to be flexible enough so the student feels as if he is on his back with an opponent in a dominant position.

A good quality model will come equipped with adjustable wrist straps that allow you to secure your dummy’s arms at the same height as your own so that you can practice different grips without the dummy’s arms getting in the way.

The best grappling dummies should come with padded mats or foam to offer protection when they are being used on hard surfaces such as a mat or concrete floors and also provide an extra layer of padding when practicing submissions from guard positions for added safety.

A durable grappling dummy is a worthwhile investment for BJJ and MMA students to improve their skills, avoid injury and get the best out of training. The wrong choice can cost you time, money, or worse- your health!

Shapes of Dummies

The most common shapes of grappling dummies are ovoid and cylindrical. The ovoid is the shape that resembles a human torso more closely, while the circular dummy is used by some coaches as it can be easily performed moves on to reinforce timing.


These Dummies have an oval shape that gives a realistic feel and can be used to practice techniques like throws, takedowns, and chokes.


These Dummies are circular in shape and more difficult to use as they do not represent a human body well. They are often the go-to choice for practicing arm drags or leg locks.

Grappling Dummy 101

To begin with, we’ll go over the different types of grappling dummies. In that sense, you have grappling dummies that are upright, those that are prone, and kneeling dummies. In certain situations, you get a “transformer” dummy that can do it all as well.

Grappling dummies also come in different shapes and sizes. For example, you can get a human-like dummy, with straight-legged extremities and even feet and hands. Or you could go for punching bags like dummies, without any extremities.

Sometimes you might run into a throwing bag that has handles instead of extremities as well. Another thing to consider is whether you’re getting a filled or unfilled grappling dummy. Normally there’s a difference in price as well as shipping costs.

There is also the height and weight of the dummy. For example, you need an adult grappling dummy with weight as close to your athletic abilities as possible. If you want to practice with GI, why not put a BJJ Gi on your new grappling mate? While underestimating yourself is bad, overestimating your abilities might turn out to be even worse. So make sure you know what the best BJJ grappling dummy for you should look like and then pick the winner from our guide above!

Using A Grappling Dummy

Using a grappling dummy is certainly a great way to improve your BJJ. It makes drilling a lot more realistic, and fun, to be honest. It takes away the pain of setting up drilling sessions outside of class. Plus, the variety that grappling dummies now come in means you can do anything but roll with them.

Our suggestion is to pick a dummy that will help you develop a lagging skill. For example, if you struggle with takedowns, a throwing/upright grappling dummy is a great choice. If you like to practice submissions a more pliable one is better. Another option is to choose the most versatile one so that you can work both throws, submissions, and ground fighting.

Whatever you choose, the best-grappling dummy for you is certainly somewhere in this guide. All it takes are a few clicks and it’ll be on its way!

Solo Grappling Drills

We all know the old “drill to win” mantra that’s associated with BJJ. Drills are a huge aspect of Jiu-Jitsu, and to be honest, the only way to learn. The trouble (and beauty) with Jiu-Jitsu is that there is so much to learn that you can’t just rely on classes. Rolling is also not a good learning tool, as, under stress, you won’t be able to try out new techniques. This is where drills come in. Going through the motions of Jiu-Jitsu regularly is a great way to make them a part of muscle memory. This brings us to a glaring problem.

Drilling for BJJ needs to be done on a very constant basis. Doing drills every day is the preferred option, but even less than that can suffice. The problem is that people can hardly get to class regularly, let alone dedicate time to drilling. So, instead of doing a few basic solo drills, you can take solo drilling to a new level by using a grappling dummy. While grappling dummies are a mainstay for wrestling training, people in BJJ often find them redundant and unhelpful. Nothing can be further from the truth.

When you’re solo and need to drill with resistance, there’s nothing better than a grappling dummy. Apart from a life partner, of course. The thing is that the best-grappling dummy offers just enough resistance to make you work, yet not so much to throw you off perfect execution. This is exactly what we’re looking for when we’re doing drills. Plus the grappling dummy is never going to get tired or miss a drilling session. On top of everything, our guide has only the best deals for you, so the price is not going to be a factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grappling dummies any good?

Grappling Dummies are a great tool for practicing your grappling moves and techniques to perfect timing. Grapplers who work on their technique with the help of these dummies will find them invaluable in improving different skills such as takedowns, throws, escapes, etc.

Which grappling dummy is the best?

A dummy is only as good as the person using it. Different grapplers will prefer different Dummies for their purposes, so one cannot say which is the best-grappling dummy universally.

What do I fill the grappling dummy with?

Most grapplers use old clothes or towels to fill their dummies. Some will also add some sand, rice, beans, or other filler material so the dummy has a little more weight and offers better resistance.

How much should my grappling dummy weigh?

Most grapplers prefer grappling dummies that weigh around 100 lbs. That way, they can practice for different types of opponents and have a good weight distribution on the other dummy as well.

Different people will want to buy BJJ or MMA grappling dummies for their own specific needs some may be looking for one with more resistance while others might be looking for one that is easier to control.

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