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BJJ Fanatics Site Review And Coupon Code
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If you are in any way or form involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu there’s hardly a way that you haven’t heard of BJJ Fanatics. If it wasn’t the best possible resource for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, they certainly are now after managing to get Danaher, Gordon Ryan,  on film.

So, what exactly does the BJJ Fanatics site has to offer people of the Jiu-Jitsu community? That’s something we’re going to discuss here today.

Who is the owner of BJJ Fanatics?

The founders and owners of BJJ Fanatics are Bernardo Faria and Michael Zenga. Two BJJ Black Belts recognized that nothing is more essential for a Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast than their quality time on the mats. Their objective was to establish a store for BJJ practitioners that did not consider jiu-jitsu a sport, but rather a way of life.

BJJ Fanatics Owners
BJJ Fanatics Owners, Bernardo Faria, and Michael Zenga

Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria was born and raised in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, where he excelled at both academics and hard labor as a result of his intense desire to learn and strive for excellence. He rose to the top of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by winning five world crowns. Bernardo was a long-time coach at Marcelo Garcia’s academy until he opened up his own Bernardo Faria’s academy at Boston Masachutes.

Michael Zenga

From a young age, Michael Zenga was enamored with martial arts. He has boxed competitively and holds black belts in both Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

How did Bernardo Faria and Michael Zenga meet?

They met through a BJJ seminar and became friends very fast. They decided they’d be a great fit as a team, so they teamed up and made BJJ Fanatics and have never looked back since then.

BJJ Fanatics Owners Words to Jiu-Jitsu practitioners

We offer the most competitive prices on all of our items, and we want to make sure you leave satisfied with your purchase. We aim to provide our clients with the greatest variety of products at the best pricing without any hassles. If you are dissatisfied with an item for any reason, simply return it for a refund without question.

Should You learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Videos?

In the modern era of the internet and digital video, the old claim that you can’t learn BJJ from videos is somewhat debunked. This is largely due to BJJ Fanatics.

Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely need to train at an academy to get good at Jiu-Jitsu. For people up to the purple belt, this should also be the only way to learn. After the purple belt, things change.

As people start to experiment more and understand the basics of BJJ, video instructionals open a whole new avenue of learning. You get to learn things your instructor doesn’t show and you get to learn it from the top coaches and competitors in the history of BJJ.

That said, you have to be careful of all the McDojo bullshido marketers who only look to place material out there. To make things simple, remember the following – not every Jiu-Jitsu instructional is worth learning from. Actually, some are not even worth watching. Furthermore, there are people out there who operate pretty much under the radar but have tons of knowledge to share.

Luckily for you, there are services out there, like BJJ Fanatics, that act as filters for high-quality content and everything else.

BJJ Fanatics Review

BJJ Fanatics is essentially an online shop for top-quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction. There are a couple of BJJ black belts that are responsible for this amazing portal to Jiu-Jitsu knowledge  What the BJJ Fanatics site provides is much more than instructional videos, though. First and foremost, the site is organized differently from most other sites out there. Let’s take it step by step.

Despite BJJ DVDs being the top product that the BJJ Fanatics site focus on, we’re going to cover that subject later on in this article. Despite top-notch digital content, they also offer up BJJ gear, a solid BJJ blog, as well as some great ways to get discounts on all their products. let’s look at all of these services before really dissecting the BJJ Fanatics DVD collection.


  • BJJ Fanatics prices are pretty reasonable.
  • There is always something good on the daily deal in case you’re on a low budget
  • You can be sure you won’t find any McDojo instructionals and Instructors who aren’t worth your attention
  • The search is pretty well organized as you can browse courses by techniques, fighters, etc.
  • If you’re interested in other grappling sports like Sambo, wrestling, Luta Livre, etc. BJJ Fanatics has you covered.
  •  While BJJ Fanatics’ main focus is on techniques you can find a lot of good material on strength and conditioning, mindset, and dieting.


  • As there’s really a lot of content it’s hard to search through everything.

DVDs and Digital Instructionals

If you’re looking to learn new techniques or upgrade your knowledge through online videos there’s simply no competition for BJJ fanatics. Their huge base of online instructionals is literally everything you need to evaluate your Jiu-Jitsu and bring it to completely another level.


So, what does a BJJ player need in terms of gear, despite proper training apparel? Where to begin. First and foremost, you need a way to get your apparel to the gym. So, check out BJJ Fanatic’s store for a BJJ bag or two and you won’t be sorry. since you already look at bags make sure you check out all other accessories as well. Everything you might need, from ringworm-rinsing soap to finger tape is available at BJJ Fanatics.

