Relson Gracie Shows an Amazing “Reading Newspaper” Armbar

Relson Gracie Shows an Amazing “Reading Newspaper” Armbar

There’s a huge chance you’ve never seen this one.

Once you start training Jiu-Jitsu, the armbar is probably the first submission you’ll learn. You’ll learn just a basic variation for the most part, but actually, there are a lot of them.

In the video below, Jiu-Jitsu red Belt and Helio Gracie’s son, Relson Gracie, teaches the “Reading Newspaper” armbar variation and it’s a very good one for isolating your opponent’s arm.

Special emphasis is placed on wrist control with both hands to keep your opponent’s arm isolated as much as possible. Once your opponent figures out what’s going on it will be hard for him to pull his hand out, and that’s the main focus of this armbar.

Armbar variations like this “reading newspaper” are usually pretty fast submissions without your opponents seeing them coming because your legs are not used to control your opponent’s body and posture, but only to isolate your opponent’s arm.

It’s definitely worth a try.


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