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After Gordon Ryan Slapped Andre Galvao he told Andre Galvao why he did it.

“I have to give an interview, the athletes have to give interviews after fights. Maybe if you fought you would have to do an interview”

“You act like a little kid” – Galvao replied

“I went to shake your hand because that’s what we do after the competition and you foot me off and you called me a pushy. I smacked you over your f… mouth and you walked away from me.” -explained Gordon Ryan

What’s even more interesting Gordon Ryan wrote on his Instagram profile that he was, actually, defending himself from Andre Galvao.

What do you think? Did Gordon have any reason to slap Andre? Their online altercations went too far this time?

Gordon also wrote a message:

“Message to competition black belts – please stop being so “dogshit” terrible after 30 years of training. At this point, I’m literally offering my own money to people just to beat me. I’m offering shit bag @gustavoebatista 5k and he gets to START MOUNTED WITH MY HANDS OVER MY HEAD.

Could you imagine declining an offer like that when literally no one knows who you are in the 1st place and you’re getting paid more for one match than you would’ve made all year through all revenue streams combined? IM LETTING HIM START MOUNTED?. He called me out and was mad I said the Atos guys don’t actually know moves. Well not only do I challenge him to a match, where he starts in the mount, but I challenge him to name a SINGLE discernible move that his buddy actually tried yesterday because there wasn’t one lmao.

I also love how Gustavo started talking shit, then challenged me to an IBJJF match, which literally no promoter in their right mind would organize, due to the inherent promotion of stalling with their rules. Or the fact that he says I’m scared to face HIM in IBJJF rules, yet I’m a double gold no gi pan and world champion.

Or the fact that he thinks he is in a position to request ANYTHING when negotiating a match with me. I also love how his argument is based around the fact that he says I have an advantage because I only train no-gi, but for DECADES Brazilians have all been telling us “Porra, you gotta train in the gi if you want to be good no-gi. Porra, makes you more technical ” well by that logic I should be at an extreme DISADVANTAGE seeing as I rarely train in the gi.

It’s literally like trying to hold a conversation with a microwave. I cant wait to see what kind of excuse Gustavo comes up with when he gets a contract that actually says I will pay him an extra 5k of my own money if he wins and he gets to START MOUNTED on me. This is gonna be fucking incredible”

Check Out Gordon Ryan talking about how bad people are that he’s fighting against:

Gordon Ryan About Galvao and Atos Team Members: ‘They’re a Group of Scum’

Gordon Ryan Slaps Andre Galvao

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