BJJ Gi Size Guide

BJJ Gi Size Guide
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What is your BJJ Gi size? This is the one question every Gi grappler will ask at a certain point in time. for most, it comes the moment you decide you’re serious about Jiu-Jitsu and start asking about getting that first Gi. That’s the moment when you realize that BJJ can actually get even more complicated. On top of all the technical stuff you’re trying to figure out, now you get information on BJJ Gi size, Gi material, weaves, brands, etc. Well, most of this stuff is pretty individual, and we’ll touch on that a bit later on. However, if you mess up the BJJ Gi size, you’ll only end up selling it, and at a much cheaper price than the original. In reality, Gi sizes are not that hard to figure out, and all you need are a few pointers.

So what’s the big deal? can’t yoу just measure sleeves and waist and go for what the specifications say? Unfortunately, with BJJ Gi’s it is not that simple. Just trying to figure it out without trying it on (which is most often the case) will lend you either a Gi too small or too big. Not to mention issues with fitting, jacket length, pants tightness, etc. Choosing the right BJJ Gi size is a much bigger deal than you think. The reason is simple – BJJ Gis are made to last. So when you buy one that’s a bad fit, you probably won’t be able to buy another straight away, given the price. So, apart from a functional, there’s also a financial aspect to it.

BJJ GI Size Charts

In terms of BJJ Gi size, all manufacturers usually include charts. The charts contain a host of different sizes that usually overlap in certain regions. Plus тхере arе all these abbreviations with letters and numbers that’ll surely make you feeл lost. to be honest, I’m still having difficulties when ceratin companies decide to release Gi sizes marked with decimals. It is like straight out of a Harry Potter movie, and not at all fun when you need to cough up a couple of hundred bucks.

That said, all those things actually have a very precise meaning. the usual order of things has a letter, to begin with, followed by a number. The letters vary between A for Adult males, F for adult females, and M for both male and female children. The border between an adult and a child is 15 years of age when the  Adult Gi sizes start to fit better. In that sense, both with adults and children, you have to think in advance. there’s no point in buying a Gi that you’ll outgrow in a year, whether it is in height or in girth.

Getting a bit more specific in terms of BJ jGi charts, remember that each brand has their own size chart. And, despite the somewhat unified way of providing size information (as above) the actual sizes of Gis vary wildly between different types. That said, a common BJ Jcahrt will usually contain the Gi size, as well as info on the weight and height variances that are the best fit. Thre are also the ultra-complicated BJJ gi size chart, one that shows the size accompanied by sleeve length, pants length, weight, and even a comparison to usual apparel sizes. However, there are also several hugely important things that you won’t find in Gi size charts.

Gi Brands And Shrinkage Rates

Let’s talk a bit about brands before we move on to the one thing that’ll catch even the most meticulous grappler by surprise. Ther are hundreds of BJJ Gi brands out there, and as expected, not all of them make great Gis. However, this is pretty hard to quantify, as Gi’s choice is a very individual thing. I, for example, like lightweight Gis far more than any other type of gi. However, I know people that like really heavyweight Gis and so they focus on brands that make them. Once again, know that an A1 gi form one brand and from another might be a whole world apart. For example, I usually wear an A1 in any and all Manto variations I’ve tried. However, with an Atama Gi, I’m at A2, and probably to tight to make it through official Gi checks in most tournaments.

Speaking of different models, keep in mind that these can also vary. Within one brand, there can be models that have so many different features, that they require charts of their own for each. Moreover, make sure you read the charts carefully and pay particular attention to height and weight. Those are your two major references to getting the right BJJ Gi size, even when you’re ordering online.

Finally, there’s a shrinkage rate. Although most Gis nowadays claim they come pre-shrunk, this is not the case. And whit Gis, in particular, are subject to notable shrinkage. So much so, in fact, that you might end up with one, or even two sizes smaller Gi, depending on how you’ve been washing it. Even when following washing directions to a “T”, you should still expect some shrinkage from all Gis. that’s why teh charts usually list the same size for people that have a10 lbs weight difference and several inches height difference.

A Few More Gi Buying Tips And Tricks

The fact that Gis are usually sold online makes things particularly difficult as you need to trust measurements and charts. The best thing would be to try the same Gi you’re looking at from someone in the academy. that way you can gain at least a feeling of what size you should aim for. Moreover, you can actually feel the Gis material and cut, which are also hugely important when it comes to comfort.

When you’re trying to find the perfect BJ jGi size for you, apart from charts and taking shrinkage into account, you’ll need to know a couple of other things too. For once, you need to understand weave.  Ther are several out there, from single, through double to pearl and diamond weaves. All have different thickness, weight, and different tensile strengths. This is only in regard to the jacket, as the pants are usually ripstop and quite durable as such.

Moreover, you’ll need to watch out for color. Yes, “Hello Kitty” Gis are fun, as might camo ones be fro someone. However, competing is only allowed if you have a white, blue or black. Unless you fulfill this rule, there’s no stepping on th mats. So it would be smart to figure out the size chart, weight and height, shrinkage rate, weave (the type of Gi) and finally, color. Only then can you risk it and wait for a few days to see what you’re left with.



All in all, getting a new Gi si addictive. You’ll soon be well off building your own Gi collection. Until such time though, getting a different BJJ Gi Size other than optimal is going to really derail you. First, you won’t be able to train, then you’ll need to pay for a different Gi. Exchanges are possible within your academy but don’t rely on that too much. It is far better to be precise, and be particularly diligent when looking at BJJ Gi Charts. After, all, once you buy a couple of Gis this way, you’ll know exactly what your size and preferences are for future occasions.

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