BJJ Weight Loss Tactics: How To Use Thermogenic Foods

BJJ Weight Loss - Thermogenic Foods

Weight loss is the target of just about anyone alive these days. Even slim people seem to want to be even slimmer. While that’s far beyond my comprehension, losing weight for Jiu-Jitsu is another subject whatsoever. Things are simple: BJJ is a sport regulated by weight classes, among other things. In short, if you want to compete, you’ll have to watch out for you weight. It doesn’t necessarily bring you an advantage, but it won’t hurt either. Speaking of which, you can go about losing weight via weight cutting, or try the same approach and include oms long term BJJ weight loss strategies. Like using thermogenic foods, for example.

Choosing the right diet plan (whatever that might mean) is not an easy thing to do. There is a crazy amount of information available nowadays and most of it is not really effective. A huge reason for this is that things are usually presented out of context. It is like watching nothing but BJJ YouTube videos unrelated to each other and trying to learn Jiu-JItsu that way. If there’s one thing you can learn from BJJ, it is that trying to figure out how things work is always a good bet when you’re trying something new. IN that sense, approach BJJ weight loss from a different perspective: look at food choices rather than timing, meals, recipes, etc. Start with the fundamentals.

Why Weight Matters In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Where do I start with bodyweight and Jiu-Jitsu? Obviously you do not need to be in peak athletic shape, ripped and shredded in order to be a great grappler. IF that was the case, there would hardly be any ultra heavyweights, apart from al those “slightly” enhanced specimens. However, being at a weight that’s perfect for you does provide a huge advantage.

BJJ Weight LossFirst of all, it has nothing to do with competing. Begin at a healthy weight means you can move much more efficiently and easily. Try being on the wrong end of a stack pass when you’re even a couple of pounds overweight, and you’ll know what I mean. Moreover, it is easier to have a better gas tank when you’re at the optimal weight for you. That said, finding out what your optimal weight does not really work well by using formulas and similar nonsense. See where you feel and move the best. Even more importantly, figure out a weight you can sustain without having to sacrifice your entire lifestyle and social life.

Apart from training, there’s the competition aspect. To make things clear, BJJ weight loss in this regard is only ok if you’re overweight and clearly above your best performance. I absolutely do not advocate weight cuts, even though there are great ways of setting them up to succeed. Instead, fight at a weight class you’re comfortable at. Use BJJ weight loss strategies to get there, sure. But try and stay there for an extended period of time without having to watch out too much about what you’re eating. Otherwise, going a weight class up might be a better solution.

BJJ Weight Loss Tactics: Food Choices

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu becomes very easy and logical once you understand how it works. (Un)fortunately, it takes a long time to get there. Luckily, if you try to do the same with nutrition, you won’t have to spend years figuring things out. In essence, nutrition is simple. You need to ingest stuff that will make your bodywork. By work, you have the energy it needs just to keep you alive, energy for doing daily stuff, energy for doing physical activities. That’s actually the exact order in which your body rates them.

All this energy comes from the food you eat. The more you eat, the more you satisfy your body’s energy needs. That said, once you surpass them, the surplus energy gets stored for “rainy days”. Only if you keep overloading, you’ll just keep storing and storing. Or get fat, in other words.

When it comes to the food you eat, you need to ingest the three macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs) as well as a host of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, etc. ). Getting them all can be complicated, particularly if you follow ceratin restrictions (keto, vegan, carnivore or whatever). So, it all boils down to food choices.

The foods you choose to eat, are the fundamentals of how you’ll look and perform. IT is that easy. The more balanced and clean your food choices are, the easier it will be for you to figure out your ideal weight. Nt o mention that you can easily adjust for weight loss or gain just by switching the type of foods you eat. With that in mind, let’s approach BJJ with loss form this perspective. If you’re looking to shed weight, and still enjoy eating you need foods that support this goal. You need thermogenic foods.

Thermogenic Foods to Help You Lose Fat

SO what exactly are thermogenic foods? Those are the foods that help you lose weight silly because it takes more energy for your body to break them down than the energy they provide. That said, focusing on some, or all of them will allow you to eat plenty, eat tasty, and still achieve your BJJ weight loss goals. Once you know which foods are the best at helping your body burn more fat, you can easily find a way to tailor your diet/meal plan around them.

Cocoa is one of my personal favorites, so I’ll start there. Cocoa is not only delicious but also a very potent antioxidant. It is also a stimulant, as it is in the same category as tea and coffee. It has a host of health benefits and also causes your body to work at a higher rate. Plus, you can use it however you want.

Ginger is an obvious one. It is a staple of Asian cousine, and, nowadays, is used just about anywhere. Ginger actually ah the power to increase calorie burring for around 10%, which is significant. Ginger tea is one great way of getting your daily dose.

Coffee, of course, similarly to cacao, is one of the best (and most delicious) ways of putting your body in the next gear. The world’s most famous stimulant is a perfect fit for grapplers. It not only helps with BJJ weight loss goals, but also makes you feel energetic and keeps your mind sharp.

BJJ Weight Loss- chilli peppersChilli. Peppers, though, not just the spice and certainly not the dish. Hot peppers of all varieties will help you lose weight due to the very thing that makes them taste spicy – capsaicin. It is a heat-forming compound that stimulates the body to break down fat.

Green tea is a staple of weight loss programs, and there’s a good reason – it works. One to two cups a day will help you drop quite the amount of weight, due to the caffeine content and the polyphenols that it contains. Doesn’t do nearly as well if you put sugar in it, though.

Protein. All clean protein sources, whether they’re plant or animal-based, have a huge thermogenic effect. The body takes a lot more energy to break protein down, than the energy protein provides. That means a negative caloric balance, and reaching your BJjj weight loss goal. Plus, you’ll never feel hungry as protein is highly satiating.

Citrus Fruits are probably the most obvious superfood you can eat for the thermogenic effect. Grapefruits and tangerines top the list, given that very few people, can just eat a lemon. Similarly to protein, it takes a lot of work to digest.

BJJ Weight Loss - thermogenic spicesCinnamon Let’s wrap it out with the spice you either love or hate. This thermogenic spice works thanks to the abundance of antioxidants and phytochemicals that lower triglycerides and cholesterol like nothing else. Plus it regulates blood sugar and information on top of everything else. That, and it will curb any sweet tooth you might have. Just use George Lockhart’s simple trick.


One thing to forget when setting up a BJJ weight loss meal plan is all the fat burning supplements. They won’t work. Period. Instead, focus on your food choices., keep things simple – include as many thermogenic foods as you can. At the same time, keep things balanced by including micro and micronutrient as best as you can. Weight loss and healthy eating can be extremely simple, just like Jiu—Jitsu. All you need is to understand how things work.

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