“Tough” Guys Challenge Pro Fighters And Get Beaten Up

When Guys Challenge Pro Fighters
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It is always fun to see how people think that they can fight when they actually can’t Well it is fun for the trained fighters and everyone watching except the idiots who thought they could fight, and not just fight, but challenge professionals. Here are 5 times when guys challenge pro fighters and end up paying for it dearly.

When Guys Think Real Fighting Is Easy

Watching the UFC or ADCC on your screen seems very easy. So does football or baseball, but if you’re out there on the field you’d get crushed.

However, when it comes to fighting, people somehow assume they are competent to fight. This is particularly true for guys, who oftentimes see themselves as unbeatable… when they are daydreaming.

There have been multiple instances of people challenging professional fighters, whether seriously or for the fun of it, and got way more than they bargained for. Looking at some of those “matches” will brighten your da, especially if you are a martial artist.

What Happens When Regular Guys Challenge Pro Fighters

You probably already know what happens, but it is still fun to see these guys challenge pro fighters and think they have a chance in hell of achieving anything against them, let alone beating them.

Street Fighter vs. Lorenzo Trevino (Boxing)

Let’s start with Lorenzo Trevino, a professional boxer and MMA fighter, and the “notorious” street fighter who decided to put gloves on and challenge him to a boxing match.

The street fighter was lucky that Lorenzo did not go all-out on him, although, to be honest, Trevino did not pull many punches when teaching this guy a very valuable lesson as he picked him apart.

Soldier vs. Carlos Condit (MMA)

While this was done in a good-hearted fashion, as part of support for the troops overseas, it still proves that whenever guys challenge pro fighters it does not end well for them. Fighters do that for a living, and a then-in-prime Carlos Condit is a great example.

When overseas to support the troops, a soldier challenged Condit to a match, and Condit gave him a way out, allowing him to “hit as hard as he was ready to get hit”.

The soldier threw a hard right hand quickly, which prompted Condit to respond in a way you’d expect from a pro fighter. Condit methodically destroyed the soldier with body shots, hooks to the head, and a signature high kick that really rocked the poor fellow.

The best part? He sent him to the floor with a right hand, exactly how the soldier started the entire exchange.

Reporter vs. Alastair Overeem (Grappling)

During his prime, even pro fighters were afraid of “The Reem”, let alone your regular Joe. One reporter, however, thought about mock-challenging him to a grappling match, which did not go the way he planned.

He not only lost the grappling portion but also ate some punches, since Alastair already had gloves on and well, you can’t really tell him not to throw punches if he wants to, can you?

The reporter lunged for an Ouchi Gari, which the Reem stuffed easily, before rag-dolling the poor guy a bit and teasing him with a few body shots that led to a front headlock trip for Overeem and a very dazed and confused reporter on the mats.

Fear Factor Guy vs. Joe Rogan (Grappling)

Joe Rogan might not be an MMA fighter, but he was a kickboxing and Taekwondo fighter and is a legit BJJ black belt. When he hosted the Fear Factor, Joe often times came into situations where guys talked smack at him, but only had to physically react once.

It was when an angry husband tried to lunge at him because Joe called him and his wife out for dumb behavior. Rogan simply collar-tied the guy, keeping his posture broken to diffuse the situation. He could’ve (if he wanted to), thrown the guy around, choke him out or just knee him to the face.

Cool move, Joe.

Comedy Store Guy vs. Joe Rogan (Street altercation)

Speaking of Joe Rogan, he features twice in situations where random “tough “ guys challenge pro fighters.

This one is outside the Comedy Store and is a real-life situation. The guy and Joe have a discussion that turns physical when the guy puts his hands on Joe. Joe warns him not to, and the second time he does it, Joe does a lightning-quick snap down into a front headlock and gets the guy to tap to a standing guillotine choke.

They seem to go on with their discussion afterward.


People wouldn’t challenge pro football players to a showdown in most cases, so when guys challenge pro fighters to a match, which is essentially a fight, it makes you wonder what they’re thinking about. Whatever it is, it ends in one way only, which is quite entraining for all of us watching.

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