Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu For Small Guys And Girls: Enjoy The Advantage!

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I learned Jiu-JIsu because I am small. I’ve ever in my life being small really paid off, (apart from being able to run away really fast) it is In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I started off as the first member in a brand new BJJ gym, and all the guys there (founders) we’re bigger than me. Suffice to say, it meant getting crushed for longer than the usual few months, and that included new members. Luckily, I discovered then and there that being small just meant I have to learn BJJ the right way – leverage and cunningness. And, even if I had to choose, I’ll always go for the small package in grappling, now that I understand all the advantages of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for small guys. And girls.

Say whatever you wish, you can’t get rid of ego completely, “Oss” is not the only word you need to learn and size does matter in BJJ. Size, along with age is not something you can really change. No matter how much you bulk up you’ll never be able to actually grow a few inches or vice versa. So, we have to make do with what we have/. Which is actually awesome. The thing you can always change si the appraoch. That is the same for age, as well as size and gender. Jiu-Jitsu for small guys and girls is a bit different from the stuff that “regular” and giant-sized people do. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Small Package

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu did start off as the art that helped skinny and frail grapplers (Helio and Carlos Gracie) to deal with just about anyone they challenged. Then, BJJ evolved into a sport of global proportions with rules and formats and everything. In all that time, the one truth that remained is that a smaller person can use BJJ to beta a larger one, even if the larger person also knows Jiu-Jitsu. It is all in how you approach the sport. In today’s’ age of a scientific appraoch to the game that explores leverage and technical nuances to the smallest details, being a small guy or girl is actually starting to become enjoyable. The age of the assassin BJJ nerds is upon us!

Apart from the ladies, which are still underrepresented in pout sport, small guys are all the folks that are featherweight and below. From lightweight to light -heavyweight we have the “regular” sized folks, and the giants are heavyweight and beyond. Jiu-Jitsu for the small guys and girls is what will allow the tiniest among us (me included) to easily survive, and even thrive in BJJ academies filled with a majority of regular-sized folks, and the odd giant (or ten).

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Small guys And GirlsFinally, let’s not forget a group of small grapplers that’s perhaps the most important one. These are the Juveniles. They’re not quite kids, but far from adults too. They are also in growth, meaning they might not end up being small grapplers. However, learning like one is only going to raise their technical levels to unimaginable heights. And that’s before they’re even old enough to sign up for the adult division.

Simply put, BJJ won’t evolve and progress as fast as it does, without the input of small guys and girls. Every technical advancement, both conceptual and in terms of moves, is mostly due to the efforts of diminutive grapplers to understand the inner workings of the Gentle Art down to the tiniest fractions.

Jiu-Jitsu For Small Guys And Girls

Iн my decade of experience in the Gentle Art, there are a few pointers I always give people. They’re the things that have really helped me, Whether I had to discover them on my own, or someone else led me to them. In any case, these are not just strategies fit for smaller grapplers – they’ll benefit everyone. However, when it comes to Jiu-jitsu for small guys and girls, these are the absolute mandatory tactics to use any time you roll.

The first rule is right out of Chris Hauter’s playbook – be on top, and stay on top. Despite many smaller folks thinking guards wil help them, being on top is the ultimate spot to be in grappling martial arts. After all, in competition, nothing but top positions brings you points, right? Plus, you don’t have to bear anyone’s weight. Also, you’ll have gravity helping you in your efforts to control and submit.

Of course, this begs the question of “how do I hold big people down”? Well, that’s tricky; Weight distribution is the one technical aspect of BJJ people tend to focus on way too late, at around late blue or early purple belt level. And it is not really hard to focus on it since the very beginning. The rules of being heavy on top are easy. First, nothing but your toes can touch the mat. Second, push your chest in the direction you want to be heavy. Thirdly, have control over both shoulder, and preferably, the head as well. That’s it.

This is when the fun begins. Once you’re able to hold people down from positions like half gaurd, side control, and mount, it is time to finish the job. The trick here is to be sneaky and cunning. There’s no need to do the regular stuff when you can go for things that are high percentage, and work particularly well against bigger guys. Use size to your advantage and don’t just settle for the usual toolbox of moves. Explore, ask, and discover unorthodox moves that wil work for you.

Last but not least, defensively, make sure you never ever have to carry someone’s weight. This is the toughest of al Jiu-Jitsu for small guys and girls principals to figure out. It is well worth it, though. All bottom positions have “safe spots” whew you won’t be feeling the opponent’s body weight at all. Figure them out and you can easily turn the tables and get back on top.

How to Win In The Absolute Division

When it comes to rolling,.thigns are usually not as serious as signing up for the absolute division. Being the smallest guy or girl in a sports win which everyone’s trying to be the biggest their weight class is hard enough. Fighting in the absolute is an experience on its own and one that will require a different tactical approach.

Jiu-Jitsu for Small guys And GirlsFirst up, we go back to using the right tools for the job. That means, going into catch wrestling, sambo, etc waters to fish out some long forgotten and very successful moves. That and focusing o nth things you know slay giants – chokes form the back and footlocks. Build a game un those and you’ll be having fun in any absolute division, Gi or No-Gi.

However, before you can get to the back you’ll have to actually engage. In the absolute division, the most dangerous period for a small grappler is during the standing portion of the match. What you don’t want to do is to get into a strength measuring contest with a big guy or girl. Instead, you want Jiu-Jitsu for small guys and girls. Lots of movement, sneaky direction changes, and more faints than they can process. Combine that with the right grips that have a clear purpose, and you’re well on your way to slay a giant or two. By gripping with a purpose I mean not just grabbing and holding but doing something every time you actually put a hand on your opponent.

And of course, every time you decide to compete, know the rules. If you’re going in the absolute division, know every little nuance. That way, you can turn the tides to your favor with tactics, and by exploiting the odd loophole or two, or gaming the system without being a douche.

Wrap up

Jiu-Jitsu for small guys and girls is actually what Jiu-jitsu was intended to be in the frit place. It is about being technical, yeah. But it is also about to begin cunning, sneaky, and constantly thinking outside the box. It is what BJJ is all about. It can be extremely fun to be the smallest person in the gym. Remember, begin a diminutive grappler has lots of advantages!

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