Best BJJ Belts For 2020 – Reviews and Guide

 What’s the one thing everyone in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu craves more than anything else? If you’re thinking “a black belt”, then you’re only half right. It is a belt, and eventually it is going to be the black belt. Yet, the one thing everyone wants more than anything is that elusive, very first blue belt. Even after you get it and progress up, even as you near your black belt, you won’t desire any other belt as much as you did your blue belt.  While it is a well known martial arts cliche that there’s a lot more to a belt than just the rank, in BJJ these goes beyond a philosophical aspect. There are plenty of things you should know if you’re to choose the truly best BJJ belts for your grappling adventures.  Buying a BJJ belt might seem like a mundane thing to … Continue reading Best BJJ Belts For 2020 – Reviews and Guide