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There’s no greater satisfaction than wearing high-quality gear every time you train. Despite seeming that BJJ does not require much more than a Gi and a belt, this is not the case. This leaves you two options for acquiring all required gear. One is to go search the internet for each best piece of equipment, oftentimes making the wrong decision. Or you could go with one proven brand, and get the truly best Jiu-Jitsu gear there is. And when that brand is one that is highly specific to combat sports, and particularly grappling, you can rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth. In the hot seat, today is a brand we all know, and we’re going to present to you the very best it has to offer. It is time for the Best BJJ Venum Gear review and guides for grapplers in 2021! 

Venum is a brand that’s highly specialized in the production of extremely high-quality combat gear. They actually have different ranges for different martial arts. Anything, from leisurewear to MMA equipment is on offer with Venum. The brand constantly improves its offer, staying up to date with the latest technologies and fighters’ needs.  When it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Venum is right there at the top. They do not just have a few Gis and a modern-looking rashguard on offer. they have the complete BJJ package, with all essentials, from training bags and supportive gear to belts and headgear. Even more so, they offer very specific products for both female and male grapplers, making their brand a superior shopping option. And even then, there are some products that top even their charts. These are precisely the products we included in our best BJJ Venum gear list for 2021.

Ready To Train

So what’s the deal with BJJ gear? Why should we only focus on the best BJJ Venum gear and not the best overall gear? Well, overall, you’ll get a lot of variation in the quality of the product, whereas with Venum you get a guaranteed top product with every purchase. Especially when it is their best stuff! On that notion, let’s go over some of the gear a modern-day grappler needs.

First of all, you need something to put your training gear in. So, a specialized BJJ bag or backpack is a must, able to hold everything you need and compartmentalize items. Next up, it’s the items themselves. Regardless of your Gi or No-Gi affiliation, you need a rashguard in your bag. Spats are optional, but shorts are also a must, even if you’re specific to Gi. This brings us to the Gi itself, the need for which is more than obvious. Remember that BJJ Gis rarely come with belts included, so you’ll need a solid belt as well. Now you’re all ready to train, right?

Nope, it’s not that easy. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be all set for a few months or more with the gear described above. For everyone that’s into BJJ for more than a year, the list of essentials is much longer. Protective gear plays a huge part in your ability to grapple. Whether you’re protecting from injuries or nursing healing ones, you’ll need more gear. It all starts with a mouthpiece that is self-explanatory. Next up are knee and elbow protectors which are essential for both beginners and advanced students. The list goes on with headgear ankle support and whatever else you might need for training.

Best BJJ Venum Gear For 2021

On the subject of the best BJJ Venum gear for 2021, we went deep, looking through all of Venum’s grappling products. they do have a wide collection., let me say that. As the proud owner of a couple of their Gi’s, shorts, and a few rashguards, I can attest to their quality personally.

What Venum does is constantly looking to improve the experience they offer through their gear. All the Venum gear is made of materials that are built to last. They also have decades of experience and understand precisely what grapplers need when they’re training and/or competing. To that extent, we did our best to cover one exemplary piece of gear from each possible category of gear that relates to grapplers. If you have suggestions on a type of product we did not include, please feel free to address it in the comments and we’ll update our guide as soon as possible!

Venum Contender BJJ GI

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019As far as Gis by Venum goes, this one is the absolute best. This Gi might actually be the best BJJ Venum gear overall. It is a very solid Gi intended for both competition and training. It comes in black, white, or blue color, all of which are IBJJF approved. This Gi is a 100% cotton Gi extremely comfortable to wear and really lightweight. It has EVA foam in the collar, making it soft but durable. The weave is a pearl, with reinforced stitching on the ankles and knees.

This Gi is a great fit for any body type and fits the needs of grapplers of all levels. The Challenger Gi also comes pre-shrunk, meaning it won’t become unusable after a few washes. This lightweight Gi is perfect for competitors because it doesn’t add much weight but is incredibly strong! All usual sizes are available and even sizes in between (like A1.5).


