Best CBD/HEMP Oil For BJJ in 2020 – A Guide With Reviews

Best BJJ CBD Oil 2019 Guide

BJJ people are mellow and friendly! Well, at least whenever they’re not trying to fight each other like beasts in tournaments are talk Gordon Ryan level trash. There’s a clear dualism in BJJ in the sense of being mellow and having an all-out warrior persona. Still, there’s hardly someone that is so deep in one of these streams that he doesn’t venture into the other. And, as mellow and friendly as BJJ people are, they also like to go sky high and explore grappling areas nobody has explored before. Or so they think. In today’s new brave world of legal cannabis, CBD oil should be a grappler’s best friend. Our top picks for the best BJJ CBD Oil are below: 

So far, we’ve already talked about marijuana and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Yet, CBD oil is a whole different ball game. For all of you purists, there’s no need to get high in order to get all the benefits CBD oil has to offer. Despite offering the very best options and their athletic boosting properties here, we’ll offer you the CBD oil 101 here. Just so you have the whole picture. To make everything simple, the best BJJ CBD oil is going to revolutionize the way you train, and, if you want to, the way you think about Jiu-Jitsu. If you train at any 10th Planet gym, you’re likely to get at least ‘elevated” before rolling. Actually, it happens in almost any academy worldwide, whether it is something the academy is proud or supposedly ashamed of.

What Is CBD Oil? 

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a product derived from hemp. The main difference between CBD oil and your regular variety of cannabis is in THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. In simple terms, the stuff that gets you as high as Joe Rogan can get without DMT. Whereas different strains of cannabis different levels of THC, the best BJJ CBD oil, made from hemp contains only trace amounts of that.

If your oil is derived from marijuana, then you’re going to get the complete package. You’ll get all the health benefits of CBD oil, along with the punch of your favorite variety of weed packs. Only it won’t subside in minutes, but last you way longer and give you a different perspective on things. If you go for the hemp-derived version, you’re skipping all the psychoactive properties. If you only want the pure medicinal properties or are worried about legality, this is your best bet. Having a bit of both to use under different circumstances might just be the ultimate solution. Some hemp CBD daily, with a bit of marijuana oil here and there during open mat is going to make you love Jiu-Jitsu even more.

In terms of benefits, the list is so long it deserves a series of articles. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll keep it painfully simple here. The main benefits of CBD oil are pain relief (most grapplers won’t try to read beyond this) as well as helping you improve your recovery. In that sense, our bodies pose an endocannabinoid system with dedicated receptors for the stuff. Moreover, CBD oil has antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, plus, it’s not toxic at all. Actually, it has next to no side effects, especially compared with the standard NSAID/acetaminophen type painkillers popular nowadays.

Best BJJ CBD Oil Options For 2020

Without further ado, let’s see what 2020 has to offer in terms of the best BJJ CBD oil. With CBD oil, you can use two main ways of consumption: vape or use drops. Since everything in our guide is legal and hemp-derived, the delivery method is via drops only. Consider the legal ramifications of using a marijuana-based product before you go purchasing one though. Not every country has the same regulation on CBD oil, and they may differ even in different counties.

What we have on offer here today are five of the absolute best BJJ CBD oil products that are going to change your grappling life. They’ll let you grapple pain-free (yes, it’s possible) and help you recover faster than ever. You’ll be itching to go each day, while younger grapplers are looking in disbelief at your recovery abilities.

Serenity Hemp Oil

Best BJJ CBD Oil 2019 Serenity Hemp OilSerenity Hemp Oil is our first contender for the best BJJ CBD oil this year. It is an all-natural product that is the perfect day-to-day supplement for grapplers. The dose is 8.3 milligrams per serving, which is 30 drops. The bottle comes 120 milligrams. This CBD oil contains Omega 3 along with Omega 6 fatty acids. This further reduces the need to supplement with them separately. One of the best features of this product is that it comes with a great flavor – orange. This makes consumption a lot more enjoyable.
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This product is made in the USA, in an FDA approved facility. It also ships worldwide, for those that are not in the States. 100% certified organic.

Eden’s Garden Cannabis Essential Oil

Best BJJ CBD Oil 2019 Eden's Garden Cannabis Essential OilThis Cannabis-derived oil is a therapeutic grade CBD. It is blended into carrier oils to help attain a soothing blend. It works perfectly as an anti-inflammatory supplement. As such, it comes particularly useful to grapplers.
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The company, Eden Garden has been voted #1 Non-MLM Essential Oil Company. It is also a top-rated Amazon seller and has been for close to a decade. The oil comes in several different varieties. Namely, there are 5, 10, 30 ml bottles, as well as value packs. The oil is third-party tested and approved. The manufacturer guarantees an all-natural product. PETA and Choose Cruelty-Free (CCF) certified.

Restore CALM Hemp Oil

Best BJJ CBD Oil 2019 Restore CALM Hemp OilAs far as the best BJJ CBD oil goes, this has to be my personal pick. This product contains MCT, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil in addition to a potent dose of hemp oil. It is a premium product, with ultra-high-strength hemp oil content. This CBD oil is going to help you get rid of anxiety, chronic pain, stress as well as improve your recovery. Once again, it is an all-natural, 100% organic product. The addition of other oil helps create a unique and very enjoyable taste.
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The oil is made in a facility that is FDA approved and located in Colorado. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed, along with a full money-back guarantee. Legal in all 50 states.

Sana Premium Hemp Oil Supplement

Best BJJ CBD Oil 2019 taste. Sana Premium Hemp Oil SupplementSana’s pride is in using 100% USA grown hemp for their product. Without a doubt, this is one of the best BJJ CBD Oil products you can get. Even the farming process is a highly confidential secret, providing nothing but the highest grade hemp oil.
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Once again, it is 100% organic and completely natural CBD oil. 250 milligrams of special, no additives custom formula. Tested by PhDs using state of the art technology to ensure maximum quality of the product. Both in house and third party testing is mandatory for every batch. Even the taste is 100% organic and natural, with peppermint being the preferred flavor. Contains 30 servings, 1oz each.

Endocanna Care Cold Pressed Hemp Oil

Best BJJ CBD Oil 2019 Endocanna Care Cold Pressed Hemp OilAn outstanding CBD oil option to help you deal with inflammation, pain, and anxiety. This is before we even mention how it can help you recover from even the most grueling sessions. It contains naturally occurring phytonutrients that give this CBD oil a special charm. On top of it, it contains Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids – everything you might need. It is not psychoactive and comes in a 600 mg bottle.
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The product is the USA made, containing absolutely no artificial flavors and additives. Tested at a reputable 3rd party facility for maximal results. As a bonus, this CBD oil comes cold-pressed, which increases its natural value.

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best-cbd-oil-bjjBJJ people are mellow and friendly! Well, at least whenever they're not trying to fight each other like beasts in tournaments are talk Gordon Ryan level trash. There's a clear dualism in BJJ in the sense of being mellow and having an all-out warrior...