Small Guy did Double Leg Takedown on a Big Bully

Double leg and grappling martial arts in a real life street fight situations

Being smaller doesn’t necessarily need to concern you in a street fight if you know how to use the right techniques at the right time.

Let’s imagine that smaller guys are trying to outpunch big guys in a street fight. Their chances of winning a fight are significantly decreased. Taking your opponent down shouldn’t be a problem at all if you’re a trained grappler against a trained or untrained striker without any takedown defense training. Also, we all know that smaller guys have a lower base and their chances of staying on their feet are very good and if you combine it with their quickness and fast ability to clinch, grappling sports like BJJ, Wrestling, Sambo, etc. are perfect for them.

What do you think? Is this the right way this small guy should fight? Are grappling Martial Arts perfect for smaller guys for 1 on 1 street fights?

Or check this video where the difference between both guys is huge but the small guy still manages to double leg this big bully.

Small Guy Takes Down a Big Bully

Or you can check how effective good takedown can be in a real situation. Judo guy was attacked by some hooligan but he managed to resolve the situation as fast as possible.

Judo Guy Slapped by Hooligan in the Super Market. Watch His Reaction & The SLAM!

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