Best Budget Grappling Gear To Get In The Summer Of 2021

Best Budget Grappling Gear Cover

It is time to do some shopping. In fact, this is the perfect time to do some grappling gear shopping. The Covid-19 pandemic is still at large, but protocols are in place to re-open gyms. That man’s that this is the best time to stock up on some budget grappling gear and be ready for the comeback. Why not take advantage of the best-priced deals available this summer and make sure you’re ready to catch up on grappling in the second half of 2021?

Let’s all be honest, we all love to do grappling gear shopping! Some of us have that obsession with owning as many Gis as possible, even though there’s hardly a chance to wear all of them on a regular basis. Personally, I’m more of the rashguard collecting type of guy, particularly those bright colored and wacky ones. To everyone their own. However, grappling gear can often be quite expensive, given that it has to be sturdy and resilient, otherwise there’s no point to it, is there? Every now and again, however, deals came up that you simply can’t let slide without taking advantage of. Below, we have the best budget grappling gear deals for the summer of 2021 that you can’t afford to miss out on!

Grappling Gear Shopping Guide

OF course, quality is the number one factor when it comes to grappling gear. There’s no real point in wearing a Gi that’ll rip in a few weeks, or those running rashguards with mesh webbing all over that’ll tear in the first scramble. Specialized grappling gear is the way to go. Usually, this type of specialized grappling gear comes at a price, though, particularly the high-quality stuff. Now, I don’t really know why sometimes the top brands out there release amazing deals on high-quality stuff, but they do. What I know, is how to dig them up online, and share them with you.

Speaking of brands, I made it a point to only include brands that guarantee quality. That does not necessarily mean that you’ll see the most famous grappling gear brands included, though. Sometimes, it is lower-key brands that have their eye set on quality. When the price also matches a specific criterion (budget shopping n this article’s case) than we have the perfect combination. Moreover, as always, I did try to focus on gear that offers as much variety of color and design-wise as possible. Just for the fun of it.

In our best budget grappling gear shopping guide you’ll find everything and anything grappling related. From Gis and rashguards to puzzle mats and athletic finger tape, all the crucial pieces of equipment you’ll need to grapple are included. Of course,  variety means something for both the ladies and the gentlemen in there, so we have that covered as well. In other words, everything you need to either kit up completely for grappling or simply add a specific item to your gym bag, you’ll find right here, a couple of clicks away!

The Cheapest Grappling Gear To Get In 2021!

The criteria for the budget grappling gear below was simple. First up it had to fall within a certain price range. Given the large variety of grappling gear, I focused on making sure nothing passes the $100 mark. However, with the exception of a couple of items, most things are way below the $50 mark, which is not something you see every day. Particularly not when you take into account the second crucial criteria – quality. All of the items below are of the highest possible grade, given the availability and materials used.

The third and final criteria were more on the aesthetic side of things. For some reason. We do like to try and stand out, even among fellow grapplers. It is probably one of those animal kingdom type of things, where the animal with the most colors attracts the most attention. That’s why we have crazy pink Gis and the most unbelievably ridiculous sublimated art on rashguards, mouthpieces, and other pieces of grappling gear. So, I did try to focus on products that offer variety, so that you can still peacock around the gym, however at a fraction of the price that those items would usually cost, and losing none of the quality.

Venum Contender 2.0 Gi

Best Budget Grappling Gear GI


  • 100% Cotton
  • EVA Foam soft collar
  • IBJJF Approved
  • Ultra-fast clamping system by rope
  • Pre Shrunk
  • Pearl weave

First, up, let’s look at a Gi. The brand is Venum, which should mean more than enough if you’ve been training for longer than a few weeks. If not, let me explain – they’re one of the best MMA, BJJ, and grappling gear brands in existence today. Their Contender Gi series is legendary by now, and what we have on offer here today is the 2.0 version of this particular Gi.

IN terms of quality, it is a 100% cotton Gi, with a pearl weave. The jacket weighs 350 gsm, with the pants coming in at 230 gsm. Furthermore, the jacket has rounded reinforced sloths and an EVA foam collar that is designed to last through all the gripping that’s inevitably coming its way. The pants are ripstop, with reinforced stitching on the inside and at the ankles. The only drawback of this GI (if you could call it that) is that it does not come with a belt.

The available sizes range between A1 and A4, with half sizes included in the form of A1,5 and A2,5. There are 5 colors available, with grey and navy blue joining the three IBJJF legal competition colors of white, black, and blue. Depending on color and size, this Gi will set you back $36-$90 which is a real bargain!

