A George Lockhart Meal Plan For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

George Lockhart Meal Plan
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George Lockhart is the man that’s on top of the nutrition world at the moment. At least when it comes to people involved in combat sports, especially those that have weight classes. George is a master of nutrition that likes to keep things plain and simple. He likes to keep grapplers and fighters fed and hydrated while teaching them how to eat correctly. Up until a short while ago, he was somewhat of a mystery to the fight world. Today, however, his methods are available on DVD and E-Book. Still, people scramble to find out what Lockhart’s diet is all about and why his weight-cutting methods are so effective. Today, we’ll go over the main principles of his diet, as well as a sample George Lockhart meal plan. 

Nutrition these days is akin to nuclear physics if you try and get the hang of it online. From bodybuilding principles that’ll have you living off protein shakes only, to severe dehydration-based wrestler’s weight cut, you’ll find it all. What you’ll struggle to find is a simple system that’ll give you results and won’t endanger your health. This is exactly what you get with a George Lockhart meal plan. No expensive must-have supplements or crazy restrictive meal plans. Only real food, in moderate quantities and often throughout the day. With cheat meals included!

George Lockhart Nutrition Principles

So what’s the deal with George Lockhart’s nutrition method? Why does this method work so well? In fact, it is so effective that more than 100 UFC fighters have used it to this point. Not to mention all the grapplers and the entire US Marine Corps. The reason is simple the plan is easy to follow and based on eating real food. That means that if it is processed in any way, it doesn’t end up on your plate.

George Lockhart Meal PlanThe first thing to expect from a George Lockhart meal plan is a different take on macros. George identifies fat as the primary fuel for our bodies. However, in situations of high anaerobic demand, like grappling, carbs are the most important thing. In an anaerobic setting, our bodies burn more carbs, which means they require more carbs to replenish right after. During aerobic work like jogging, it is the other way around, with fats being the optimal fuel source. So timing your nutrients according to demands is key in the George Lockhart diet. Lockhart is not a fan of keto diets, nor high-protein ones.

Actually, Lockhart doesn’t even like to supplement with protein. Protein is best to help open up glycogen stores pre-workout. Out of all the supplements available out there, Lockhart sticks only with BCAA’s. They’re the building blocks of protein, so taking them beats taking protein any time.

Weight Management

The key area of expertise that makes Lockhart so popular among fighters is weight cutting. The first thing George figures out is how much glycogen a fighter’s muscles can hold. This gives him the correct information to know how much water weight they can cut and replenish without health consequences.

George Lockhart Meal PlanCutting weight with a George Lockhart meal plan is based on cutting glycogen. Knowing how much glycogen the body can hold give Lockhart information on how much to cut. So, the fighter needs to get in that range well before the fight. Preferably, a fighter should be near cutting weight at the start of a camp. For grapplers, this means the competition season. During a weight cut, Lockhart likes to cut carbs and focus on fat. Fat burns more slowly than other macronutrients, making it the perfect fuel source during a cut. Small quantities are going to give more long-lasting energy compared to other nutrients.

As the weigh-ins approach, Lockhart cuts the fat as well and focuses on frozen fruits. George’s top pick is pineapple, because of the high fiber content. This keeps the brain hydrated at all times during the cut, which is imperative. Hydration is another key element of the system George Lockhart uses.

George Lockhart Meal Plan Sample

Let’s take a look at a sample George Lockhart meal plan that’s perfect for people training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The first thing you should know is that Lockhart prefers multiple meals throughout the day. Usually, this means three main courses and 4 additional meals. the additional meals are snacks and the meals around workout time.

George Lockhart Meal PlanFor the main meals of the day, Lockhart likes to start with a good breakfast. Interestingly he prefers kefir to yogurt in the morning, pairing it with a banana, peanut butter, and oatmeal. This is the perfect high-carb meal to get you going for a hard training day. Lunch is all about easily digestible food, rich in protein and fiber. An example is ground turkey breast with 4-5 egg whites and a pineapple and spinach salad. Olive is the oil of choice. For dinner, light meat like fish is great for the digestive system. A tilapia with some greens and lemons is the perfect Lockhart dinner.

On the subject of snacks Lockhart likes to keep things simple. All snacks are perfect around a workout, both before and after. A classic Lockhart snack includes Greek yogurt, some berries, and some nuts. You could switch the nuts with some ground flaxseed if you like. Also, after a workout, include some BCAAs into your snack, along with some honey and/or dried fruits like dates, for a better carbohydrate kick. After all, it’s all about glycogen.

As far as hydration goes, 21 oz of water with every meal is an absolute must.

George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management System
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