15 fastest Black Belt promotions in history of BJJ

Here is the list of the fastest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belts in history of sport. You can also check the list of BJJ RED BELTS and BJJ CORAL BELTS

  1. Travis Stevens – (18 months) Black Belt under John Danaher. Travis stevens was U.S.A Judo Olympian and that’s the main reason he got his belts so fast. He was white for few weeks, then blue for one month and purple for few months.
Travis stevens 18 months to black belt
Travis Stevens

2. Caio Terra – (3 years)  Black Belt by Reyson Gracie and Paulo Strauch. He dominated everyone in Brazililan local scene and soon he became one of the best fighters ever in his weight category

Caio Terra black belt in 3 years
Caio Terra

3. BJ Penn – (3 years) – Black Belt under Andre Pederneiras, Nova Uniao! He first started training at Ralph Gracie’s academy and got purple belt. After that he decided he wants to train in Brazil and Ralph was against that desicion but BJ Penn decided to move anyway. In 16 months he earned his Black Belt under Andre Pederneiras.

BJ Penn black belt in 3 years
BJ Penn

4. Mads Burnell – (3 years) – BJJ Black Belt under Chris Haueter. Danish MMA talent Mads Burnell got his belt from Chris Hauter after 3 years of very intense training at age of 21.

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Mads Burnell bjj black belt in 3 years
Mads Burnell

5. Geo Martinez – (3 years) – BJJ Black Belt under Eddie Bravo, 10th Planet. Obviously very talented former breakdancer necame Black belt in only 3 years. He placed 4th at ADCC and he won EBI tournament.

Geo martinez BJJ Black Belt in 3 years
Geo Martinez

6. Gabriel Moraes – (3,5 years) – BJJ Black Belt that bypassed purple and brown belt as he won worlds in blue belt in 2003 and he won worlds in black belt in 2004.

Gabriel Moraes BJJ Black belt
Gabriel Moraes

7. Mike Fowler – (3.5 years) – BJJ Black Belt from Lloyd Irvin. very successful competitor who followed Irvin’s “Grappling Blue Print” program.

Mike Fowler BJJ Black Belt
Mike Fowler

8. Lloyd Irvin – (3.5 years) – BJJ Black Belt by Leo Dalla. He was learning very fast and after 1 month he got his blue belt. Not much after his coach Leo Dalla left to Brazil so Lloyd was left to learn on his own. He opened his academy and now he’s teaching all over USA and in Brazil. He got his Black from Leo Dalla after 3.5 years.

Lloyd Irvin
Lloyd Irvin

9. Fabiano Scherner – (3 years) – Fabiano is an UFC veteran and he runs Gracie Barra academy in Oregon.

Fabiano Scherner Black Belt
Fabio Scherner

10. Richie ‘Boogeyman’ Martinez – (4 years) – BJJ Black Belt under Eddie Bravo, 10th Planet. Boogyeman, as his brother is a former break dancer. Just like his Brother Geo he got Black Belt very fast. He’s also MMA fighter signed to TITAN FC

Richie Martinez BJJ Black Belt
Richie ‘Boogeyman’ Martinez

11. DJ Jackson – (4 years) – DJ Jackson He won world championships in all belts. IBJJF no gi world chanmpion in blue, purple, brown and black. Gi world champion in purple and brown.

DJ Jackson BJJ Black belt
DJ Jackson

12. Orlando Sanchez (4 years) – BJJ Black Belt under Ze radiola

Orlando Sanchez BJJ Black Belt
Orlando Sanchez

13. Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro (4 years) –  BJJ Black Belt under Andre Pederneiras. He was a very talented kid. Started training with only 14 years of age and won everything in lower belts. He was promoted to black when he was 18.

Vitori Shaolin ribeiro bjj blackbelt
Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro

14. Gunnar Nelson (4 years) – BJJ Black Belt under Renzo Gracie. Professional Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighter from Iceland. He was promoted by Renzo Gracie and was the youngest european ever to be promoted in black. With only of 21 years of age.

Gunnar Nelson BJJ Black belt
Gunnar Nelson

15. Nic Gregoriades (4 years) – Black Belt Under Roger Gracie

Nic Gregoriades bjj black belt
Nic Gregoriades

16. Kit Dale (4 years) – Black Belt Under Team Checkmat

Kit Dale

Kit Dale likes to say that he’s the fastest Black Belt without any grappling experience before BJJ.

Check the list of BJJ Red Belts as there is much more of them then you think.

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