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Ring to Cage Grappling Knee Pads

Best Budget Grappling Gear Knee Pads


  • Molded padding
  • Mirrors knee movement
  • Polyester Flex back
  • Durable
  • Shock absorbent pads

The knees are among the joints that take a lot of abuse in BJJ. One thing almost everyone struggles with when they start BJJ is mat burns on the knees. Since we’re all starting over after the Covid-19 break anyway, this means we should come in prepared for such an occasion. And that is precisely where the Ring to Cage Grappling Knee Pads come into play.

These knee pads are specifically designed for grappling and combat sports. They come with specially molded padding on the front, that protects from both abrasions and impact. Moreover, protection extends to the knee caps and menisci, making training less painful. The material is ultra-durable Nylon at the front and polyester-flex at the back. This allows the pads to mimic knee movement perfectly, not restricting the natural range of motion at all. These knee pads come in a pair, in sizes S-XL, and black color. They fit under a Gi perfectly and only cost $24.

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Nike Women’s Swoosh Sports Bra


  • Pull-On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Dry-Fit technology
  • Allows for a full range of motion
  • Snug compression fit

Something for the ladies here. When it comes to wearing sports bras under the Gi, there are not many options out there that are designed to make you comfortable in BJJ. Well, that’s all about to change, thanks to the Nike Women’s Swoosh Sports Bra.

These are both perfect for training No-Gi, or using underneath the Gi. They’re made out of a polyester and spandex fabric mix that’s dries lightning fast and has extreme moisture-wicking properties. The closure is an elastic pull-over, meaning nothing will get in the way while grappling. Guaranteed compression fit,  support, increased blood flow and reduced fatigue. Machine washable and available in sizes XXS-XXXL. Four different colors (red, blue, black, and carbon are available.

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Venum Gladiator 3.0 Rashguard(Long Sleeved)

Best Budget Grappling Gear Rashgaurd


  • Reinforced seams
  • Incredible design in different color versions
  • Venum compression technology
  • Athletic cut
  • Rubberized waistband
  • Long-sleeved

This rashguard is a real classic. Why would Venum for a third version of the same rashguard otherwise? The Gladiator 3.0 is yet another Venum fight wear staple that’s perfect for anything combat sport-related. MMA, BJJ, Grappling, Crossfit, even surfing, if you do one or all of the above you’ll have great use of the Venum Gladiator 3.0 rashguard. Plus, it looks extremely cool!

This rashguard is a Venum signature blend of 87% Polyester and  13% Elastane. It provides both compression as well as 4-way stretching properties that guarantee comfort and no restriction in movement. The reinforced seams provide extra durability Venum technology also ensures improved blood circulation and a faster recovery. Comes in an athletic cut, with a rubberized waistband, and in sizes S to XXL. High quality sublimated art is the key feature of this rashguard, available in two different versions: completely black and black and white. The price for one of the best rashguards of all time is just $50 in this deal!

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Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard

Best Budget Grappling Gear Mouthguard


  • Strapless or strapped options
  • Boil and bite fitting
  • Extreme shock absorbing qualities
  • Works with braces
  • Multi-layered construction

An integral piece of grappling gear there’s probably nothing smarter than investing in a secure and ultra-high quality mouthguard for grappling. However, that investment does not necessarily have to be a huge one to get the quality you need for BJJ training. Shock Doctor is the undisputed champions in the field of mouthguards for combat sports.  |their Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, though, is a mouthpiece that will suit everybody’s needs and will cost you next to nothing.

This is a boil and bites mouthpiece, suitable for kids, adults, and even those wearing braces. There’s a special shock-absorbent system that protects against direct impact, plus extended protection to the cheeks, tongue, and palates. A unique trait is the $10.000 dental warranty that comes with each piece. On top of everything, there’s an option for a strapless and strapped version, although I doubt anyone in grappling would opt for a strapped mouthguard. The sizes available are adult and youth, given that they’re completely adjustable via the boil and bite method. Comes in black color and barely costs $5!

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Bear KomleX Compression Knee Sleeves

Best Budget Grappling Gear Knee Sleeves


  • High-quality bamboo charcoal fiber material
  • Snug fit and extra support
  • Reduced pain and increased blood flow
  • 360-degree comfort
  • Available in 5mm and 7mm thickness

Another pair of knee sleeves that got on our budget grappling gear shopping guide, just because they’re so awesome. They look great, provide compression and support, and the much-needed layer of protection against abrasions. Although they fit under the GI  I doubt you won’t want to show these off, given that they come in many interesting designs.

