Top Jiu-Jitsu Gifts To Surprise A Grappler (Reviews Included)

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is fa more than just a sport. it becomes a full-time lifestyle for most people involved in it, especially after the purple belt. Although the manic dedication looks puzzling to people outside of the sport, they soon learn to live with it. This holds especially true for those closest to us. BJJ is as much of a lifestyle for the immediate family and friends of grapplers, as it is to practitioners themselves. So it is not unusual to see those closest to us reach for Jiu-Jitsu gifts when such an occasion arises.

The catch here is, that despite BJJ having such a distinct place in our lives, it provides loved ones with an easy choice for a gift. Regardless of the reason, when the time comes to surprise a grappler, Jiu-Jitsu gifts are the best way to go. Whether it is Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s day, or just an impromptu present, Jiu-Jitsu gifts are going to bring a smile to every cauliflower ears-framed face.

The Ultimate Jiu-Jitsu Gifts

When it comes to choosing Jiu Jitsu gifts, the only problem is which of the many to give to your loved one. There’s no problem when it comes to a BJJ practitioner. The sport is not really the most affordable one, with a lot of gear needed just to train on a regular basis. As a grappler gets more and more experienced, the easier it is to choose a BJJ-related gift for them. Firstly it is because people close to us know what we like. Secondly, the toll BJJ takes on our bodies makes it even simpler to choose a gift or two. Here’s a quite comprehensive list of Jiu-Jitsu gifts to choose from the next time it’s your turn to choose a present.

Jiu-Jitsu Clothing

Of course, we’re going to start with the most obvious. There’s nothing a BJJ athlete desires more than a new piece of training, competition or just everyday apparel.

Giving a BrazilianJiu-Jitsu practitioner a new Gi can never go wrong. And by never, I truly mean never. Even if you get the wrong size, they’ll still be very grateful and happy. After all, it is easy to exchange it with the vendor or in the academy. The sheer diversity of brands, colors, and designs means that you have a vast array to choose from. Trust me, no grappler is going to refuse a brand new Gi as a gift from a loved one. Unless they train at 10th Planet.

For all those die-hard No-Gi fans, there is always a very cool Gi alternative. Just look for the latest Rashguard and spats design and choose the desired size. But there’s no reason to stop there. Since you’re already buying No-Gi training gear, throw in a pair of shorts as well. The only downside of this is that you’re loved one is going to disappear out of your sight the moment you hand them the gift. Where to? Well to the academy, of course, first to brag and then test out the slick-looking gear.

Finally, as grappling martial arts grow in popularity, so does the associated apparel industry. Nowadays there’s no piece of clothing that you can think of, that’s not available in a Jiu-Jitsu-related way. From your compulsory t-shirts and hoodies, all the way to baby clothes and bedsheets, whatever you choose just make sure relates to BJJ and you’re on the right track!

Allow us to suggest a few items that will bring joy to any grappler:

Shogun Fight Jiu-Jitsu Gi Tao Premium BJJ

Jiu-JItsu GiftsAs far as Gi Jiu-Jitsu gifts go, Shogun Fight’s Tao Premium Gi is top of the list. The jacket is 450g Pearl Weave Cotton, coming in at a very lightweight. The Gi is available in black, white and blue color, and a large variety of sizes. The unique aspect of this Gi is the interior of the jacket. On the inside, the lining is completely covered in cool art. All the more, the lining itself is made from rashguard material. The lining extends to the sleeves, which makes this Gi the perfect rahguard+Gi combination. Reinforced ripstop pants complete the experience. 100% IBJJF legal. 

Enjoy A Choke BJJ T-Shirt 

Jiu-JItsu GiftsThis one works as both leisurewear and/or training wear, depending on the preferences of your loved one. In any case, it is a high-quality product, available in black color. the design of the T-shirt is with white letters, saying “Enjoy A Choke” in Coca-Cola style art. Comes in a variety of sizes from extra small to XXXL. The print is sublimated, meaning it won’t peel off or get damaged. Perfectly safe for the washing and drying machine. The material is 100% cotton and hypoallergenic. 

Anthem Athletics MIDNIGHT Ranked Rash Guard 

Jiu-JItsu GiftsLet’s not forget all our No-Gi exclusive significant others, though. One of the best Jiu-Jitsu gifts you can get for a No-Gi grappler is a cool and durable rashguard. This one is going to allow those wearing it to compete in both official IBJJF tournaments, as well as all others. Thre area five designs available, depending on belt rank. Sized from S to XXL, this long sleeves rashguard is perfect for No-Gi training as well as wearing under the Gi. Multi-panel construction, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking properties, and 4-way stretch technology. This rashguard really has it all! 

Grappling Gear

Next on the Jiu-Jitsu gifts shopping list are all the various pieces of training equipment a grappler needs. There are so many to choose from that you’ll be only limited by your imagination. And your budget.

