Andre Galvao Releases a Statement: ‘I Forgive Gordon Ryan’

Andre Galvao Releases a Statement: 'I Forgive Gordon Ryan'

Few days after the incident, Andre Galvao decided to speak about the incident with Gordon Ryan. After Gordon Ryan explained what happened and why he slapped Andre, Galvao responds in a different manner.

You can read  below what Andre Galvao said about the incident, the way he sees it,  why he didn’t react, and a lot more about him

“First of all, I would like to apologize to all of you guys, to my family, my students, my team, to Jiu-Jitsu community, for being involved in this situation

It was a said situation, I’m not proud of what happened. I was wrong from the beginning.

The first thing I was wrong was that I flipped on Gordon and then I went back to him, towards him, I cursed and I’ve said some bad words. I tried to talk to him, communicate something. I wasn’t ready for aggression or anything, but I’ve said some bad things and then violence escalated.

Gordon slapped me and I maintained calm and I recognized I made a mistake, and I knew that consequences could come. So I pushed him, he surprised me and I truly made a mistake for being involved in all that. Even a few months ago I was involved in this situation.

So, why I didn’t fight back.

I know how to fight. I was fighting professionally my entire life. I know how to do it, I know what is a fight. I know that fighting in the streets has no rules. I knew that I could pay the consequences and I had to care about my future.

There could be something really nasty. So we never know what could really happen. We don’t know when we respond the same way. Things can be worse, and I thought about my work and everything… I controlled myself. I knew if I escalate the violence something nasty can happen.

Fortunately, I didn’t react, I was calm, I spit it out. I said everything that was in my heart. I feel good about this. I can breathe. I have a good feeling about that right now, I’m in peace.

I’m a martial arts teacher and Jiu-Jitsu is not a street fight. I knew that a street fight is completely different than fighting on a mat. I was aware of everything and I thank God.

So, what I think about trash talk.

I think trash talk is good to promote a fight, but it’s not good for life. People start talking things to each other and that’s escalating and people can get hurt in the real world.

I thought there was a way to promote a fight. I fought for my entire life. I fought professionally and all that. But I also know there is a law on the streets. For everything you do, there are consequences, especially when done out of control.

I decided to be away from this. Trash talk has consequences, like I said people can get hurt in the real world. It’s not cool, it’s not nice, I’m proof of that. I don’t want to be involved in this.

Everything I achieved in my life I achieved with a lot of work and ethics, positivity, and with God. I know that I could do a mistake and things could get worse. Now it’s time to fix it.

People want me to kill this guy. They say to do this, do that… I don’t want to keep the spirit of revenge in myself and that’s not me. People who know me know that’s not me. I wanna take this negativity off of my life.

I wanna keep on my purpose. I have a beautiful family. I was off the path for the last couple of months being involved in this thing.

So, what am I really gonna do with Gordon Ryan right now? I will forgive him. I forgive Gordon Ryan.

I recognized my mistake. People tell me to do differently but I forgive him because I don’t think this is the way, I don’t think so.

I don’t want any of my students, anyone from my team to be involved in this. And what I want to do from now on is to keep my legacy through my family and my students. Doing the best as I always did and get back to my purpose. My purpose is to inspire people, to help people, to motivate people, and my purpose is to be the example of the man of God. I want to be back to that.

Everything that I achieved in my life was with god. You can say anything you want, but to be able to do everything that we did here is amazing. I can see this more and without God I’m nothing.

Jiu-Jitsu is an art of self-control. I used Jiu-Jitsu out there. I used martial arts. When the violence escalated I said wait, I controlled myself. I know the words of God. I know there are consequences for everything you say, everything you do.

I was very calm at the moment and I thank God to give me tranquility there. I teach my students how to fight on the mat, not to fight on the streets and I do the best for them.

For my entire life, I was building such a beautiful legacy out there. We’re one the best teams in the world. I decided to share a little piece of my work I give 50% on my online school. I want to share with people how I do things. how I teach. I want to show how our work here is so beautiful. That’s what I want to do, that’s what in my heart.

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I believe that was a big lesson, I recognize that. Sometimes we have to learn a lesson like that. I hope you guys can learn from my example. Thanks, everyone for messaging me and supporting me. I have to back to my purpose. Jesus is the way and truth and without him I’m nothing. Keep praying for me, God Bless you guys.” – said Andre Galvao



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