Helio Gracie: Making Love is an Unnecessary Expenditure of Energy

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In 2001 Helio Gracie gave an interview for the Brazilian version of Playboy. If you want to read the Interview’s most interesting parts check THIS LINK

What we find most interesting is the fact that Helio, even though the world champion, who was able to sleep with many women in Brazil, never wanted to use sex for anything else but in reproduction purpose.

Check out what he thinks about women, children and if making love is a bad thing or not.

I have nothing but approval for love between two people who want to do it. But making love just for the sake of pleasure is an unnecessary expenditure of energy. The worst things are to make love without fulfilling nature’s purpose. In other words, making love should be the instrument of procreation. I had a sister who was a nun [Mary, 85 years old] who lived in the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion, in São Paulo. That infuriated me. I would have preferred that she had been a bum. To complete her mission on earth as a woman. What does it serve to be a virgin? A woman with breasts, ovaries, who was born normally, should have children. Not to do it goes against nature.”

Helio answers the question of how many times he made love in his life:

Look, I was a world champion who did it only a little. In my estimation, I could be with all of the women in Brazil. But I never had relations with more than 10 women. And I only did it with women who accepted the idea of having children.”

When asked about how many times he really did make love according to the fact that he has 9 sons, Helio said:

It wasn’t like that either. There were times when I did it all night long because God didn’t cooperate. So I did it as many times as I wanted until [she] became pregnant, or when she requested it. I proved best my abstinence by the number of women I made love with. There were ten women in total in my life. That was my merit. I had 30 girlfriends, but I didn’t give a kiss here a kiss there.”

You can find much more Helio’s thoughts and views on sex and life on this LINK

Source: global-training-report

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