But why stop there? BJJ Fanatics goes beyond the call of duty in every sense of the phrase. They also offer supplements, accessories, and even complete diet plans. And of course, there’s your mandatory Gi collection. Closely followed by very cool spats and rashguard designs. All in all, BJJ fanatics offer a complete shopping experience for any grappler out there.


Another pretty underrated aspect of the BJJ Fanatics site is the blog. Their blog is organized as the latest news feed but delivers varied content. there are the occasional technique or strength and conditioning articles. Most of the articles, however, relate to the DVDs that are available on the site. This is not just a marketing ploy, mind you.

The articles on the blog are perfect guides to using the DVDs. They’re extensions of the DVD releases themselves, offering a great explanation to the most common questions that arise from the instructions. Content is not posted daily, but there is regular new stuff on there that can really help. Make sure you read the accompanying article after you purchase a DVD or two. you’re welcome.

BJJ Fanatics Coupon Code, Daily Deal, And Discounts EXPLAINED

This is one aspect of BJJfanatics that makes them really different from most other sites. Despite already having a very reasonable price on their digital releases, the BJJFanatics team offers daily deals as well. Every day, they offer a different title at a massive discount as part of the BJJ Fanatics Daily Deals system. A digital clock counts down the time until the deal expires. These deals are all at a really good price, sometimes even up to 50% lower. And you get a new title with a discount every day! So make sure you check BJJ Fanatics Daily Deal every day.

Then, there’s the point system. this is another innovation of the BJJfanatics site. namely, for every dollar you spend purchasing their products, you get a point. So, if you buy a DVD priced at $47, you’ll end up having 47 points. Why would you want points? Well, 500 points translate to a 5 % discount. A 1000 points save you $10 and so on.

The really cool part is that purchasing is not the only way to earn points. You also get 50 points for every Facebook or Twitter share. All you need is to spend a couple of minutes creating an account. In combination with a Coupon Code, the daily deal, and Fanatics points, you can get a really cheap price on top-level grappling instructionals! And the best thing is, it’s not a one-time deal!

BJJ Fanatics Refund Policy

If you refund a video that you have not downloaded yet, after the refund is processed, you will no longer be able to view it on our site. Customers should understand that when they buy from us, they will always be completely happy with their purchase.

Best BJJ Fanatics Videos

Finally, it’s time to check out why BJJ Fanatics has so much success in terms of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD instructionals. What is it that these guys do differently to provide us with such great content? The answer is that they know what we’re looking for. Since there are BJJ black belts behind the site, Michael Zenga and Bernardo Faria know exactly what grapplers of all levels need. They also have the correct contacts in the grappling community to manage to get world-class coaches to demonstrate their favorite moves.

We must say that WE, BJJ WORLD will review any new DVD from BJJfanatics to give you the best insight on what you can get and what you can expect from any new DVD and DIGITAL release from BJJ Fanatics, so make sure you check out our REVIEW SECTION on-site if you’re interested in any old or new release that we watched and reviewed. The important note is that we’ll most of the time watch and review the best releases. Although it’s pretty hard to find a bad release on BJJ Fanatics as they’re really trying to bring the best BJJ guys in the world to produce BJJ DVDs and Digital/OnDemand Instructionals.

The selection criteria of coaches seem to be a very important factor at BJJFanatics. Sure, not all their coaches are IBJJF 10-time world champions. And they shouldn’t be too. Winning numerous tournaments does not make top competitors equally successful at teaching. On the other hand, competitive success isn’t a prerogative for BJJ teachers either. This is something the guys at BJJ Fanatics understand completely. This is why they always get the right man for the job.

Another huge plus is that when they manage to get someone on board, they tend to release regular instructionals. Just take a look at how many Bernardo Faria, Tom DeBlass, and Craig Jones releases they have, to mention a few. Not only that, but all their releases are high-value resources for anyone looking to get better at BJJ.

The BJJ Fanatics Bernardo Faria DVD Collection

One standout on the BJJ Fanatics site is, of course, Bernardo Faria. This guy doesn’t seem to be able to stop with regular releases, all featuring top-quality content. Nor do we want him to. Thankfully, BJJ Fanatics is here to deliver his content. Before we go on it’s important to know that you can browse the releases on the BJJ fanatics site by coach/fighter as well as numerous additional filters.

Faria DVD Collection BJJ Fanatics Site Review
Techniques List

So, once you click on Bernardo Faria, first and foremost you get the chance to acquire his signature pressure passing encyclopedias. Bernardo is world-famous for his pressure passing style, and in particular, his over-under pass effectiveness. he is a 5 x World Champion and owes much of his success to his pressure passing prowess. In his “Battle Tested Pressure Passing” release he offers unique tip and tricks on executing his signature passes against high-level opponents.

