Nick Diaz Is Not Ready To Retire From MMA Yet: His Coach Reveals When He’ll Fight Again

Nick Diaz Is Not Ready To Retire From MMA Yet: His Coach Reveals When He'll Fight Again

The legendary fighter from Stockton has not registered a victory since 2011

Fans of the mixed martial arts were relieved when word emerged from the UFC last year that Nick Diaz would return to the cage. After a six-and-a-half-year absence, one of the most popular fighters in the sport has returned to the cage against Robbie Lawler.

The action of the bout was good, but Nick lost technically in the third round, and opinions about it were divided. Some people believe that the two veterans put on a decent fight with plenty of excitement; others think Diaz’s release was sad, and disappointing, and believe his era has gone.

The fact that Diaz fought again after losing to Weidman was not known for a long time. Nick has been waiting since 2011 to win, and in his last four fights, he has suffered three defeats and a “no contest” against Anderson Silva.

Nick Diaz’s great rival Georges St-Pierre feels that Nick Diaz squandered his greatest fighting years and that his prime has passed. It’s easy to agree with the legendary Canadian, but it appears Nick Diaz will be back in a cage soon.

Cesar Gracie, Cesar Gracie BJJ Hall’s head coach and Nick’s trainer, announced on social media that we will be seeing Diaz in the cage once again.

“Follow Nick Diaz’s fight that will happen by the end of this year,” Gracie wrote in his Instagram post.

The question is who will Nick Diaz be paired with in the promotion. Robbie Lawler was an excellent choice, but picking a new adversary might not be easy. Many people want to see Diaz vs. someone more prominent, but those are the greatest fighters that aren’t a good idea when it comes to looking for Nick’s next opponent. The UFC will have to make a decision regarding this issue. Dana White was against the notion of ​​Diaz continuing to fight following his bout with Lawler.

”I was impressed with his return in September (ninth month). I talked to Lawler and he only had respect for Nick and the way he fought. But no matter how good Diaz looked, I don’t think he should fight anymore. He’s a grown man, he can do whatever he wants, but I don’t think he does this because he loves sports. He fights because he has to,” Dana White said at the time.

Whether Diaz should fight or not is not up to us to decide. The decision is his, as will the decision of many fans to watch his new match, regardless of whether the best days are behind him.

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