Heel Hook Finish In A Street Fight (VIDEO)

Heel Hook Finish In Street Fight
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu might not be the most glamorous way to engage in a street fight, but in a 1 on 1 scenario it has yet to fail. Here is an example of a heel hook finish ending a scrappy street fight with lots of cringy grappling in it.

Would you use Jiu-Jitsu in a street fight? If your answer is “it depends on the situation” then you are one of the smart ones. Going for a heel hook finish in a street fight might not seem like a good idea, but when a street fight enters grappling mode, pretty much anything is a go. Obviously, knowing leg locks can come in handy, even if you do them like in the WWE.

In the video below, a recording of a street fight shows two people engaged in a street fight, with one of them clearly intent on grappling his way to victory. Preceding the heel hook finish of the fight, as the video starts the “grappler” is holding some sort of a very bad single leg takedown position.

The other person is obviously heavier and throws several punches to the abdomen and ribs of the “grappler”, who eventually gets the fight to the ground, getting in top half guard. He then decides to stand to his feet, getting a heel hook grip on one leg as the bottom person tries some hook kick/up kick hybrid.

The “grappler” is now obviously set to go for a heel hook finish, and he sits back, throwing a leg over to enter a sloppy double outside ashi, with an outside heel hook now pretty tight.

He is forced to roll once, as the other guy preceded to kick him with the free leg, but at the end, gets a cranking heel hook finish, as the onlookers (and whoever is recording) urge the other guy to tap out.

A guy comes to pull them apart after the tap.


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