A good, solid gm bag is almost as good as getting a BJJ loved one a Gi. You can go commercial and get a great gym bag for everyday use. But, if you want their face to really glow, go for BJJ specific bags or backpacks. There are plenty of brands out there that have great products designed especially for the need of BJJ athletes. Now your loved one can fit all those gifts you’ve already gotten for them in one place!

Supportive gear is also a big one, especially for more experienced (read injured) grapplers. Finger tape is a huge one for anyone who’s been involved in Jiu-Jitsu for more than a couple of years. Getting them a few rolls of different colored tape is a great way to surprise them! Knee pads are the next big essential thing for the “over 40” grappler. Competition essentials like mouthguards are also a top choice when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu gifts.

Finally, any kind of training equipment that can be used at home is an ideal BJJ present. Think more of kettlebells and grip strengthening equipment rather than squat racks and barbells.

Our suggestions include:

Twister Jiu-Jitsu Backpack

Jiu-JItsu GiftsThere’s no way we can skip over this incredible backpack when discussing JIu-Jitsu gifts! The Twister Jiu-JItsu backpack is a vented convertible duffel/backpack bag that offers both space and versatility. Plus, it is incredibly comfortable to wear because of its anatomical design. Switching between duffle and backpack is easily done in just seconds. Made from extra strong fabric used for motorcycle helmets.  Fully breathable and doesn’t retain odor. Fits two Gis. 

Finger and Toe Cold Gel Ice Pack

Jiu-JItsu GIftsIn terms of common injuries, there are hardly more troublesome ones that finger/toe injuries. In JIu-JItsu, they’re as common as they can get. Although not particularly debilitating, they are painful and take time to heal. The Penguin Fingers’ specialty Cold Gel Pack is a great way to ensure you resolve any finger/toe injury as soon as it happens! Just pull the gel on your finger and prevent the swelling from ever appearing! reusable and easy to carry around. 

Karma Jiu-JItsu Patch 

Jiu-JItsu GiftsEven if you’re totally lost in terms of choosing JIu-Jitsu gifts for your special someone, you can’t go wrong with a patch. And this patch is going to make anyone happy. It is simple, cool looking and easy to put on. Karma’s patch has the BJJ favorite shaka hand sign, along with teh writing “Keep On Rolling”. It looks great and is perfect for decorating a BJJ Gi, backpack or any other piece of equipment. 

Extra BJJ Classes

The whole point of being so deeply immersed in BJJ is the ability to practice BJJ on a regular basis. This means going to classes as much as possible. However, classes do not come cheap, depending on the school and your location on the globe. As such, paying a month’s worth of Jiu-Jitsu classes for a loved one is one way of making them adore you even more.

If you’re looking to make that extra step, say for Valentine or another holiday, instead of a monthly membership, buy a private class with a top instructor for your loved one. The amount of knowledge one can get from a private is only rivaled by the amount of happiness at receiving such a gift.

Digital Content

Still, on the subject of learning but in a completely different setting, digital gifts are also at your disposal. Many of the top-level world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes have online programs that require a monthly or yearly subscription. Get your loved one access to this content and they won’t know how to repay you. Just be wary that they’re going to spend as much time as they can in front of a computer while the subscription lasts.

Another great gift option is instructional DVDs. Most of the top fighters in the world have their content out on a disc, most of them more than one. I’m certain you’ve heard of your loved one’s favorite competitor countless times by now, so it is not going to be that hard to decide what to buy.

You can see a lot of DVD’s and DIGITAL Instructionals HERE.

Competition Fares

If your family member or friend that’s obsessed with BJJ is also a hardcore competitor then you have a direction to think about in regard to Jiu-Jitsu gifts. Competitions in BJJ are not cheap events. It might be baffling to you why instead of fighting for money, your loved one pays to fight, but such is life. So, paying for a tournament registration fee, or arranging travel expenses to a tournament is as great a gift as any. Again, you’re in the best position to know where your loved one is looking to compete. Take that to your advantage and surprise them with a gift!

BJJ Supplements

Last but not least, most of the people in BJJ are really careful about what they eat. Furthermore, they’re most likely using a supplement or two to help them stay on weight or just to stay healthy. If you’re familiar enough with their supplement stack, just look to refill the one that’s almost gone. On the off-chance that you have no idea what supplements to buy, just get a voucher from a supplement store. That way your gift is going to allow your favorite grappler to choose their protein, creatine, vitamins or whatever energy-boosting pre-workout they like to use.

Gold BJJ PreRoll

Jiu-JItsu GiftsIn terms of supplements, this one is a real game changer. It’s not only a great pre-workout supplement, but it’s also BJJ specific! It is a special formula designed to get you into third gear before you even step on the mats. Ingredients are very carefully blended and include caffeine, betaine and more!. The dose is carefully regulated and provides a great punch! Acai flavored for that complete JIu-Jitsu experience! 30 servings with less than 1 gram carbs per serving! 

Best BJJ Christmas Gifts & Presents For 2021

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