Venum Women’s Challenger Gi

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019Since the Challenger Gi is the top choice for the lads, it is normal that it’s also a great option for the finer half. The Venum Women’s Challenger Gi is a superior product in every sense of the word. Just like its male-intended counterpart, the Gi is a 100 % cotton pearl weave with reinforced stitching. Also comes in white, black, and blue, all clear to wear under IBJJF rules. It comes in all usual sizes as well, plus has a very specific cut to make it more comfortable than unisex Gis.

The Gi has pink Venum markings on the front of the chest, the shoulders, and the pants, giving it a unique look. Another one of the best BJJ Venum gear products that are an absolute must for ladies looking for a dependable Gi to get in 2021 and use for years to come!


Venum BJJ Belt

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019As far as BJJ belts go, things are usually simple. Get one, wear it until you deserve the nest one, and then pass it off or keep it as a memory. Well, if you get a Venum belt, you’ll have one that’s going to last you a long, long time. If you’re a black belt, this is the best belt you can get for the years to come.

The Venum BJJ belt comes in all usual adult belt colors and is IBJJF approved. There are multiple sizes available too, in accordance with Gi size. Once again, it is a 100% cotton product by Venum. It is a soft belt, which means it is comfortable, easy to tie, and stays in plays securely. The price is also very affordable, making it a top belt option for anyone. The belt comes with a complementary Venum patch you can use on your Gi. Also, this bel is washing machine friendly, meaning you can freely wash it on a regular basis.


Venum Camo Hero Grappling Shorts

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019Time to switch our attention to some of the best BJJ Venum gear for No-Gi. Grappling shorts are absolutely essential for people training BJJ. It doesn’t matter if you only train with the Gi, shorts are great for conditioning training, an odd No-Gi session, or even stretching and recovery workouts. or, you could use them as swimming trunks as well (it’s what I’ve been doing for the past 5 years). On the subject of grappling shorts, Venum’s Camo Hero shorts are precisely the pair you want.

They’re made out of polyester micro fabric, making them very light yet tear-resistant. The closure system is a velcro and drawstring 3-way system, meaning there’s no possibility of the shorts coming undone. The fabric also features the latest stretch technology, giving the shorts the ability to stretch in multiple directions. This extends your range of motion during grappling as well as improving comfort. The Camo hero shorts have reinforced seams and lateral cuts to ensure maximum mobility and a long lifespan.


Venum Snaker Rashguard

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019While we already covered grappling shorts, there’s one item that modern No-Gi training is unimaginable without. It is the trusted BJJ rashguard, a grappler’s best training friend. The thing with rashguards is that they protect you during No-Gi training, as well as help your athletic performance. But they’re also mainstays in Gi training, extending the lifespan of your BJJ Gis. They are an integral piece of BJJ training gear, and Venum makes a mean one!

The Venum Snaker rashguard is one of Venum’s best-looking products. To be clear from the start, this one is not an IBJJF approved rashguard. However, it is great for training, wearing under the Gi, or competing under different rule sets. The material is a mixture of 87% polyester and 13% spandex. It features innovative compression technology, that improves blood flow during training, impacting performance. The very cool graphics are actually sublimated, meaning there’s no possibility of color peeling off or damaging during washing. There’s a rubber seam on the bottom, making sure the rashguard stays in place during rolling. Comes in all sizes and both long and short sleeve versions.


Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019How can you train grappling, or any combat sport for that matter, without a gym bag that can hold all the best BJJ Venum gear you own? As you might expect, Venum has you covered in this department too. Actually, they have several bags and backpacks on offer, but the absolute best one is the Venum Trainer Lite Bag.

made from 100% polyester, this bag is the only thing you need to sort and organize all your training gear.  It features a huge main space in the middle, that’s 100% accessible from a top opening. The main compartment can hold two Gis plus additional equipment with no problem. There’s also a big side pocket, perfect or keeping all your supportive gear like knee pads, mouthguard, finger tape, etc. On each end of the bag, there are additional compartments, perfect for housing BJJ bottles, towels, flip-flops, and anything else you might need. The bag has a built-in ventilation system and an adjustable strap for carrying. Comes in three different color variations.