Furthermore, there are the  Bernardo Faria guard instructionals. he has instructionals on the closed guard, deep half guard, and even the half guard in No-Gi. All of his signature moves are in there, especially his deep half guard sweeping game. But wait, there’s more.

Faria also has DVDs on his favorite submissions as well as submission escapes. His release on the Omoplata is second to none, as are his “High Percentage Escapes” series. Check them out on BJJ Fanatics or read our reviews of all his stuff here.

Craig Jones’ Top Techniques

Another huge win for BJJ fanatics is the fact they have Craig Jones showcasing his best moves. The young Australian prodigy has been busy, already having 5 releases available on BJJ Fanatics. And they all came out during the past year!

Craig Jones BJJ Fanatics Site Review DVD
Techniques list

The first title that we simply have to start with, is the “Down Under leg Attacks” DVD set. Second, only to the Danaher Death Squad, Craig is one of the world’s top leg lockers. After his amazing performances at EBI, ADCC, and virtually every sub-only promotion, he delivered all his top tricks on DVD. What you’ll find in Craig’s instructionals are his favorite leg locks, all his uniquely innovative entries as well s his overall leg lock philosophy. A complete resource for any grappler out there and a must-have for aspiring leg lockers.

So, given Craig.s leg lock proficiency, you’d think they’d have him deliver more content on the subject. Well, nom, BJJ Fanatics are aware that Craig is much more than just a one-trick pony. before his leg locks success, he was a “Triangle Machine“, as he demonstrates in another exciting release. not only that but he also outlines his competitive strategies for the Z-guard and back control in the appropriate DVD releases.

John Danaher’s Leglocks: Enter The System DVD 

If there’s one instructional we all need to give thanks to BJJ Fanatics for, it’s this one. The enigmatic and, apparently camera reluctant John Danaher finally decided to share his complete leg locking system with the world. How BJJ Fanatics managed to convince him to do so is beyond us, but a huge thanks to them nonetheless!

Now, to be fair, this is the one instructional that BJJ fanatics also messed up a bit. While Danaher delivered over 9 hours of unbelievable material, the production quality was, well, horrible. The camera was completely out of focus and the sound quality made understanding Danaher an even greater issue than getting through his New Zealand accent. However, in all fairness once again, The lads at BJJ fanatics got Danaher in front of a camera again and delivered an updated version. Even better, there’s an hour added to the material, and everyone who bought the botched version gets a new one free.

If do not know what to expect from a John Danaher leg lock instructional, you might want to reconsider if you really are a grappler. Since there are 8 DVDs, each lasting around an hour, here’s a detailed review for you to read. Or you can take our word for it and go straight to BJJ Fanatics and buy the remastered second edition.

Tom DeBlass Wisdom

Another entertaining as he is a knowledgeable one that BJJ Fanatics work with is Tom DeBlass. The former UFC vet and a highly accomplished black belt is a Jiu-Jitsu genius of his own and is also not one to shy away from the camera. DeBlass has multiple top-quality releases, all courtesy of BJJ Fanatics.

To begin with, he is a half-guard wizard, as proven in his “Half Domination” DVD.  The ADCC veteran offers invaluable advice on finishing one of the most common positions in BJJ. The tricks and concepts DeBass offers are going to change anyone’s game for the better. Here’s what you can expect from it.

De Blass DVD BJJ Fanatics Site Review
Techniques List

Furthermore, Tom DeBlass releases available at a cut-price (use the Coupon Code) include submission escapes and high-level BJJ moves for Gi grapplers. In the submission escape series, he focuses on everything, from leg locks to chokes and even some positional escapes. In his Gi DVD instructional so far, DeBlass offers high-level tips for every position he uses when rolling. On a completely different note than anyone else, he also has a strength and conditioning and nutrition DVD, focusing on intermittent fasting for BJJ. All his titles are readily available. BJJ  Fanatics.

If these are not enough, expect to also find a lot of content from the likes of Kit Dale, Lachlan Giles, Chris Haueter, Kurt Osianer, Rodrigo Cavaca, Rustem Chisiev, and plenty of other standout grapplers. We doubt that BJJ Fanatics are going to stop there, so expect more from the best of the best very soon!

Updates on all the best and latest DVDs coming soon…

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If you are in any way or form involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu there's hardly a way that you haven't heard of BJJ Fanatics. If it wasn't the best possible resource for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, they certainly are now after managing to get Danaher, Gordon Ryan, ...bjj-fanatics-coupon-code