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Kettlebells For BJJ
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One of the most useful conditioning tools for grapplers are kettlebells. Using kettlebells for BJJ conditioning is the most efficient way of developing all the athletic attributes you need in a short amount of time. Even better, training with kettlebells for BJJ conditioning means you do not need much space, nor much equipment. We bring you the best kettlebells for BJJ workout exercises that’ll turn you into a grappling machine

For a long time, barbell training was considered to be the golden standard of strength and conditioning for sports. The staple exercises of squatting, deadlifting and pressing are present in virtually every program you can find. However, if you do not have access to a barbell or hate training in commercial gyms, how can you get in shape for grappling? It is very easy – choose to train with kettlebells from BJJ. These marvelous tools are going to provide you with the option of training every fundamental strength move. Not only that but they’ll open the door to moves you never thought of before. Plus, conditioning is included when you’re training with kettlebells for BJJ.

So, what kettlebells are so special for BJJ strength and conditioning? Well, for starters, they’re oddly shaped objects which tend to move through the air very differently from dumbbells and barbells. Not only that but they come in different weights which means you can train different movement patterns. In terms of kettlebells for BJJ, they offer you movements that very closely mimic the movements we do while rolling. SO if you want to develop bone-crushing strength and a gas tank to match, choose kettlebells for BJJ conditioning. And do not be afraid to go heavy, once you master the proper form.

The Only 6 Kettlebells For BJJ Exercises You Need

Once you decide to get into kettlebells for BJJ, you’ll discover that the world of kettlebell exercises is huge. Actually, there is a whole sport around training with kettlebells. It is not wise to take up a whole sport to help you with another one as you’ll get nothing out of both. So, you’ll need to focus only on certain exercises that actually work for Brazilian JIu-Jitsu.

That said, the idea strength and conditioning training session for grapplers should look something like this: You’ll need to spend the least amount of time while getting the maximum benefit. You’ll need to get both strength and conditioning improvements out of it. It is also preferable to be able to do it at home or at the academy. Furthermore, the less equipment needed, the better. Lucky for you, kettlebells tick all these boxes. They’re as close to the ideal training tool for BJJ as you can get.

However, not all exercises are equally effective for grapplers. Actually, there’s no way you could do all exercises and still train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at a high level. So, we selected the best, proven exercises that can transform you into a grappling machine on the mats. The following 6 kettlebells for BJJ exercises are all you need to take your strength to the next level:

1. Double Kettlebell Clean And Press

Kettlebells For BJJ The Double Kettlebell Clean And Press
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If there’s only one move you can do with kettlebells for BJJ, then this is it. The double kettlebell clean and press is a powerful, full body. It engages both the upper and lower body as well as a number of different pulling and pushing muscles. The double clean and press is going to help you develop strength and power from grappling better than any other tool. With only this exercise, you can get a complete workout that hits nearly every muscle in the body.

On a plus side, the complex nature of the movie has a strong conditioning effect as well.  This is one of the best exercises available for grapplers of all levels.  The exercise might take some time to master, especially the part where you transfer the weight. Make sure you learn the proper form before going really heavy to reap maximum benefits.

2. Double Kettlebell Floor Press

Kettlebells For BJJ The Double Kettlebell Floor Press
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The double kettlebell floor press is the perfect pressing exercise for BJJ. There are two reasons why this exercise beats any bench press variation for grapplers. First, your elbows can’t go all the way down because you’re lying on the floor. This is very much like rolling in BJJ. Furthermore, kettlebells provide a different balanced resistance to dumbbells, again mimicking BJJ.

Technically speaking, the double floor press hits both the shoulders and the chest. It even engages the core. If you’re nursing a shoulder injury then this is The perfect chest exercise for you. When it comes to upper body pushing strength this exercise is unrivaled!

3. Double Kettlebell Bent Row

Kettlebells For BJJ The Double Kettlebell Bent Row
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This is the antagonist move to the double floor press. It is an excellent upper-body pulling exercise with immense benefits for Jiu-Jitsu. The double bent-over row builds back and biceps strength like no other exercise.  Pulling exercises are crucial for grapplers, as we spend most of the time pulling on sleeves, collars, and necks. Moreover, it provides balance in a training program when done along with a horizontal push like the floor press. The better you get at pulling, the stronger you’ll be able to push and vice versa.

4. Double Kettlebell Front Squat

Kettlebells For BJJ The Double Kettlebell Front Squat
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This is the one lower body-specific move on our list. In truth, it is the only one you need. But, where are the deadlifts, you might ask. You don’t need them The double kettlebell front squat has both your quads and hamstrings covered. This is due to the rack position of the kettlebells which are held in front of your body. It is the ultimate lower body strength and power exercise for BJJ.

As with all other kettlebells for BJJ exercises, the front squat has upper body implications as well. It is, in essence, a whole-body exercise that taxes the lower body just a little bit more than the upper. Your shoulders will get a great workout as well, along with your core. upper back and arms.

5. Double Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebells For BJJ The Double Kettlebell Swing
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The kettlebell swing is the exercise most often associated with kettlebells. This exercise has the crucial role of improving total body balance. The swings hit the hamstrings along with your complete core, from the butt to the shoulders.  When you’re looking to build tremendous power from Jiu-Jitsu, this is the exercise you must do on a regular basis. Do the swings with two kettlebells. Even more importantly go heavy. What you’ll get in return from this exercise is increased power, explosiveness, better flexibility, and an unbelievable gas tank.

6. Turkish Get Up

Kettlebells For BJJ The Turkish Get Up
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If you can do only two kettlebell exercises, then the Turkish get-up should be the one to complement the double clean and press. This is essentially a core exercise, although much like the clean and press it hits the whole body. Every range of motion, from pushing, pulling rotating, and stabilizing is included in the Turkish Get-up.

Throughout the Turkish get up your core doesn’t get a second of rest. Along with the core, the shoulders also get a beating, especially in terms of stabilization.  Since you go through a wide range of positions, you’re flexibility and mobility also come into play.

A Simple Kettlebells For BJJ Workout Program

So, what do we mean every time we say train with heavy kettlebells? These are essentially the kettlebells you can only do a few reps with. This is going to require you to have perfect form. it is also going to make you stronger. Depending on the movements and rest times, it is going to help you develop high-level conditioning as a bonus. All in all, with kettlebells for BJJ you get a complete strength and conditioning package.

Now that you know the 6 essential exercises, it is time to organize them into the perfect grappling training session. At first start with low reps, until you get used to the weight,. Once you’re set to go, make 8-10 reps your goal. When you hit 10, it is time to increase the weight. In terms of structure, complex movements should be done as straight sets. Antagonistic upper and/or lower body movements are best done as supersets.

Here’s an example of how you can train with kettlebells for BJJ:

1. Double Kettlebell Clean and Press5 rounds x 5 reps

2. Upper Body Superset:

A1: Double Kettlebell Floor Press5 rounds x 5 reps
B2: Double Kettlebell Bent Over Row5 rounds x 5 reps

3. Lower Body Superset:

C1: Double Kettlebell Front Squat – 5 rounds x 5 reps
C2: Double Kettlebell Swings5 rounds x 5 reps

4. Turkish Get-Ups5 rounds x 3 reps (each side)

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