Why You Need The Technical Stand Up For High Level Jiu-Jitsu

Technical stand up Jiu-Jitsu
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There are certain moves in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that are simply unavoidable. They are literally everywhere in the game and you do not even notice when you use them. These moves are so crucial that they’re both techniques to do in rolling and essential BJJ drills. Whenever you hear of a technical grappling move that you can do solo as a drill, pay close attention. One example of such a move that is in the very essence of grappling is the technical stand-up.

The technical standup is a staple of grappling martial arts. It has a very wide application in almost every aspect of Jiu-Jitsu. Actually, people are very often in need of technical stand-up without even realizing it. Reaching a level of consciousness in which you recognize every move’s importance is a mark of high-level grapplers. But, before you strive to understand Jiu-Jitsu, you need to understand each and every move on its own. Starting with the technical standup.

The basic idea of the technical standup is to get you safely from a prone position to your feet. The operating principle here is safety, as there are plenty of ways to get up to your feet. People usually lead with their heads, which is instinctual and mechanically easy to achieve. However, in terms of combat sports, this is a big NO! If it’s grappling, it’s guillotine time. If it’s an MMA fight, it can be guillotine time or knockout time. And, if it is a street fight situation, it can be, well, everything. So, getting up as you do in the mornings is bad, technical stand-ups are good!

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Technical Stand Up – Staying Safe

A closer look at the technical standup is going to let us understand it better The main goal of the move is to neutralize the offensive options an opponent has while you’re changing levels in a match.  Basically, it is all about two things: Distance and protection.

Technical stand upTo execute the technical stand-up, you need to be on your butt. The goal is to build a movable base that’ll allow you to get up safely. However, before you do this, you must stay protected and manage distance at all times. To begin with. one arm goes palm behind your head, in order to protect you from strikes. You could also extend the arm (if you’re only grappling) to make sure you have extra control over the distance.

Technical stand upNext, you need to place your body in a mechanically advantageous position in terms of a level change. This means lifting your butt off the ground without allowing your head to go forward. If you’re not a gymnast this is probably going to be difficult for you. Well, at least without the technical standup. So, a base that allows you to move with purpose involves the opposite side limbs. This means one arm, and the opposite side leg is going to be the columns on which you base. Since you already have one arm busy with protecting your head, you’re going to use the other one as the first base point. Logically, the opposite side foot is going to be the one you place on the ground, knee bent.

Distance Management And Getting Up

Once you have sufficient protection and the correct base, you can look to get up. Since you have one arm and foot down, you need to distribute your weight properly. To do that, make sure your weight is shifted toward the side where your arm is on the floor. This will ensure you can be stable when you raise your body off the floor.

Technical stand upIn order to manage distance, the bottom leg needs to be completely straight. It acts as a block and can even be used to kick or trip when needed. whenever you raise your body with the frame, you need to have this leg extended or there’s no technical standup.

Technical stand upFinishing the move requires you to pull the straight leg all the way behind you. This is going to land you in a staggered stance. However, once you pull the leg behind, you need to remember that your protection arm becomes extremely important. Now it can either control distance if it’s straightened, or protect the head.

Once both feet are firmly on the ground, you can look to pick the frame arm off the floor and straighten up your torso. You’re now up and in a staggered stance and arms ready for a guard position.

How To Use The Technical Standup

So, now that you know what the technical stand up is, you might be thinking, where do I need this in BJJ? Granted, as per our example, the move sounds better suited to MMA or self-defense. Well, this is not really the case.

Technical stand upOne very important aspect of the technical standup for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is sweep completion. Although you might not have noticed, the technical standup motion is part of a large variety of sweeps. The Koala sweep, an X guard sweep, finishing takedown variations off the knees… There are plenty more examples, and, if you focus on finding while you roll, you will.

Technical stand upAnother major use of technical stand up is in guard retention. If you have the correct arm frame, it can help you stay in a guard or even sweep even against people already past your legs. It is a great way to reset when you only have head/neck control from the bottom, especially in No-Gi.

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