These knee sleeves provide optimal comfort and support, increasing blood flow and reducing pain They cover a large area, from your thigh to the shinbone, making them perfect for No-Gi. Machine washable and resistant to tears, while providing 4-way stretching, they’re perfect for any type of combat sport. They are available in sizes S-XXL and 11 different colored and themed designs. The price is an unbelievable $35 for a pair!

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Prosource Fit Extra Thick Puzzle Mats

Best Budget Grappling Gear Puzzle Mats

  • Features:
  • Dense and durable
  • Covers 24 square feet
  • Simple Assembly
  • Lightweight
  • High-density EVA foam
  • Safe and low-maintenace

How about some mats? Not quite individual grappling gear, but essential gear nonetheless. Perhaps you’re looking for mats for your home or looking to replace the old ones in the gym. Whatever the case, these Prosource mats are the answer. They are puzzle mats that come in several different varieties and sizes and are tailor-made for grappling.

Prosource’s puzzle mats come in tiles that are extra dense and extremely durable. The mats are very lightweight and easy to carry, and they connect very easily. They are made out of high-quality, extra dense EVA foam, making them thicker and therefore softer than most other mats out there. In other words, picture-perfect for grappling and combat sports. They’re water-resistant and even feature noise reduction capabilities. The mats come in blue-black or grey color, and two thickness options, 1” and ¾”. Size depends on how big a surface you need to cover with them.

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Diamond MMA Cup Groin Protector

Best Budget Grappling Gear Groin Cup


  • Designed for repeated high impacts
  • 4-strap jock system closure, or as part of compression shorts
  • Soft elastomer edge
  • Made from the same material as bulletproof glass
  • Does not shift
  • Endorsed by MMA athletes, doctors, Stanford University engineers, and urologists

Something exclusive for the lads here. The diamond MMA Groin Cup protector is the only one you’ll ever need for combat sports. This crucial piece of grappling gear is made with cutting-edge technology and is both extremely comfortable to wear, and just as reliable when it comes to protecting your valuable body parts.

This groin protector features special geometry that deflects and distributes force. At the same time, there’s no chuffing or vibration as a result of the soft elastomer inside edge. In fact, the material this cup is made of is the same that they make bulletproof glass out of. That should ease your mind. There’s a 4-strap jock system that ensures the cup stays in place and doesn’t move at all, regardless of your motion or impact. Backed by urologists, the Diamond Cup comes in adult and youth sizes, and a black and blue design. This state-of-the-art groin protector is available at the incredible price of just $29!

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ARD Camo Shorts

Best Budget Grappling Gear Shorts


  • Stretchable polyester fabric
  • Multiple flex panels
  • Split seam for superior mobility
  • Improved Velcro closure
  • T3 stitching seams
  • Inner pocket for motuhguard

A pair of grappling shorts that would go great with either the Venum Gladiator rashguard or the ladies CHOO bra and thighs kit. Or, just on their own,  if you prefer so. These camo themed shorts are designed for grappling, with durability and functionality in mind. They look great, feel great, and come at an unbelievable price you can’t miss!

Shorts are probably the most fundamental piece of grappling gear (in No-Gi) after a mouth guard, of course. These particular shorts are made from polyester and special stretchable fabric to ensure there are no tears even during most vigorous grappling exchanges. They’re lightweight, with multiple flex panels that ensure maximal mobility. They also feature a split seam for superior flexibility. Available in sizes S-XL and with sublimated high-quality camouflage art.

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Takedown Fight Gear BJJ T-Shirt

Best Budget Grappling Gear T-Shirt

  • Features:
  • 100% Soft spun cotton
  • 45oz
  • Stylish design
  • Tear-away tag

Something that you might use for training, or just as leisurewear here. This is a simple T-shirt that features a very cool design in several different varieties. Whether you wear it under the Gi, for NO-Gi, for MMA training, or just to show everyone that you’re living the grappling lifestyle, this is the perfect option for the summer of 2021.

IT is the simplicity of this design that really catches the eye. The T-shirt comes in either a black or white background. At chest level, there’s a print saying “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” and there’s also an octagon beneath it. The liters come in two color combinations – either green and blue, or red and grey, available on both of the background colors. The T-shirt itself is made in the USA, 100% cotton, and with a tear-away tag. Available in all the usual sizes, for just $18.

No products found.

ASICS Aggressor Ear Guard

Best Budget Grappling Gear Earguard


  • Injected molded EVA guards
  • High impact resistant
  • GEL cushioning system
  • Adjustable strap system
  • One size fits all
  • Classic look

While not everyone in Jiu-Jitsu likes to wear an ear guard, it is always a smart idea to have one on. It only takes a few re-occurring ear injuries for cauliflower ears to form. And, despite some people wearing them as badges of honor, not everyone loves them. The ASICS Aggressor ear guard is a piece of grappling gear that’s perfect for Jiu-Jitsu folks in particular, due to the lightweight and adjustable design.

