Teen Bullied for Months, Training Jiu-Jitsu for 4 years, Finally Stands Up to Bully

Bullied Teen Who Trains BJJ Stood Up against his Bully After Being punched

Bullying was always a problem but lately, it seems like there’s more bullying in schools than ever. According to Jiu-Jitsu Times, in a video below we have a teen that is training Jiu-jitsu for 4 years and he finally managed to say NO to his bully. We can be sure that this guy won’t attack him again and that’s exactly the reason why training Jiu-jitsu is perfect for your kid. He’ll learn to defend himself and he’ll be able to lower the risk of being bullied.

Anyway, you’re still there to help your kid as much as you can no matter if your kid is training in some martial arts or not. Here are a few pieces of advice that can help you to keep your kid safe.

1. Stay Connected with your child

If your child is feeling alone and powerless he’s the perfect victim for bullies. So it’s very important for your child to maintain connections with faithful friends and supportive adults. They need someone who can tell what’s going on in their life without any doubts about others’ reactions. They need to know you’re there to help them in every aspect of their life without being ashamed or anything else.

2. You should Create Awareness

If your child feels that you will never do anything he won’t even bother telling you his problems. Teach your child that he should create awareness when encountering any problems. Make sure that they don’t feel like cowards once they decide to tell you about bullying. Teach them it’s a bold and powerful move.

3. Explain to your child what Tattling really means

Many times children refuse to say something so they don’t feel like tattles. Explain to your child that that’s exactly what the bully wants them to feel like. It’s one of the ways Bullies feel safe to continue bullying. Once the bully realizes he won’t be safe while bullying your child he loses power and will continue.

4. Act quickly once you find out your child is a victim of bullying

The faster you act the faster bully will stop bullying. The longer bully has the power over his victim the stronger the holds are. The bullies are the strongest once they know no one will take care of their victim. It’s an obvious sign for them to proceed at doing what they’re doing without fear of any consequences.

5. Teach your kid how to act when confronted with a bully

Teach your kids to use direct, unemotional language when confronted with bullies. Teach them to let bullies know they have no intentions to be a victim of bullying. Tell them to follow a few simple steps when talking to a bully:

  • maintain eye contact with a bully without turning their back to them as it’s a sign of fear and discomfort and that’s what bullies are looking for
  • keep voice calm
  • take an appropriate distance from the bully and insist on it
  • use the bullies name what talking to him as using someone’s name is the strongest way to get someone to listen to what you have to say

In Conclusion

Sometimes bullies take control and your child misses the confidence to confront them. That’s one of the main reasons to make your kid train Jiu-Jitsu or any other real martial art. Better safe than sorry.

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