Out sized BJJ Blue Belt vs Hapkido 6th degree Black Belt

Jiu Jitsu Blue belt vs Hapkido Black belt 6th dan

A 17 Year Old (135 lbs.) Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under 7 x IBJJF World Champion Samuel Braga / Brown Belt in The Collier Method of Judo faces a 30 Year Old (175 lbs.) 6th Degree Hapkido Black Belt at the KBMA World Grappling Championships in Concord, North Carolina (13 May 2017).

Hapkido is self-defense focused martial art that in involves both grappling and striking techniques. Compared to BJJ though, it simply isn’t on the same level and it can’t compare with BJJ in terms of grappling.

The BJJ practitioner is just a blue belt which is the first belt level after white. Now, in most martial arts you would not think that the first belt level makes you proficient enough to overcome a black belt level opponent in another martial art but BJJ is a little different.

It usually takes few years of training BJJ until you reach your blue belt and fighting agaisnt someone that have no BJJ training at all things become really easy.

In this Video also BJJ guy is out sized and he’s only 17 fighting against grown man.

Check it out in a video below

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