The ear guards on each side are injected with molded EVA foam, making them extremely resilient to abrasions, direct impact, or whatever force might come your way during grappling. There’s a special GEL cushioning system to ensure safety and increase comfort. Moreover, there is a strap system that’s extremely easy to adjust by yourself. There’s no helmet to speak of, just the guards and the straps, with a simple shape that’s great for BJJ, particularly with the Gi.  The ear guards come in one size, given the full adjustability, and in 7 different colored designs. Depending on the model, you’ll end up paying $14-$35.

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Iinim Men’s Singlet

Best Budget Grappling Gear Singlet


  • Quick to dry
  • Breathable and super soft
  • Machine washable
  • Polyester and Spandex blend with 4-way stretch capabilities

This is something that’s only for a handful of people involved in grappling. While BJJ people do like to wear brightly colored Gis and rashguards depicting anything and everything from the animal kingdom, you’ll rarely catch them in wrestling style singlets. Well, for those that are brave enough, or simply like to wrestle more than any other type of grappling, here’s a great option.

The Iinim singlet is sleeveless, with a tank-style scoop neck. It is breathable, super soft, and has an extreme ability to stretch. The fabric is such that you stay dry even during rigorous physical activity. The singlet is available in black, blue, and white, and sizes small to extra-large, all for the price of $15.

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Meister StickElite Professional Athletic Tape

Best Budget Grappling Gear Finger tape


  • Strongest adhesive on the market
  • Special porous design
  • Zigzag edge
  • Latex-free
  • Does not slip off or come undone

When it comes to grappling gear, there’s no way we can do a guide and not mention athletic tape. GI, NO-Gi, wrestling, Sambo Judo, you name it, out of three athletes two will have athletic tape wrapped around a wrist or two. Well, the Meister athletic tape is top of the shelf, but at the same time, it won’t cost you a small fortune every month.

First of all, this tape has the strongest adhesive available, meaning it’ll never come off, regardless of what you’re doing. The special porous design featuring micro holes guarantees airflow to reduce sweating and increase comfort. Moreover, they’re easy to tear by hand because of the integrated zigzag edge. It is latex-free and coms in dimensions 5yd x 0.5in (13.7m x 1.3cm). The color is black and you can choose between the option to get two rolls for $7.99, or four for $12.99.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between grappling and Jiu-Jitsu?

Technically speaking Jiu-Jitsu falls under the category of grappling martial arts. That makes BJJ part of grappling, but not the other way around. Other examples of grappling martial arts are wrestling, Sambo, Judo, catch-wrestling, etc. Apart from stylistic differences, there are also differences in the rules between them. The common threads are that there are no strikes.

Is Jiu-Jitsu just grappling?

Yes, Jiu-Jitsu is a part of grappling. However, the Gi and even specific No-Gi attire, rules, and techniques make BJJ a unique martial art, even among those of a grappling origin.

What kind of grappling gear do I need for BJJ?

Depending on what type of class (or entire academy) you are going to attend, you’ll either need to wear a Gi or No-Gi grappling gear. For Gi, you’ll need a jacket, pants, and a belt, although it is advisable to also wear a rashguard and spats underneath. For No-Gi a rashguard and shorts will do, but spats are once again advisable. In both situations, any supportive BJJ gear you might need (like ear guards, kneepads, mouthguards, finger tape, etc.) are also allowed.

What kind of grappling gear do I need for No-Gi?

The bare minimum is a T-shirt and shorts. A rashguard beats a T-shirt for Jiu-Jitsu training any day, and having spats underneath the shorts is also a good idea. Apart from that, you can use any additional/supportive grappling gear you might need for training. In some academies, watering Gi pants and rashguard will also work for No-Gi classes.

What is essential grappling gear for MMA?

In terms of MMA grappling the main difference si whether or not grappling training will include strikes on the ground and ground and pound. In that case, additional gear like hand wraps and gloves will accompany the usual grappling attire. A helmet might be in place of an ear guard and a mouthguard is not optional in this case.

Final Words

If there was ever a perfect time to add to your grappling gear, it has to be in the moment right after getting back on the mats after a pandemic. There are some great products available at great prices, and people are not looking unsure of when they’ll be coming back. This is your chance to stock up, as BJJ is coming back around the world and it is a question of time when training will resume in your area. Be ready for it with new grappling gear that won’t derail your budget!

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