The Referee Fights a Spectator Who Burst Into The Cage to Interfere In The Man vs. Woman MMA Fight

The Referee Fights a Spectator Who Burst Into The Cage to Interfere In The Man vs. Woman MMA Fight

Epic Fighting Championship is a promotion whose events we have not encountered so far. This should come as no surprise, as it is one of a number of Russian organizations, and all of them are constantly competing to offer something on a crowded stage that will attract fans to its content. We often see strange combinations and ideas, which is why the Poles are not far behind the Russians. But this time we will stay in the state from which James Bond also left with love.

We have already seen and written about the struggles of men and women. The Poles had this experiment, where they paired YouTubers, influencers, and personalities from similar currents of society. This Russian promotion did it in a very similar way, pairing porn actor Alexander Pistoletov and the so-called “plus-size blogger,” Sasha Mamahu. And it probably wouldn’t have been anything special if we hadn’t seen something that doesn’t otherwise happen.

At one point, while Pistoletov caught his opponent in an awkward position and set out to harm her, one of her friends jumped into the cage and tried to attack Pistoletov. We just don’t know if it’s more impressive the way he tried it, jumping high towards the desired target, or the way the fight referee noticed, reacted, and eventually stopped the intruder in the arena. He later joined the rest of the security and was removed.

The referee decided to return the participants of the fight to the same position and the porn actor quickly finished the job. But that doesn’t matter, we’re still amazed at the referee’s great reaction. Thumbs Up, Master!

Look at that circus below with your own eyes, it will pay off.

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