The Guillotine Choke Ends the Street Fight – Guy Choked Unconscious

The Guillotine Choke Ended the Street Fight With Guy Choked Unconscious
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The guillotine choke, also known as Mae Hadaka Jime (前裸絞, “front naked choke”; compare to a rear-naked choke) in judo, is a chokehold in martial arts and wrestling applied from in front of the opponent, often on the ground but can also be done while standing. The choke involves using the arms to encircle the opponent’s neck in a fashion similar to a guillotine

The technique is either a type of tracheal compression restraint (wind choke) that prevents airflow to the lungs or a blood choke depending on how and where pressure is applied, the trachea versus arteries respectively. It can be applied both standing and from the ground and can be used as a defense against a double leg takedown. When executed from the ground, the person applying it will try to control the opponent by the hips, for instance using a closed guard. This is done to prevent the opponent from escaping the hold and to be able to apply additional pressure by extending the hips. It is a very effective maneuver when performed correctly. The arm is wrapped around the trachea and the hands are clasped. Pressure is applied upwards to restrict blood flow to the head, eventually causing unconsciousness and, if applied for more time, even death. It is taught in various grappling martial arts and is considered universal to grappling, including Jujutsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Judo, as well as in mixed martial arts competition and exists as one of the most instinctive chokes.[3] The Guillotine can be applied either solely around the opponent’s neck or including an arm, with the standard guillotine taking 8.9 seconds to render someone unconscious and an arm-in guillotine taking 10.2 seconds on average

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