Venum Kontact Evo Foot Grip

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019We’re going to take a look now and a different category of best BJJ Venum gear – supportive equipment. The first one is going to be the Venum Kontakt Evo ankle support brace. For anyone that has a nagging ankle injury, or weak ankles, this is an essential piece of training gear. Not to mention incessant leg lock training, that’s in most people’s focus now.

This product is specifically designed to improve the mobility and dexterity of your ankles and feet. It offers great stability and prevents mat burns at the same time. A slip-on system ensures it is very easy to put on. The material is 100% Neoprene fabric, which makes it really tight and comfortable at the same time. This ankle support brace covers all possible ankle injuries. The inside is lined with flat seams to guarantee comfort during rolling and competing. Also improves traction and prevents slipping while standing. Comes in a few different sizes, and black in color with Venum embroidery.


Venum Kontact Lycra/Gel Knee Pads

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019Knee pads are fast becoming a real necessity in BJJ. Beginners usually get them as a means of preventing mat burns. More advanced grapplers need them because of potential injuries, old injuries, or simply age-related knee issues. Whatever the case, Venum recognized the needs of grapplers when they came up with the Kontakt Knee Pads.

An anatomical knee pad, the Kontact pads offer improved stability, shock absorption, outside protection, and compression of the knee joint and surrounding muscles. What’s really important is lateral support, since a lot of grapplers have LCL or MCL strains or tears. There’s also comfort, and these Venum pads excel at it. There are quite a few different color combinations available and come as a pair. There are 5 different sizes to choose from. The air vent holes and ventilation system behind the knee ensure breathability during training, plus the material has moisture-wicking properties. Perfect to wear under your Gi pants.


Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019A mouthguard is a must in any contact sport, let alone a high paced close contact one like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Mouthguards protect not only the teeth but the jaw and even the skull during involuntary collisions. As far as the best BJJ Venum gear goes, the Challenger Mouthguard is right at the top.

This amazing product comes with a Nexfit Gel Frame technology that ensures comfort and utmost protection. The modern design guarantees optimal breathing during training and competition. The material is a high-density rubber that is easy to mold and fit. It also improves the rate of shock absorption. Comes with a certificate for quality and in over a dozen different colors and designs. Extremely durable and long-lasting, with a protective case included in every purchase.


Venum Kontact Evo Ear Guard

Best BJJ Venum Gear 2019Ear guards are not something that we commonly see in Jiu-Jitsu. While it is a mainstay in wrestling, BJJ people seem to think cauliflower ears are a badge of honor. Well, they aren’t and the process of getting them is an extremely painful one. Venum’s Kontakt Evo Ear Guard is a way to prevent going through the painful process of draining your ears after rolling.

This member of the best BJJ Venum Gear for the 2021 family is available in different sizes, depending on your needs. It comes with adjustable straps beneath the chin and behind the head. They feature a 3-way closure system to make sure the headgear stays in place even during particularly lively rolls. The pads that protect the ears are in the form of molded shells. They feature an extreme shock absorption capability, as well as preventing rubbing. Does not impede hearing at all which puts it high above similar products.


Venum Gear

As you can see, Venum understands what grapplers need and does not fail to deliver the best possible equipment for every occasion. What you get with Venum, though, is not just something to get you through a class or two. You get the equipment you can depend on, which is particularly important with supportive gear.

All in all, Venum is one of the best brands that have an enormous various BJJ gear on offer. Out of those, the best BJJ Venum gear is actually hard to point out, since everything is high quality. However, we made our picks, and we share everything with you in our detailed review, so that you can enter 2021 ready for any grappling challenge that lays in front of you!

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best-bjj-venum-gear-reviewsThere's no greater satisfaction than wearing high-quality gear every time you train. Despite seeming that BJJ does not require much more than a Gi and a belt, this is not the case. This leaves you two options for acquiring all required gear. One is...